Season 4 Episode 21


Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 21, 2008 on CBS

Episode Recap

We have someone going up a flight of stairs and coming upon to a locked combination door. It flies open and a man holding a gun gives orders raise hands. We see a familiar silver metal case. The man with the gun orders the person to put it down and turn around. The owner of the case follows the orders. As the person turns around we learn that it's Detective Mac Taylor. The man with the gun frisks Mac and takes Mac's handcuffs but finds nothing else that he wants. He instructs Mac to turn around again and orders him to slide his case over. The man opens Mac's case and removes the box cutter knife that's inside almost laughing at Mac "what you think I'm stupid?" The man deposits the knife in his sweatshirt pocket and informs Mac that he'll hang on to it then proceeds to close Mac's case and returns it to him. He orders Mac to move forward into a bank lobby with the vault door wide open and numerous bank hostages lying on the floor, in silent terror. Mac looks around making silent observations and making mental notes. The man with the gun instructs Mac that what he's looking for is in the vault. Mac reminds him of the deal. Next we are back outside of the bank, the gunman has his hood up and sunglasses on, he is also holding his gun to a hostages head near the door entrance of the bank. We flash to the street scene unfold. We see patrol cars and SWAT everywhere, helicopters both media and police and scattered about the street are reporters looking for information and angling for the best shot for their next live broadcast. We come upon Detective Flack who has his eyes on the front door of the bank. It swings open and a hostage is released. It's a woman. Flack instructs her to head straight for him, to safety. As she does the gunman waits at the entrance keeping an eye on everything going on outside while still holding gun to his hostage's head. Within seconds he and the hostage he is holding are back inside the bank. Once back inside the gunman immediately heads towards Mac who is inside the vault looking at a man lying in a pool of blood, he's dead. The gunman takes Mac's handcuffs out of his pocket and tosses them to Mac. Then the gunman tosses a heavy bank bag and instructs Mac to cuff himself to the bank bag, obviously to hinder his movement. Mac does as he's instructed and looks up at the gunman and asks "you expect me to believe you didn't kill him." The gunman denies that he did. He informs Mac that he was dead before he got there and he expects Mac to prove it.
We return outside to a chaotic street scene. Stella Bonasera arrives and gets out of her vehicle and is approach by Flack who immediately begins filling her in on the details of what he knows. Which isn't a lot of detail. The bank employees were just showing up for work when a gunman entered "cowboy style" orders everyone on the ground and immediately heads to the open vault. One of the bank employees was able to trip a silent alarm, which brought an immediate response. Stella inquires about an ID on the gunman, Flack gives her what little he knows and then informs her that he's already killed someone inside. "He's already killed a hostage?" a shocked Stella asks. Flack informs her that witnesses who got out told them they heard a gun shot and then saw a body lying on the bank vault floor. Stella then notices Mac's vehicle parked outside and she asks for his location and Flack adds to Stella's shock that he's inside with the body. Flack continues to tell her that amongst the gunman's demands was a member of Crime Scene to prove he's not a murderer. So Mac offered himself up in exchange for the release of a hostage. Stella comments that the man they are dealing with is smart and asking for a cop as added insurance.
We return to inside the bank. A weighed down Mac begins to process his crime scene. He takes photos while dragging the bank bag cuffed to his ankle. The gunman watches his every move. Mac slips in some pictures of the gunman back while it's turned in with the crime scene photos. When he's through he asks to use a computer to send the pictures to the lab. The gunman asks how a simple picture is going to prove his innocence. Mac explains that the procedure is to process the crime scene in it's original state and he can't begin to process the body until the photos are analyzed. The gunman contemplates the request.
Back outside we have SWAT, Stella and Flack and reviewing their options. Flack turns to one of the team to ask a question suddenly we see a news cameraman running towards the bank. Flack orders that he be removed but the cameraman proceeds on his course and angles his way to the bank entrance. He has the perfect shot of Mac and the gunman's back for the news station. SWAT moves in and forcibly removes the cameraman.
The gunman makes his decision. Using his weapon he tells Mac to use the computer on a nearby desk. He instructs not to try and pull any tricks. Cautiously Mac goes to the computer and begins to upload the needed photos. Mac inquires as to the gunman's name. "Joe" is all that is offered. Mac asks for his real name. Joe is all that Mac's going to get. Joe's cell phone rings. He steps away from Mac to take his call. The gunman becomes flustered. He begins to look around, Mac's not sure at what. We see a flash of the scene that the news cameraman took. Joe is trying to calm the person on the phone down to explain the situation.
