Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 2005 on CBS
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Mac and Stella investigate when they find the body of Paddy Dolan, a longshoreman. Part of the body is found on a transport truck and another part back at the warehouses, but Mac encounters difficulty with the investigation when the workers put up a wall of silence against them. Aiden and Danny investigate the death of Debbie Bogda, who was found naked on the expressway, and their investigation leads them into a world of sexual games and bondage once they realise she was actually harnessed to the front of a truck.moreless

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  • A story On the Waterfront style and another from the pages of a pulp fiction book.

    The Beginning:

    From the very beginning of the episode, we are filled with suspense. The idiot kids who try and kill a truck driver steal another truck and then run out of gas? This episode shows a lot of our Mac, and it constantly puts him in danger or in suspense. If anyone has seen On The Waterfront then they know what kind of a dangerous job being a longshoreman can be.

    The Cases:

    The one case, with the woman dead brought some of the original CSI’s kookiness. It was great to see something odd, get odder and odder as it went. Of course it had it’s NY aspects to it, being something that seemingly mild mannered people become sexual “deviants” so to speak.

    Then there was the case with the longshoreman and the silence. Of course we know what longshoremen are like but it reminded me of the episode with the miners. What made me giggle though was that during the miner situation I thought of On The Waterfront, a movie about longshoremen. I could tell something would happen to the kid who actually talked to Mac. It was sad when he got fired, but by the look on Mac’s face, we knew he would make it right (I love that look!)And then at the very end, Mac got him his job back. One of the most touching things I have seen on CSI:NY. That’s what I love about this show- that it has the terrific scenes that are so heart wrenching. The scenes at the end with Stella were wonderful as well. Science Bit:

    I think the coolest science in this ep had to be the halo effect Chad was working on when he was working with the glass fragments. Favorite Scene:

    My favorite scene in this has to be when Stella says they need a spatula. Then we cut to Hawkes walking and it looks serious, and in slow-mo, but as he closes in Stella it slows down and we see him smile and hold out a spatula. Very classic CSI. I think his silly grin should be featured on the show more often.moreless
  • Teamsters and Bondage, interesting mix.

    Okay another re-run review written. I like the different aspects of both cases. The Shipping yard case definitely had a more dangerous feel to it. But a hardnosed Mac & Stella make a great team and fight for whats right as well as making sure the bad guy goes to jail. They also manage to take care of each other at the same time. I have never been a huge fan of Aiden. Probably because I started watching CSI:NY religiously after Lindsay's enterance. I am definitely learning and appreciately her character more and more. Aiden and Danny teaming on solving a woman's murder under interesting circumstances. They have the ability to bring the culprits to justice but I also appreciated the timely one-liners from the both of them.moreless
  • Danny and Aiden solve the murder of a woman found in some bushes, and Mac and Stella solve the murder of a man crushed to death.

    The long shoreman case was interesting, gross but interesting. What was with the slow-motion of Hawkes arriving at the scene? Were they trying to make him look sexier or something? Felt bad for the guy who got fired, glad that in the end Mac was able to get him his job back. Go Stella, saving Mac from being squashed like the other guy. Mac's comment to have Hawkes bring a spatula, then later in the ep Hawkes referred to him as Spatula Man was good continuity. The vic was a jerk but he certainly didn't deserve to die that way, or see it coming. The killer was most definitely cold blooded. Didn't phase him in the least that the victim suffered as he did, the guy made a smarta s s remark about it. Stella had some great one-liners. "I've been wanting a toaster." "You can tell by the sunglasses and little shorts."

    The bondage case was another interesting one. Danny and Aiden had some really great bantering in this episode, I think they had some good platonic chemistry together. Robospanker makes me think of Howard Stern, he had one of those things on his radio show. Danny was a riot, "Get that to Jane Parsons in DNA", cracks whip, "Now." The husband was the killer, that surprised me. I thought the wife was having an affair while in the city working. He had some serious rage issues with his wife. And good heavens they had a field day with the puns. "You gonna sit there like a piece of furniture? "We're going to put you in the submissive position." And it was funny when Danny asked Aiden if she wanted to get a bite to eat, and asked if she wanted to go on the hood. Ha.moreless
  • A great chapter!!

    Here they go my thoughts about HUSH:

    * The chemistry between Aiden and Danny was so evident...but it's just as friends I can't see them as a couple ( mybe it's because I am a total fan of D/L but...) It seems to me that they have some kind of brother-sister relationship.

    * Mac and Stella are a great team. I love their relationship, I'm not a Smacked fan but I think I will soon be. She saved his live and as she said is what partners do, but they are friends and you can see that in every chapter of this season.

    * The case of the man and the containers was awesome, not only the part where Mac tells Hawkes to bring a spatula(I am still laughing). The body was incredible. And all the workers from the containers they seem a MOB!!!

    * All the story of the case of Danny and Lindsay was really amazing and the poor woman in front of the car...WAW!

    I love this chapter. It's not one of my favorites but I liked it a lot.moreless
  • Bein' kinky will kill ya!

