Season 4 Episode 21


Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 21, 2008 on CBS

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  • Mac is held hostage and things go wrong

    This episode has been a perfect ending to the best CSI NY season yet and the episode continues into season 5.Mac is held hostage when the hostage taker wants Mac to prove he didn't commit a murder and says if he doesn't he will shoot all the hostages.Things go wrong for Mac when he actually disarms the hostage taker and the hostage taker tricks Mac into thinking that his family is in danger and they need to get to them but Mac drives him away and with the police not knowing where they are.This will continue into season 5 and I think that season 5 will just be as good as season 4.
  • Mac held hostage to prove a bank robbers innocence.

    Really great ep, not quite as good as Snow Day but a vast improvement on some of the eps this season, which verged on soap opera. Being a fan of Mac, Flack and Stella I Loved it!

    Loved the opening, although I had read the spoilers so I knew what was happening I thought it was nicely done. Could have done without the virtual autopsy, WAY to many gadgets this season, but it was nice to see the Sid and Hawkes interact with each other. Also nice to see Mac getting more and more dishevelled as the episode progressed, nice continuity.
  • I have seen better!

    This episode is without a doubt one of the most boring ones of all seasons so far. I expected something more thrilling for a season's finale, but instead I almost fell asleep watching! In my opinion, some scenes were very predicting and you could tell what would happen next. This episode was mainly about Mac who, of course, volunteered to examine a dead body in a bank which was under control of a bank robber. He wanted Mac to prove his innocence that he didn't kill the victim. I wish the whole cast would have been more involved in this episode. In comparison to other cases, this one seemed very slow and plain boring. The open end might have been the only interesting part of the whole episode.
  • Proving once innocence

    Well not excatly what i wanted for a season finale but it was exiting none the less...this proves that the csi:ny is focusing on long story line this season. The first one was, as csi:ny fans noe, the 333 stalker... the second one was the killer cabbie... this is the lastest edition to it the bank robber... It was ok on my thought...it was nice on how they put it. Making it seem as if the robber was actually innocent and was trying to cover up for someone cos his wife was in custody,. On the whole this was a good episode to watch.
  • A slightly disappointing finale, after a brillaint season.

    This episode opens with Mac going into a bank through the back door, where he is met by a gunman. Mac also has his crime kit with him. When Mac enters the bank, he can see that there are hostages on the floor, all of whom seem to be alive. Mac convinces the gunman to let some of the hostages go. Mac then finds the body and the man tells him that he didn't kill him and that Mac has to prove it. Stella arrives at the scene and is shocked that Mac is inside. Mac sends photos of the crime scene and the body to the lab. The victim is Walter, the bank manager. It is discovered that the bank was already robbed once that day. Stella discovers that the gun used to kill Walter is a super gun that is very high tech and not yet realised. When cops go to victim's house they found another body, his wife. Mac attacks the gunman and gets his gun from him. As Mac is about the take him outside, the gunman tells him that they have his family and that they are watching. We learn that his family have also been taken hostage and that he lives across the street from Walter. The robbers from the first robbery left their phone behind and he had to go in and get it. When leaving the building they make it look as though Mac is being taken against his will, in case the kidnapers are watching. They get into the car and Mac and the gunman drive off. Stella and team go to house, where his family are sussed to be held against their will, and find that there is no one there. And that the house is empty. It is then that we learn that the gunman has kept a bullet and makes Mac keep driving. It is there that the episode ends. Overall I think that this episode should have been used as a filler episode. I think that the previous episode would have been much better as the finale. The only part I enjoyed of this episode was the end, when Mac drove off with the gunman & Mac realised what was actually happening, that he himself had been kidnapped and there was no family. Also the beginning of the episode was not the best, I think that it could have started off with a bang, and then the rest of the episode would have been a better storyline.
  • This was a good episode, but not really season finale material, in my opinion.

    I did like this episode, i think it was well written and acted, but i found two major things wrong with it(besides the specifics of the crime and the way they handled the whole thing, which i don't really think is normal protocal).

    #1: This was not really season finale material to me.I woiuld have like to see the final Cabbie Killer episode be ther season finale, but instead, they just get done with that, and do and episode totally different than the normal ones! It sounds like CBS ordered all the CSI shows to end on cliffhangers thi year, and NY had to hurry up and find one. I think this would have been a good episode in the middle of the season, but not the season finale.