One of the hostages inquires as to whether or not Mac is a cop, when he says he is, the hostage says that he needs to get them out of there. Another hostage explains that she's three months pregnant and doesn't want to die. Joe is still attempting to explain that whatever the person on the phone saw that that is not what happened. He hangs up the phone.
Back at the command center outside, Flack's complaining about the media and Stella informs him that she's just received Mac's photos. Stella and Flack determine the first course of action is to identify the victim. So they print a photo and ask the hostage released who the victim is; she tells them it's the bank manager Walter Sotherferd. Stella asks if the manager engaged the gunman in anyway and the witness said no. She informs them that she heard that there was a body in the vault but she didn't see him get shot. Stella and Flack thank her and walk away. Flack shares with Stella that of everyone that had gotten out of the bank no one saw Joe kill the bank manager. Stella reminds Flack that that's Mac's job and Flack in turns lets Stella know he'll send someone to the manager's house to make the notification of his death. As they walk, Richard Jackson, HRT Commander, approaches them. Jackson says his teams been working on the surveillance and has determined that it feeds directly into the bank manager's office. Which means, if the gunman allows Mac to, he would have access. Jackson also informs Stella and Flack that he's already arranged to have the power shut off. Stella tells him that he can't. Jackson tells her that it's an active crime scene and the something productive needs to be done. Stella informs him that if the power is shut down the dead body will decompose faster and they would lose valuable evidence. Flack concurs that it would compromise the ability to end the situation peacefully. Jackson tells them both that the situation needs to be resolved and making Joe comfortable is not the way to do it. Jackson tells them they have two hours and suggests that Detective Taylor work a little faster.
Inside the vault Mac is beginning to look at bank manager's body. He looking for something, Joe's asks what? Mac informs him that he's looking for foreign DNA something left behind by an attacker. Mac informs Joe that the manager has defensive wounds leading him to believe there was a struggle. Joe is sitting quietly. Mac takes a moment to observe his captor. He notices Joe's wedding ring, asks him how long had he been married. Mac shares that he was married once, "it's nice to know someone cares about you." Joe's not falling for Mac's attempt to get inside his head. Mac informs him that if he's telling the truth and he didn't kill the manager that there is still a way out of the situation. Joe counters and tells him that if he does his job correctly it will all work out.
Flack's working from the command center and a red phone rings. It's the phone line into the bank, it's Joe wanting to know where is his police car? Flack tells him they are working on it. Flack is stalling telling him that a mechanic is dismantling the GPS system on the car per Joe's request. Joe that tells him that he still sees the media and told them to get them out. Flack tells him he's doing his best, but tries to keep things light by telling Joe that he's the best show town and people want to watch. Joe's not biting. Tells Flack that he better hope the kids are out of the room when he starts tossing bodies out the front door in Flack's direction. Flack's not biting either. Flack tells him that he doesn't want to do that, that he said himself, he hadn't killed anyone. Joe counters back, "yet" and then begins to threaten that if he's provoked in anyway, Flack interrupts him, he doesn't like where Joe's going. Flack trying bargaining again, says he'll bend some arms out there to get Joe what he wants if Joe sends out another hostage in return. Joe offers to think about it and hangs up.
Joe turns and finds Mac coming out of the vault. Mac needs to test him for gunshot residue. What? What's that? Joe inquires. Mac explains the procedure about seeing if Joe has recently fired his weapon. Joe tells him not to waste his time that he had, one shot into the ceiling. Mac asks if that was the only time. Joe confirms yes and points to a direction from where he fired the shot. Mac visualizes that perhaps the bullet fired in the air by Joe inadvertently ricochet and hit the bank manager. Mac voices that maybe it was an accident. Joe argues that it wasn't and he's not about to let Mac pin the murder on him. Mac tries to calm an agitated Joe down by trying to reassure him that that is not the case. Joe turns and tells Mac he knows exactly what's going on outside. They are trying to find their way in without killing a lot of innocent people. Why because they don't care about him, because he's a murderer. They are going to try and shoot him the first chance they get. Adamant Joe tells Mac that he's not leaving, no one is leaving until Mac proves he didn't kill the manager of the bank. "Then get me a CT scanner." Mac orders. What's that Joe asks. Mac explains that it's kind of a lie detector for scientists. It will allow him to see inside the body and see if Joe's telling the truth.