    Okay, first of all, I never realized how much I like Danny and Aiden together. Not like a couple (obviously I love him and Lindsay) but like friends. They just feed off of each others personalities and I love it. It was pretty gruesome seeing the body all squished between the two containers. grosss! It was so weird to me to see everyone being so discreet when they couldn't talk to Mac. Very suspicious.. Loved the scene where Stella saves Mac by shoving him up against the wall. So cute!! Then when Mac starts to chase the guy and almost gets a crowbar to the face. Exciting! Best part was seeing Mac help the guy at the end, by getting his job back. That's why I love Mac.

    The whole danger/fun/weird things those people had we kind of cool. Gotta love the robo spanker scene But the husband of the victim was just plain crazy by not stopping when his wife was hitting the button to stop. Loved the end when Danny tells Aiden he's going to put her on the hood, and she says something like 'YOU on the hood' and then hits him. Great episode!moreless
Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Melina Kanakaredes

Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Stella Bonasera

Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill

Detective Donald "Don" Flack, Jr.

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Vanessa Ferlito

Vanessa Ferlito

Aiden Burn

Ed O'Ross

Ed O'Ross

Paul "Tiny" Wojewedski

Guest Star

Kim Coates

Kim Coates

Detective Vicaro

Guest Star

Bumper Robinson

Bumper Robinson

Mike Prineman

Guest Star

Sonya Walger

Sonya Walger

Jane Parsons

Recurring Role

Chad Lindberg

Chad Lindberg

Chad Willingham

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (15)

    • (Mac and Stella were trying to identify a type of bug)
      Stella: Found the bug. Southern pine beetle. Dendroctonus frontalis. Way out of its natural habitat, south eastern US all the way to Nicaragua
      Mac: Sounds like a sunshine bug.
      Stella: Huh-uh, you can tell by the sunglasses and little shorts.

    • (Danny and Aiden are with Hawkes in autopsy, Danny sees the bloody sheets)
      Danny: Hawkes, what's under the sheet?
      Hawkes: Spatula man... (makes a face) you don't wanna know any more than that.

    • Mac: Our mystery donor is between the container and the flatbed.
      Stella: Uh and it looks like he's gonna need a hand getting out.

    • Hawkes: How's this? (holds up a spatula)
      Stella: (smiles) That should do the trick!
      Hawkes: This is only half a body, where's the rest of him?
      Stella: Out there somewhere.
      Hawkes: Good luck with that!

    • (Mac and Stella are examining the worker's knives)
      Mac: What worker keeps their tools so clean? (Stella grins at him teasingly). . . that ISN'T a science-obsessed criminalist?

    • Danny: Maybe she was a hitchhiker.
      Aiden: Who hitchhikes nude?

    • Danny: You hungry?
      Aiden: Yeah
      Danny: Grab a bite to eat?
      (Aiden nods)
      Danny: I'll drive. Put you on the hood?
      Aiden: (she whacks his arm) Put YOU on the hood.
      (Danny laughs)

    • Danny: You didn't go through the truck did you?
      Vicaro: (smiling) 25 cents gets you a cup of coffee. Come on, get outta here! I got another call. (walks off and Aiden is just giving Danny this look)
      Danny: I take that as a no.

    • Aiden: Maybe… vehicular manslaughter, followed by rape?
      Danny: First thing I learned on this job: anybody can do anything to anyone.

    • (Stella and Mac stare at the flattened victim.)
      Stella: This is more than a bag and tag... I'm going to call Hawkes.
      Mac: Tell him to bring a spatula.

    • Unknown Man: Ah, you must be the Andersons. You're late for class.
      Danny: Yeah, traffic was murder.

    • Vicaro: Hey, do you want to identify yourselves?
      Danny: Excuse me?
      Vicaro: I'm not recognizing faces, do you wanna identify yourselves?
      Danny: What are you, the crime scene troll? You want us to indentify ourselves, you see the kits, you know who we are.
      Aiden: We're not here to fish, who the hell are you?
      Vicaro: Detective Vicaro, 34.
      Danny: Danny Messer, Aiden Burn, 1, 2. Now will you stop busting my friggin' onions and fill me in on the dead woman behind you.
      Vicaro: 18 wheeler found her on the side of the road. I responded and here I am.
      Danny: Good for you, thank you. Aiden will you do me a favour and tell him what's what.
      Aiden: We got it from here Vicaro.
      Vicaro: Bet you do, bet you do, CSI.

    • Chad: Did someone call for some oils?
      Aiden: What are you, a scientist or a massage therapist?
      Chad: Why? Do you want a rubdown, or a refractive index test?
      (Danny whistles)

    • Danny: You take the bottom, I'll take the top.
      Aiden: I like being on top.
      Danny: What? You getting freaky with me because we drew the bondage case?

    • Danny: Get that to Jane Parsons in DNA.
      Aiden: Okay.
      Danny: (cracks whip) NOW!

  • NOTES (4)


    • Episode Title: Hush.

      Hush is also the title of a 1998 movie starring Jessica Lange and Gwyneth Paltrow.

    • Danny: Sex, lies, and super 8.

      This refers to the 1989 film Sex, Lies, and Videotape.

    • Aiden: Pulp Fiction.

      Danny pulls a ball gag out of a bag when Aiden comments: Pulp Fiction. This is reference to the Quentin Tarantino's film where Ving Rhames is ball-gagged during a sexually laced scene known by fans as "The Gimp."