Season 4 Episode 21


Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 21, 2008 on CBS

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  • A slightly disappointing finale, after a brillaint season.

    This episode opens with Mac going into a bank through the back door, where he is met by a gunman. Mac also has his crime kit with him. When Mac enters the bank, he can see that there are hostages on the floor, all of whom seem to be alive. Mac convinces the gunman to let some of the hostages go. Mac then finds the body and the man tells him that he didn't kill him and that Mac has to prove it. Stella arrives at the scene and is shocked that Mac is inside. Mac sends photos of the crime scene and the body to the lab. The victim is Walter, the bank manager. It is discovered that the bank was already robbed once that day. Stella discovers that the gun used to kill Walter is a super gun that is very high tech and not yet realised. When cops go to victim's house they found another body, his wife. Mac attacks the gunman and gets his gun from him. As Mac is about the take him outside, the gunman tells him that they have his family and that they are watching. We learn that his family have also been taken hostage and that he lives across the street from Walter. The robbers from the first robbery left their phone behind and he had to go in and get it. When leaving the building they make it look as though Mac is being taken against his will, in case the kidnapers are watching. They get into the car and Mac and the gunman drive off. Stella and team go to house, where his family are sussed to be held against their will, and find that there is no one there. And that the house is empty. It is then that we learn that the gunman has kept a bullet and makes Mac keep driving. It is there that the episode ends. Overall I think that this episode should have been used as a filler episode. I think that the previous episode would have been much better as the finale. The only part I enjoyed of this episode was the end, when Mac drove off with the gunman & Mac realised what was actually happening, that he himself had been kidnapped and there was no family. Also the beginning of the episode was not the best, I think that it could have started off with a bang, and then the rest of the episode would have been a better storyline.
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