We see a very large crate being pushed towards and left at bank entrance door by SWAT team members. Inside Joe is in the lobby of the bank tossing out bottled water to the hostages. You have your scanner, refreshments for the guests, get to work Joe orders Mac. In trying to bargain, Mac tells him it's going to be hard to work with the bank bag cuffed to his ankle. Joe tells him tough. Not giving up, Mac tells him the sooner he gets done the sooner Joe gets what he wants. Mac's keeping eye contact not budging. Joe relents and tosses Mac the keys to the cuffs. Mac undoes them. He has free movement. He places the heavy bank bag just out of his reach. He tosses the keys back to Joe and tells him he's going to need some help getting the scanner out of the crate. Joe orders one of the male hostages an employee of the bank, to go and assist Mac. Mac inquires in a whisper as to surveillance tapes. The employee informs him that they are on a hard drive in the mangers office. They begin to move the scanner into position for Mac to work. Joe comes and supervises. Mac begins to scan the body.
Back at the lab we have Lindsay, Danny, Sid and a few other lab employees watching the news coverage of Mac's situation. Hawkes comes rushing in and is immediately at Sid's side. Sid inquires as to hearing from Mac. Doc tells Sid that Stella had and he didn't say much. Only that he just sent over some CT scans for him to break in his new toy and complete a virtual autopsy. Eager to help the situation Sid immediately heads off with Doc right on his heels. They look at the scans Mac sent over and determine that there are two bullets within the body. They also determine that death was instantaneous. However, they only see one entrance wound. Doc & Sid are puzzled. There is indeed only one. They re-look at the scans again and try to justify how this could occur. From what they are looking at, the bank manager was shot twice in the exact same location almost at the exact same time.
Stella is on the phone with Mac sharing Doc & Sid's report. It's not scientifically possible. Mac & Stella also talk it out on how it happened. They come to no conclusions. Joe is listening to the whole conversation. Stella does share that Sid was able to determine that it was a medium caliber weapon and inquires about Joe's gun. Mac lets her know that yes Joe's gun is medium caliber but Joe insists he only fired one round and that was into the ceiling. Joe is encouraged by Mac defense but Stella counters that then there would have been three rounds fired in the bank. Mac then asks why the witnesses only heard the one shot. Joe's disconnects the line.
Stella looks at the phone as Flack approaches and tells her that Jackson is breathing down his neck about going in, Stella tells him to stall. She heads off. Flack asks where and she tells him that she going to find out how the gunman pulled off the impossible.
Joe is angry at the turn in the conversation. Joe insists that he only fired one shot and it was into the ceiling. Mac tells him that that is not what the evidence is telling him. Joe looks at Mac and says that he didn't kill the bank manager and Mac asks who did? Joe doesn't have an answer. He doesn't know. Mac tries to get more information out of Joe. Mac knows Joe isn't telling him everything. He's got partners ? He's the fall guy? Who was that on the phone? Joe's tired of answering Mac questions and tells him to go in there and find something that proves he didn't kill him. Mac says there's a problem with that because at this point he would perform an autopsy to confirm COD and retrieve the bullets from the body. Then run a ballistics test on the bullets from the body to the bullets from Joe's gun. Joe says he doesn't see a problem. His bullet is lying somewhere in the lobby. Mac says that doesn't solve the problem of performing the autopsy to retrieve the bullets from the body and in order to do that he has to send the body to the ME. Where Joe argues that they can conveniently find something that would pin the murder on him. "Forget it, the body isn't going anywhere." Joe forcefully tells Mac. Mac tells Joe that he's out of luck then because he needs the bullets inside that body. Joe pulls out the box cutter that he took from Mac case earlier and hands it to him and orders him to start digging.
Footage from outside the bank hostage situation continues to air on the local stations. Inside the bank Mac is putting on gloves and instructing the hostages to begin to look for Joe's spent bullet. "it's a small mushroomed shape piece of metal." He tells them if they find it don't touch it just call him immediately. The hostages begin looking on their hands and knees. Mac has Sid on speakerphone to assist him in completing the autopsy to remove the bullets. Sid looks for reassurance that Mac is indeed fine, Mac tells him that he is. Step by step Sid instructs Mac on what to do to access the wound cavity to retrieve the needed bullets. Sid is using the virtual body, Mac is using the actual body. Mac pulls out the first bullet.
