Season 4 Episode 21


Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 21, 2008 on CBS
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When a man takes hostages during a failed attempt to rob a bank, Mac offers himself in exchange for a hostage. Only condition is that he must prove that the bank robber did not kill the bank manager, whose body is found lying in a pool of blood in the vault. On the outside of the bank, the rest of the team works to process the evidence that Mac finds and stop the SWAT team from making matters worse.moreless

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  • Mac is held hostage and things go wrong

    This episode has been a perfect ending to the best CSI NY season yet and the episode continues into season 5.Mac is held hostage when the hostage taker wants Mac to prove he didn't commit a murder and says if he doesn't he will shoot all the hostages.Things go wrong for Mac when he actually disarms the hostage taker and the hostage taker tricks Mac into thinking that his family is in danger and they need to get to them but Mac drives him away and with the police not knowing where they are.This will continue into season 5 and I think that season 5 will just be as good as season 4.moreless
  • Mac held hostage to prove a bank robbers innocence.

    Really great ep, not quite as good as Snow Day but a vast improvement on some of the eps this season, which verged on soap opera. Being a fan of Mac, Flack and Stella I Loved it!

    Loved the opening, although I had read the spoilers so I knew what was happening I thought it was nicely done. Could have done without the virtual autopsy, WAY to many gadgets this season, but it was nice to see the Sid and Hawkes interact with each other. Also nice to see Mac getting more and more dishevelled as the episode progressed, nice continuity.moreless
  • I have seen better!

    This episode is without a doubt one of the most boring ones of all seasons so far. I expected something more thrilling for a season's finale, but instead I almost fell asleep watching! In my opinion, some scenes were very predicting and you could tell what would happen next. This episode was mainly about Mac who, of course, volunteered to examine a dead body in a bank which was under control of a bank robber. He wanted Mac to prove his innocence that he didn't kill the victim. I wish the whole cast would have been more involved in this episode. In comparison to other cases, this one seemed very slow and plain boring. The open end might have been the only interesting part of the whole episode.moreless
  • Proving once innocence

    Well not excatly what i wanted for a season finale but it was exiting none the less...this proves that the csi:ny is focusing on long story line this season. The first one was, as csi:ny fans noe, the 333 stalker... the second one was the killer cabbie... this is the lastest edition to it the bank robber... It was ok on my thought...it was nice on how they put it. Making it seem as if the robber was actually innocent and was trying to cover up for someone cos his wife was in custody,. On the whole this was a good episode to watch.moreless
  • A slightly disappointing finale, after a brillaint season.

    This episode opens with Mac going into a bank through the back door, where he is met by a gunman. Mac also has his crime kit with him. When Mac enters the bank, he can see that there are hostages on the floor, all of whom seem to be alive. Mac convinces the gunman to let some of the hostages go. Mac then finds the body and the man tells him that he didn't kill him and that Mac has to prove it. Stella arrives at the scene and is shocked that Mac is inside. Mac sends photos of the crime scene and the body to the lab. The victim is Walter, the bank manager. It is discovered that the bank was already robbed once that day. Stella discovers that the gun used to kill Walter is a super gun that is very high tech and not yet realised. When cops go to victim's house they found another body, his wife. Mac attacks the gunman and gets his gun from him. As Mac is about the take him outside, the gunman tells him that they have his family and that they are watching. We learn that his family have also been taken hostage and that he lives across the street from Walter. The robbers from the first robbery left their phone behind and he had to go in and get it. When leaving the building they make it look as though Mac is being taken against his will, in case the kidnapers are watching. They get into the car and Mac and the gunman drive off. Stella and team go to house, where his family are sussed to be held against their will, and find that there is no one there. And that the house is empty. It is then that we learn that the gunman has kept a bullet and makes Mac keep driving. It is there that the episode ends. Overall I think that this episode should have been used as a filler episode. I think that the previous episode would have been much better as the finale. The only part I enjoyed of this episode was the end, when Mac drove off with the gunman & Mac realised what was actually happening, that he himself had been kidnapped and there was no family. Also the beginning of the episode was not the best, I think that it could have started off with a bang, and then the rest of the episode would have been a better storyline.moreless
Anna Belknap

Anna Belknap

Lindsay Monroe

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Melina Kanakaredes

Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Stella Bonasera

Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill

Detective Donald "Don" Flack, Jr.

Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Elias Koteas

Elias Koteas


Guest Star

Tiara Parker

Tiara Parker

Talia Kirkfield

Guest Star

Dennis W. Hall

Dennis W. Hall

Steven Morris

Guest Star

A.J. Buckley

A.J. Buckley

Adam Ross

Recurring Role

Robert Joy

Robert Joy

Dr. Sid Hammerback

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Goof: While Mac is held hostage, he asks for a portable CT (computed tomography) machine to be delivered to him. This machine puts together partial pictures of a body to form a whole image. However, what he gets is an ultrasound.

    • As per last episode's ending, Reed is supposed to be at Mac's apartment. It is striking that there's not a mention to him who more than likely has heard of Mac's hostage situation through the news.

    • The whole team gives evidence of real concern for Mac. Adam refers to Gunman Joe as son of a b-word, this one being the first time that we see Adam curse for the whole series.

    • Mac has worn 25 even blue shirts this season. That means more than one per episode.

