Season 7 Episode 18

Identity Crisis

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 2011 on CBS
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Jo's daughter, Ellie, is a witness to an attack on the subway and learns the truth about her real mom.

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  • Jo's daughter whitnesses a weird murder in a subway station...

    I was liking the chapter until the last scene...:roll: That Mac and Jo moment was too much for me...:roll:

    It was a different chapter since from the begining we knew who the killer was and there were more questions about the identity of the victim... I enjoyed all the cons explained.

    I totally loved Adam/Danny/Lindsay moment! Especially when Linds tells Danny that he's gonna be married to the old lady in the pic!:lol:

    Again a team chapter and that's why I liked it... all of the members were there, and even if it was Jo centered it wasn't that annoying... The girl playing Ellie was great, though...:) All in all it was a good chapter, I kinda wished that in the last scene Mac would have mentioned that he's already a godparent...:roll:moreless
  • Con Artist..

    Tonight's episode is good. The con artist plot is very interesting, very creative. I like how the professional diver killed the con artist -- he used a knife that has something something (I didn't get what it did)... I didn't know that such a knife even existed. Good research team of CSI NY. I also like how Jo dealt with her adopted daughter. It is always difficult to explain why a child gets adopted. The child, I guess, would always have this sense of wanting to find out his or her true identity.. But in many cases, sincere and true love of the adopted parents conquer any doubts of the adopted child.moreless
  • 7x18

    entertaning episode, maybe one of the best from the current season, however, it was kinda flawed for me so that´s the reason why I´m not giving it a ten score. I´m totally sure that the most interesting part of the episode were the flashbacks when we saw how that girl tricked those men, it was very original and interesting, I also liked the B side including Jo´s personal life, it was realistic, but what I definitively did not like here was the lot of casualities, I can´t believe that the girl was discovered only by the box, and it was a bigger casuality that jo´s daugther was in the same train, at the same time when the murder happened, I mean, if that weren´t be in that way, Jo had never known that her daughter was looking for her real mother, however, good episode despite the casualitiesmoreless
Sela Ward

Sela Ward

Josephine 'Jo' Danville

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Anna Belknap

Anna Belknap

Lindsay Monroe

Robert Joy

Robert Joy

Dr. Sid Hammerback

A.J. Buckley

A.J. Buckley

Adam Ross

David James Elliott

David James Elliott

Russ Josephson

Guest Star

Sydney Park

Sydney Park

Ellie Danville

Guest Star

Cody Longo

Cody Longo

Tyler Josephson

Guest Star

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Following what was said in episode 7x06 Do Not Pass Go about Ellie's biological mother, we get to know that she is called Gina Baker, that she lived a rough life spending a lot of time in juvenile detention and arrested for a lot of petty crimes. Currently, she is serving prison time in Connecticut after being involved in a murder. Jo put her away. Gina was a drug addict and hence Ellie was born with prenatal cocaine exposure which resulted in her being born premature and underweight.

      Jo's son Tyler makes his first appearance in the show.

    • Flack likes coffee black with no sugar.

  • QUOTES (31)

    • Flack: Hey Mac, bet you a cup of coffee this is the most interesting crime scene you'll go to all week.
      Mac: You sound confident. Obviously, you know something I don't.
      Flack: Do you want to tell him?
      Hawkes: No, please.
      Flack: All right. If you had to guess, how old do you say our victim is?
      Mac: Late 70s, early 80s maybe?
      Flack: Doc?
      Hawkes: Mid-30s would be closer to the truth.
      Mac: What?
      Hawkes: Yeah. And he's a woman.
      Flack: I like my coffee black, no sugar.

    • Flack: Everybody heard a single gunshot but nobody got a look at the gun.
      Hawkes: Stellate lacerations suggest it was close contact.
      Mac: Which explains why no one saw a gun. The shooter concealed it, pulled the victim close, and fired.
      Hawkes: That makes sense but... there's no a trace of GSR.
      Mac: Witnesses heard gunfire and the victim appears to have been shot but we have evidence suggesting a gun is not the murder weapon.