In the AV lab Adam is looking over the crime scene photos Mac sent over. Danny comes in inquiring if he's come up with anything. Adam mentions that there is a small void in the blood pool of the victim. Adam gives Danny the dimensions. It's determined that somebody removed something from the scene after the victim was shot. Adam offers that it's a bank vault, could it be a stack of cash. Danny holds up a $20 bill and the void is much smaller. Danny voices that if the hostage taker has it, it could tie him to the murder. From the other side of the room Lindsay calls to Danny to look at something. She got 6 bogey photos that Mac sent over. She can't see what's there besides bad lighting. However, one of the photos catching Danny's eye he instructs her to blow it up. It's a person's image on a computer monitor, more specifically a reflection. They blow it up even more, the person has something in their hands. It's a gun. Adam comes over, Mac sent us an image to try and ID the guy. They immediately spring into action to ID the gunman to try and find someone, a family member maybe to go down and talk some sense into him.
Back at the bank the hostages still crawling around looking for Joe's spent bullet casing. Joe is watching Mac with his autopsy. Mac's found and retrieved the second bullet. He places it in the evidence try with the first bullet. At the same time one of the female hostages calls out that she's found Joe's bullet. Mac calls back don't touch it. He immediately stands and goes to the location of the bullet. Joe asks if he think it will work, Mac coldly responds maybe. Joe's cell phone rings. Mac walks back towards the vault, eyeing Joe the whole time. Joe is doing everything in his power to appease the person on the phone. As he talks Mac's back in the vault attempting to listen to the conversation when something catches his eye. Mac spots blood on Joes' cell phone. Mac puts the two pieces together. The cell phone is what made the void in the blood pool. Joe is still attempting to speak with the person on the other end of the phone, he's getting more and more upset. He ultimately hangs up. Visibly upset.
Stella is at the Dept of Homeland Security. She has a contact that has the up to date information on weapons. His name is Brett Dunbar. He tells her that he's been following the situation on the news. Stella tells Dunbar what she knows, focusing on the fact that the dead body has two bullets inside the body and only one entry wound. Dunbar puts the pieces together that they have a man on the inside. Stella gives him the rundown on how Mac got on the inside by using the back door avoiding the media. Dunbar picks up on Stella's concern. She admits that's she's worried sick. She's come to him because no one knows weapons like he does and she needs his help. It's a weapon that can fire two rounds almost instantaneously with no recoil. Dunbar has exactly what Stella's looking for as he heads off Stella's at his heal. It's a gun call the Kriss Super V. Dunbar explains how it works. Which brings about a big question, how did the gunman get his hands on that type of gun. Mac is working his ballistics on the bullets recovered, two from the body and the one from the lobby. Mac gives Joe the bad news. It isn't going to work the bullets are to damaged. Joe is on the edge of losing it, he thinks Mac's been stringing him along with science tricks. He grabs Mac by the shirt collar and gun in his face and orders him on the ground. The Mac spots the security camera. Mac trying to buy more time asks him to wait. Joe demands what for, more science tricks up his sleeve. Mac says just one.
Mac has managed to convince Joe to access the security tapes through the manager's office. Mac confirms with Joe that he entered the bank right when it opened. Mac is also looking to confirm time. Joe tells him 9:00 a.m. Mac pulls up the needed footage on the six monitors in front of him. At 7:56:22 the security cameras go out. There is nothing but fuzzy pictures. Mac immediately walks off. He heads to the vault. Joe's calls after him and when Mac doesn't stop he follows. Mac steps back inside the vault and he's onto something. Mac spots a table full of money with blood splatter all over it. However, there is a void on the table. Money is missing. Mac begins to confirm what he knows by spraying for blood and it's confirmed. Joe asks what's that? Mac informs him that it's blood and they need to talk about the money he took. Mac questions whether his partner took it? Is that the person Joe's been talking to on the phone? Joe continues to deny having a partner. Mac explains to Joe exactly what he sees and how it happened. Joe denies it all. Mac goes to the hostages still lying on the floor. Mac asks them if anyone saw Joe take money from the vault. They all shake their heads no.
Mac makes a phone call to Danny at the lab. Danny immediately asks if he's okay. Mac lets him know he is fine. Mac shares with Danny what he found on the security footage as well as the money missing from the vault. Ultimately working on the theory that the bank had already been robbed before Joe got there and that the bank manager could have been killed prior. Which makes Joe the most unlikely person or a casualty in what's happened. That maybe it isn't about money but it's about something else. Mac is looking at the blood on Joe's cell phone as Joe listens in to the call.