    #2: it was the Mac and Stella show again! (well, mainly just Mac this time) i love them, i think they're great, but i want equal time with all of the team!! It seems that this is the only CSI to do this, and i don't know why. Are we, the fans, sending a message that thats what we want to see? is there a Mac and Stella Show petition somewhere that people are signing??
  • Already counting the days until season five starts...

    It was an OK episode I guess, and as usual the season ender centered around Mac. He volunteered to be the CSI sent to a bank robbery at the request of the bank robber. The request was made because there was a body found in the vault and despite him wielding a gun, the bank robber claims he didn't do it. Mac went in rather than sending one of his own and Stella took over managing the team. The case itself was interesting with a lot of twists including a mysterious gun, and a body count that was piling up and a very strange bank robber. There was also the appearance of Adam Baldwin as a flirtatious Fed, and was it just me or was there another hint of something going on between Stella and Mac? The episode ended with a true cliffhanger, though after watching it a few times, the less likely it seems that Mac would have been so careless (no background check on "Joe"? Really?)
    What I would have liked to see was a bit more Hawkes (who seemed more like a recurring character this season) and a resolution to some of the romantic drama that happened this season. Hope that it just means an explosive season opener.
    Wow...September seems sooo far away....
  • Not what I expected for a Season Finale.

    Well, at least Mac didn't blow anything up. Overall I really enjoyed the episode. It didn't have the action that I expected for a season finale. But ending with a cliffhanger was almost as good. The idea of a bank robber wanting to prove that he didn't kill someone was pretty interesting. This was definitely a Mac centric episode, but they usually are. However, I wished they would have given some more air time to the rest of the team efforts to help him. I loved Stella taking charge and heading to DHS to get info on the weapon. I liked the interaction between them. Sid's new toy was a little to Sci Fi for me, but neat none the less. Counting the days until Season 5 premiere.
  • What can I say this was a great way to end the season, of course nothing beats CSI: Miami, as far as the CSI's go. But, this was a good way to end this season. And, yes a single guy can hold up a bank like that!! Here in the U.S. it's very possible.

    This was another great installment. I never liked CSI: NY until this season. CSI went down fast this season. And, the way they ended this season was great!! A sole bank robber, possible other connections. This was truly a nail biting episode. Whoever didn't like this episode doesn't understand fine writting, directing, or acting, and yes a single guy can hold up a bank. Shows you a little insight how our society handles hostage situations!! This episode is going to give new life to the third intallment of the CSI franchise. I know I'll be waiting til next season to see what's going to happen.
  • Mac centered episode again!

    Again we get a Mac centered episode in which the bank robber, after a failed attempt, makes matters go from bad to worse. With hostages in them, he takes full advantage of it. Meanwhile, Mac offers himself up on the condition that the robber confesses to not killing the bank person in charge.
    As the other group has to stop the SWAT from making matters worse as well. While trying to process the evidence and give it to Mac in time before all else breaks loose.
    How could one person take the bank hostage when it should had been like a group of people. That kind of confuses me!
  • one solo guy holding up a Bank ????

    i mean com'on can 1 solo guy do a bank job by his own ..not to mention he stands their looking at what CSI is doing all the time..are all the hostages dum ??? dont they plan stuff to get out ??

    an talking of the csi guy he jus makes no effort of notifying his crew about wat is goin on inside(it takes him 2 do that after half of the show is done) and SWAT wont BLoody wait for 2 to 3 hours doin nothin in a hostage situation

    and in the climax also how does that CSI guy (whos surposedly smart) goes on to belive what the bank robber says (his story of his family in danger) cant that hav been a trick that the robber has made just to get out !!!! ????

    all im sayin is all these bank stand off movies and tv episodes happen is some alternate reality .. :[
  • good episode...