    • Mac's marine training is evidenced as he gets more focused and calm as the tension raises. However, as any mortal man, he experiences fear when Joe puts a hand to his head.

    • Mac has been proven wrong in several occasions along this season. As a part of his character's development, Mac has grown darker and more complex and ambiguous. He's a man with a not so clean past and with many flaws. He has shades and that makes him a more human and appealing character.

    • Mac gets gradually more sweaty as the episode advances. It is a good touch of realism.

    • Goof: During the montage when the bank manager's wife is getting ready for autopsy, Sid can be seen cutting the duct tape around her ankles, removing it, and placing it in an evidence bag for Danny and Lindsay to process it. A few shots later while he is removing the tape from her wrists, it has reappeared on her ankles.

    • A.J. Buckley's (who plays Adam Ross) girlfriend Sharni Vinson (formally of Home and Away) appears in the episode as Lori Mandel.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Mac: It was all a lie, wasn't it?

    • Gunman Joe: (To Mac) They're, they're waiting for me. To get outta here with the, with the phone. Look, it's the only thing that links them to this robbery. They said that if I could just get the phone back to them, I get my family back. I need to, to get outta here. I need for them to see me get outta here. Would you help me? Please?

    • Mac: They wanted you to rob this bank. Well the evidence says they already robbed it. And apparently they got away. Why would they want you to rob the same bank an hour later? They left their phone behind.
      Gunman Joe: Yeah.

    • Gunman Joe: I'm the hostage here. You gotta believe me. My real name is Douglas
      Anderson. I work for an insurance company. Now, if they see you walk me out of this bank, they'll kill my family.

    • Adam: I thought Mac was sending over ballistic evidence.
      Hawkes: He did. This hair was in there with it.
      Adam: You think he put that there intentionally?
      Hawkes: Have you ever known Mac to do anything unintentional?

    • Stella: This guy's not a shooter. There's something else going on. We need more
      Richard Jackson: Time is not what you give to a hostagetaker, Detective.
      Stella: Thirty minutes. Thirty minutes and then it's your show.
      Richard Jackson: All right, thirty, starting now. After that, I'm taking the first steps
      towards ending this thing.

    • Gunman Joe: What? What, you got any other science tricks up your sleeve?
      Mac: Just one. Just one.

    • Mac: This could have been an accident.
      Gunman Joe: No, it wasn't an accident. I'm not gonna let you pin this murder on me.
      Mac: Calm down, Joe. No one's doing that.
      Gunman Joe: You don't think I know what's going on out there? Your friends are out there trying to figure out a way to get in here without killing a lot of innocent people. They don't give a damn about me. 'Cause they think I'm a murderer. And you know what that means? That means they'll put a bullet in me the first chance they get. That's why I'm not leaving here until you prove that I didn't pull that trigger. And if I'm not leaving, nobody's leaving.

    • Mac: All I'm getting at is if you didn't kill this man, then maybe this can still work out in your favor.
      Gunman Joe: No, it'll work out. If you do your job correctly, it'll work out.

    • Steven Morris: You a cop?
      Mac: Yeah.
      Steven Morris: Well, get us the hell outta here.

    • Stella: So Mac agreed to meet one of his demands?
      Flack: In exchange for a hostage.
      Stella: Oh, this guy is smart. Now he's got a cop for insurance.

    • Stella: Jesus. Where's Mac?
      Flack: With the body.
      Stella: Oh, you gotta be kidding.
      Flack: This ain't your everyday bank robbery, Stell. This guy made three demands.
      Unmarked police car, no press and somebody from Crime Scene.

    • Mac: You expect me to believe you didn't kill him?
      Gunman Joe: I didn't. This man was dead before I got here. Now, prove it.

    • Flack: (to Stella) Have I told you how much I love the media?

    • Stella: Look, Brett, I need your help. No one knows weapons like you do.
      Brett Dunbar: So you've got a victim with one entry wound but two bullets inside of him.
      Stella: Yeah. Basically I'm looking for the impossible.
      Brett Dunbar: A murder weapon that can fire two rounds near-instantaneously without any recoil.
      Stella: (hopefully) Don't tease me.
      Brett Dunbar: Follow me.

  • NOTES (4)

    • French episode title: L'homme de L'Intérieur, meaning Inside man.

    • This is the second season finale where the storyline is about hostage. The previous was 3x24 Snow Day where a mob wanted to get the snow back.

    • International Airdates:
      UK: May 31, 2008 on Ch5.
      Denmark: June 16, 2008 on Kanal 5.
      Mexico: July 3, 2008 on AXN.
      Venezuela: July 3, 2008 on AXN.
      Turkey: July 21, 2008 on cnbc-e.
      Spain: July 29, 2008 on AXN.
      Sweden: September 15, 2008 on Kanal 5.
      New Zealand: October 14, 2008 on TV3.
      Czech Republic: October 28, 2008 on AXN.
      Norway: Wednesday, November 26, 2008 on TVNorge.
      Germany: February 09, 2009 on VOX.
      Greece: February 24, 2009 on SKAI.
      Finland: August 5, 2009 on MTV3.

    • Music Featured:
      All In The Suit That You Wear by Stone Temple Pilots.


    • Flack: ...the response is immediate, trapping the perp inside, which is when he
      decides to go Dog Day Afternoon.

      Dog Day Afternoon is a 1975 movie by Sidney Lumet.