At the lab Stella in pulling everyone in for a teleconference call to review what she knows about the weapon and the steps needed to take from there. Included in the call are Sid, Hawkes, Lindsay & Flack who's teamed up with SWAT. Stella shares what she learned about the weapon itself. She instructs Lindsay to reach out to the manufacturer to see about taking an inventory seeing if there could be any weapons missing or stolen. Stella asks Sid to send over the CT scans to Doc to see if they can extrapolate as much information on one of the fragments it could confirm that they are on the right track. As they are about to end the call, Flack is approached and Stella inquires as to what's up. Flack sent someone over to the bank manager's home to make the notification and they found another dead body. Lindsay and Hawkes are immediately on the move. Hawkes and Lindsay arrive to find a woman duct taped to a chair with a shot through the middle of her forehead. It's the bank manager's wife. Hawkes makes the determination that she'd only been dead a few hours. Which leaves out Joe the gunman, unless he can be in two places at once.
Getting back to the bank Stella calls Mac and tells him of the latest findings. As Mac is already aware things are just not right. Mac runs it down with Stella, all of it doesn't add up. Joe hangs up the phone disconnecting Mac's call to Stella. Joe is thinking that he's making headway and is in the clear. Joe hands the phone to Mac and orders him to call whomever he needs to and tell them that he didn't murder anyone. Mac spots a hair on the phone that Joe hands him. Needing to buy time, Mac tells him he can't do that based on a theory and Joe's word. Joe doesn't like Mac's answer. But Mac says if he can get the bullets retrieved to the lab and match them to the manager's wife, he'll know that what Joe's telling him is the truth. Mac drops the bullets into an evidence envelope. Joe seems to reluctantly agree, but Mac tells him he wants a hostage to take the bullets out. Joe tells him to forget it. Mac counters back that he's done, either Joe gives him something Mac wants Joe can take the bullets across the street himself. Joe caves in and selects a hostage. However, Mac tells him he wants the female hostage that's pregnant. Joe agrees.
Jackson informs Stella that her time is up. Stella tells him no, she needs more time. Jackson tells her that the gunman has been playing them for three hours and is going to figure out the rest of his demands are not going to be met. The situation is going to get messy if they don't start making things uncomfortable for him. Stella tells Jackson that the guy inside isn't the shooter. She pleads for 30 minutes more and Jackson reluctantly agrees. Just over their shoulders Flack picks up movement at the front entrance. It's the same scenario at last time. The hostage comes out the front door. Stella is immediately at her side. Stella tries to offer some calm reassuring her that it's over and that she fine. Stella asks her what her name is? She responds that it's Lori, she's one of the tellers. Flack inquires as to the rest of the hostages. Lori informs him that they are fine and that the gunman said they would stay that way as long as Detective Taylor does his job. Lori then hands Stella the evidence envelope. Marked "Get This To The Lab ASAP"

At the lab Hawkes breaks the evidence seal and the two bullets fall out. He moves them to an evidence tray but then something catches Hawkes eye. He finds the hair strand that Mac managed to include with the bullets. Adam questions that he thought Mac was sending ballistic evidence was the hair included intentionally. Hawkes smiles and looks at Adam and simply asks "have you ever known Mac to do anything unintentionally?" They both agree, again, Mac is trying to help ID the gunman. Hawkes puts the hair on a slide and the basic information is that is a Caucasian male with black hair. Adam takes the slide to run a DNA profile and run it through CODIS to see if an ID turns up. Hawkes returns to the bullets to see what he can determine.
In autopsy we have Sid, Danny and Lindsay working on the bank manager's wife. They recover the duct tape. Lindsay begins to attempt at pulling prints and running them. Lindsay's got a hit on an ID.
Hawkes, Danny & Lindsay get a call to fill Stella in, she's running out of time. SWAT wants to shut off the power and she needs something. Danny lets her know that Adam ran the hair Mac sent over and no hits in CODIS or any other database. Hawkes lets her know that he confirmed that the weapon indeed used to kill the bank manager was the Kriss Super V. Which means that the gunman can't be the shooter. Lindsay gives her an ID she retrieved from the duct tape used to tie up the bank manager's wife. The ID came back to a Derrick James, a former employee of Ridgeline Defense Services, which is the only manufacturer of the Kriss Super V. Lindsay gives her what little information they have on him. They run through the case together trying to put the pieces in place. They still haven't figured out how Joe fits into the picture.