    So, I just decided to give CSI: NY a try because it looked interesting I like the main actor. I was pleasantly surpised. This episode was great. The story wasn't unique because I've seen many hostage type movies/episodes. However, what made the episode good was how they made the story. I really thought the hostage taker was a good guy and I beleived when he said they took his family, but he lied. The whole episode was well-done and it was interesting seeing how his team reacted to his situation. I'm excited to see what happens next because the episode stopped at a cliff-hanger. So, this was a good first-impression of the show and I think I'll give it a shot.
  • Great Progress every Season

    in het begin had ik moeite met deze CSI kloon. CSI, CSI Miami waren toch wel het meest spannend en goed verhaal lijn. Maar met CSI New York kon ik maar niet in komen. de verhaal lijnen waren oke, maar niet spannend genoeg. vergeleken met H van csi miami was mac taylor een stugge ijskoning. geen glimlach op zijn gezicht en al die wannabee acteurs om hem heen. totdat ik mijzelf heb opgelegt om een paar afleveringen achter elkaar te bekijken. alleen de afleveringen met een 8.8-9 als gemiddelde.
    Vanaf season 3 ben ik deze tv show gaan waarderen. niet alleen dat ik ben verslaafd geraakt. geweldige cast op een enkeling na, geweldige intrigerende verhaallijnen.
    behalve de season finale. wat een belachelijke end..... wat is het vervolg en ook toch dat het typisch is voor CSI New york om zich te onderscheiden van csi en csi miami.
    het is nu wachten op het vervolg in the new season.
  • Mac finds himself on a crime scene with the suspect still on it. He'll have to work with his team to either clear or charge the suspect unless something gets on his way

    I was really dissapointed with the last episode and the ending of the taxi driver arc which made no sense to me. However, this episode definitely has all of the elements that make me watch CSI NY. We begin the episode on complete distraught, Mac & a briefcase, a hostage situation and a body in a bank vault! Great beginning and specially really appealing. All the scene processing is really neat though I don't really think the bullet extraction is really logical, but I completely appreciate the usage of the body 3D imaging! WHOA! (One of the reasons I watch CSI NY, lots of modern cool REAL technology!!)

    I also enjoy to see all the people on Mac's team working together in a different way, bith small pieces of evidence gahered by Mac and also how effective they can be working on their own. Kudos for that.

    It was a nice season finale but I didn't like the cliffhanger, specially after watching CSI Miami, it seemed so similar.

    In all the episode is really enjoyable and it's obviously missing it's second part which let's hope keeps this episode greatness.
  • Great episode, now, where is the finale?

    When a hostage taker wants Mac to astablish that he didn't kill one of the hostages, Mac tries to find clues, while Stella call the shots from the outside. Sid and Hawkes perform and virtual autopsy, which by the way was wicked cool! Danny and Lindsey try to find clue that Mac sent out. And Mac tries to piece the puzzle together and try to get the hostage taker to call the whole thing off.
    For a season finale, this episode feels like just any other episode. In my opinion this episode could have been 2 hours instead of just one, cause it feels like it just cut short...
    And this season finale would have it hard to live up to last seasons episode Snow Day, which was action packed.
    This was a great episode, who had me fooled until the very end, but not a finale to remembering, just like any other episod this season
  • i cant wait to the next episode

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  • The fourth season ends with a cliffhanger. A bank robber holding a number of hostages claims the bank manager is dead but says he is not the killer. The robber demands a CSI be brought in to prove his claim. Mac puts himself in harm's way and goes in.

    Like another reviewer of this episode, I am no fan of cliffhangers but I have to admit there are a few times where they do work well and this episode is definitely one of those cases. This is one of the most well written episodes of the show this season. I was just as fooled by the bank robber's story as Mac was. Elias Koteas overacts a bit here, but overall he gives a very good performance. I very much liked how this episode keeps the viewer guessing and then just as they think they have it figured out, surprise!
  • awsome cliff hanger. Now Mac is the hostage.

    First I thought that episode wouldn't be as good as the whole "capy killer" story but damn the end was just awsome. I really tought that guy was talking the truth but turns out he wasn't. I loved how the writers wrote the end with Mac as the hostage. That bank robber is cleaver have to give him that.

    I just hope they will find Mac and finding out what the hell is going on.

    I'm glad that episode took a turn to the better on the end of the epi. And the cliff hanger leaves you want for more. Just to bad that we have to wait for season 5 to come along.
  • Cleverly plotted because I believed the Bank robber also.

    Mac is in a whole heap of trouble, he believed the bank robber and now he has become a hostage but I don't know what the police were thinking sending everyone to the robbers house to check out the supposed crime scene, some of the police should of tailed the car Mac was in just in case the robber was lying. Now Mac is gonna have to get himself out of this hole all by himself and we all will have to wait till September to see what happened. I basically hate when shows go out with a big bang and leave everyone wondering what will happen. All I know is that Mac better get close to a side walk and jump out of the car while it is moving.
  • Arrgh!!! My summer's gonna be hell! 1st September!! 1st September?!!

    Everyone's is at their best. It's New York baby! Nothing but top notch expertise.
    Nothing is adding up in this case. Nothing is for sure. Nobody's sure what's actually happening.Not even us. Not even Mac.
    The ending is creating an absolute hell out of the summer.We're gonna have to wait.
    But until then let's speculate while we can.
    Did anyone notice that guy on the rooftop who keeps aiming at the bank door? Notice at the end he aimed directly at Mac. CSi NY always has something big up their sleeves. I think this guy has something to do with the big plan. "Maybe this isn't about money.Maybe this is about something else"-Mac
    I think their main plan is to kill Mac. Or the team. Some kind of vendetta maybe. Of course, Joe could have done that already. But now he is bringing Mac somewhere. Maybe to the person who wants to murder Mac at point blank. Mac's a good cop. Many people hate him and his team. Maybe someone related to Snow Day? The got their hand on armor slicing guns. It's possible they could get their hands on those "cutting-edge technology".
    Could this be a finale to finale case? Whoa...
  • Good but not a finale...

    The chapter was good but as lots of you already said not for being a season finale...I missed the characters but Mac and most importanly Elias Koteas made a great job! Joe stole completely all the screen when he was on! I love that man....Very clever the idea of how he manages to get out of the bank with Mac...

    The virtual autopsy thing was way TOO MUCH!! Very Star Trek-like, maybe... It was cool but quite out of place....Some of you compared it to the Angelator in Bones and I have to agree that it looks quite similar but the Bones one looks more real, the image is not that perfect and they have that huge cube thing....I dunno how to explain it!!

    Very little Danny, Lindsay, Hawkes and Adam....The season finale should be a team thing although Mac has always been the protagoinist of the other 3, but the team had a big role but not this year... Stella and Flack were more there but not that much...

    In conlusion, good chapter but not season finale material...
  • I HATE cliffhangers...but I have to give them a hand for this one. Good episode!

    This episode wasn't particularly shocking but it was a very good episode. Mac makes himself a hostage and has to prove that the suspect is innocent of murdering the bank manager. I loved loved LOVED when Mac took that guy down in the bank. I was yelling at my television, happy for Mac. When the guy cried and gave Mac that sob story about being a victim himself, I believed him also. It was supported by the fact that the he'd cried on the phone earlier in the episode. Plus, the team did all that work on the gun evidence. (I cringed when Mac dug the bullets out). Wow a clever episode. I was surprised but not overly shocked when the guy pulled out the bullet while Mac drove him away. I had heard in advance that this was going to be a cliffhanger but after "Joe" cried to Mac, I expected his family to be in jeopardy at the end. I didn't expect Mac to be the lone hostage. The team has blind faith in Mac. They didn't really question the idea of him leaving with the suspect. As annoyed as I was about Mac being fooled by the guy, I was still happy that he got all of the hostages out of harm's way. Now, I'm going to spend the next four months wondering how this will be resolved. I'm not even concerned that Mac will be harmed; I just hate waiting so long for cases to be resolved. I hate cliffhangers because they leave you feeling so...unfulfilled. This one, however, played out nicely. Fans won't be too on edge worrying about Mac. Let's face it, TPTB aren't going to kill of Gary Sinise in time for the new season (September). If a lesser character was in jeopardy, I'd be worried but...

    Good ending to the season. :-)
  • I was expecting more ... because the other two CSI finales had been so good ... hoping for hat trick ... but this didn't really have the WOW factor!

    The storyline was excellent and innovative but predictable ... I mean Mac must have been the only one who thought the guy was innocent! There were also storylines left undone ... of the romantic kind ... just ignoring it does not bring conclusion nor does it heighten interest ... it just gets boring! I get it ... that it is in two parts and we have to wait until next season to see the final conclusion but there should have been more in this episode ... not just Mac driving off with a psycho! Also not enough of Adam Baldwin .. I love him in Chuck ... they could have given him a bigger storyline! Don't get me wrong ... I absolutely love this series ... love all the CSI's it's just I was expecting a roller coaster ride and ended up on a chuff chuff!
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