Back inside the bank, Mac is dusting the outside door vault for prints. Joe is pacing, he keeps looking at his watch. Then it happens the power is shut off. Joe immediately begins to panic. Mac informs him that hostage rescue has been sitting out there all day and isn't just going to continue to do nothing. Joe immediately picks up the phone to the outside. Flack answers and Joe orders that the power be restored. Flack tells him that it's out of his hands. Flack still negotiating, tells Joe that if he released another hostage Flack would see that the situation returned to his hands. Joe is starting to lose control and threatens that the only hostage he's going to get is going to be taken out in a body bag. Flack's done. He tells Joe the power stays off until they get another hostage and hangs up. Joe looks to Mac and tells him to call his friend to restore power. Mac refuses. Mac wants the truth. Mac admits to Joe that the evidence is pointing in the direction that Joe didn't kill the bank manager. If Joe wants Mac continued help he needs to know how he got in this position. Mac needs to know everything. Mac's tries to calm a pacing Joe down and tries to reason with him. But Mac sees an opening, with Joe's back turned Mac grabs the heavy bank bag used to weigh him down earlier and hits Joe with it. Knocking opportunity to get off the floor and huddle together on the other side of the room. Within a minute Mac has the gun away from Joe and Joe pinned on the floor. "Don't you move." Mac orders. Mac begins to take control and orders Joe to stand up and walk with his hands behind his head. Suddenly Joe collapse and begs "please they'll kill my family. You can't walk me out there. They're watching. They'll kill my family." Joe continues to plead. Mac unsure of what to believe continues to hold him at gunpoint.
The scene outside the bank hasn't changed. However on the inside it's a different ballgame. Mac is indeed in control. Mac is holding Joe's gun and has Joe in a chair. Joe reveals that it's he who is the hostage. He tells Mac that his real name is Douglas Anderson and that he works for an insurance company. Doug then proceeds to tell Mac that if Mac walks him out that front door his family will be killed. Mac asks who's they? Doug doesn't know. He seems to be petrified. He states that he lives across the street from the bank manager. Doug states it was just another ordinary day. But as he pulls out of his driveway is path was blocked and two armed gunman came out and took his family. Doug was told that if he didn't robb this bank they would kill his family. Mac's not sure, evidence shows that they already robbed that bank and they wanted him to rob it again an hour later? Doug silently nods. Mac continues "They left their phone behind." Doug states that he was told that Walter tried to play hero. Doug suggests that they must have killed his wife after they killed Walter. Mac theorizes that they used Doug to go back in to retrieve the phone left behind. Weeping Doug nods. "He had no choice." Mac sits and asks that Doug's been in touch with the original bank robbers the entire time. Doug nods that they have been waiting for him to leave with their phone. He's seemingly devastated. He is working on convincing Mac of his story. He needs to get out of there. Doug needs them to see him leave to give back the phone in order to get his family back. Doug pleads for Mac's help. Mac is contemplating the options.
Outside Stella slams down the phone "They're coming out." Flack orders the car brought around. SWAT is still in place as Doug with his hood up and gun in hand uses Mac as a human shield to get into the unmarked police car. SWAT is observing everything from above. Flack and Stella taking position across the street Flack looks at Stella and asks "Are you sure about this?" Stella insists Mac knows what he's doing.
With that we see Doug push Mac into the drivers seat as he hops in the back of the unmarked police car.
Across the street Flack asks Stella "What now?" Stella lets him know that cameras are going to follow them so they'll hang back a bit. They need to get to his family first. Flack let's Stella know there is a chopper waiting at the next intersection. "Good" Stella acknowledges. "Because the real bank robbers are not likely to leave witnesses behind and that includes Mac." With that we see Mac drive off in the unmarked car with Doug in the back seat. Stella and Flack take off for the chopper.
Mac and Doug begin to work their way through the city streets. They have a chopper following them. Doug warns that if they see or hear the chopper as they pull up to the house his family is dead. Mac gets on the radio and orders everyone back. Mac tries to reassure Doug that his team is the best at what they do and everything will be fine.
Across town we see SWAT breaking down the front door of a home. They converge inside the house with Stella, Danny and Flack. The house is empty.
Doug looks out the open car window to watch the choppers pull away and back off. He seems to relax. He rolls the window back up and leans back against the seat. He slides over to the middle of the bench seat and pulls a bullet from his sock and drops it into the chamber of the gun. He tells Mac to take the next left and with that he cocks the gun. Mac argues that it would takes to long and looks in the rearview mirror. Something has changed. Mac hears the gun cock and it's now pointed at him. "You kept a bullet." Doug only tells him to take the bridge. "It was all a lie wasn't it?" Mac angrily asks. The unmarked police car drives over the bridge through traffic.