    • (After Ellie tells what she remembers about the murder)
      Danny: You did good, kiddo.
      Jo: I have one more question. Step into my office.

    • Jo: Okay, we made a pact: honesty, no matter what. I need you to tell me the truth, Ellie. Why were you on that train? Come on, Ellie, you can tell me.
      Ellie: I was going to visit my mom. My real mom.
      Jo: Oh, Ellie.
      (They hug)

    • Sid: Your assessment was correct. Wound characteristics are consistent with close contact gunshot. However, there's no GSR. And get this, no bullet. The wound's not a through and through.
      Hawkes: Somebody dig it out?
      Sid: Wound track appears undisturbed.
      Hawkes: Sid, how does somebody suffer a bullet wound without a bullet?

    • Sid: I've been doing this job too many years to mention and in all that time, the weapon that caused that injury is one that I've never seen.

    • Adam: (Laughs)
      Danny: Hey, come on. That's not right. Don't do that. Stop.
      Lindsay: What?
      Danny: He's just messing with the age-progression software. I wouldn't look.
      Adam: (Laughs)
      Lindsay: Is that me? That's not funny! (Hits playfully both Danny and Adam in the arm)
      Danny: I didn't do it.
      Lindsay: Yeah, but you're laughing. Well... you're gonna be married to her.
      Danny: Oh, God.
      Lindsay: We're growing old together.

    • (Having a tease back and forth about some evidence)
      Lindsay: I'm your wife, okay? You don't have to turn on me.
      Danny: You started this.
      Lindsay: You don't need to do that to me.
      Adam: I'm just doing my job.
      Mac: You three done?

    • Flack: I ran down all the information Garrity gave us on his wife... her maiden name, Wescott, former addresses, her social security number. Either he's lying to us or he doesn't know who he married.
      Mac: She's not Renee Wescott?
      Flack: No. Renee Wescott died 12 years ago.

    • Lindsay: Could any of these shoot liquid nitrogen?
      Hawkes: No. But you know what? Adiabatic cooling is possible. The high pressure injection and expansion of any compressed gas would cause freezing. That's it.
      Lindsay: Great. So then what kind of weapon are we looking for?
      Hawkes: I have no idea, but we're a hell of a lot closer than before I butchered all these guys [test dummies].

    • Jo: I hear our little old man is back to being a Jane Doe?
      Mac: Yes. And for a short while today our Jane Doe was a 68-year-old African-American woman named Renee Wescott. Even our victim's husband, Harvin Garrity, had no idea she wasn't who she said she was.
      Jo: Sounds like she's a master of disguise.
      Mac: I think identity thief was her chosen profession.

    • Mac: How's Ellie?
      Jo: I grounded her to the bullpen, forcing her to read science journals. What she witnessed today will stick with her for a little while, but she's fine.
      Mac: And how are you?
      Jo: I think I messed up, Mac.

    • Mac: You're stalling, Jo. Why don't you get to the part where you mess up?
      Jo: Man, you run a tough confessional.

    • Jo: I kept thinking that I was gonna tell Ellie all the details about her mother, how she was adopted, how she became my daughter and I just never could find the right time. And I thought she was too young to understand. So I just painted a pretty picture, you know, told her her mother's name and where she lived and hoped it would all go away until I was ready.
      Mac: You were scared it would change how she felt about you.
      Jo: Yeah. And now I've... I've run out of time.

    • Mac: You didn't mess up, Jo. You just complicated things a little bit. You do realize there's a window of opportunity here, don't you? You gotta tell Ellie the truth.
      Jo: Mac, I don't think I can say it.

    • Russ Josephson: Jo. I'm worried about you.
      Jo: Me?
      Russ Josephson: Well, you're great at playing the brave one, keeping a stiff upper lip. This isn't going away. Ellie wants to see her biological mother and I know it scares the hell out of you.
      Jo: What, you have a little black book listing all the weaknesses of the ex-wife?
      Russ Josephson: No. It's a list of all the things that I adore about you. And I care.

    • Lindsay: I'm trying to get the FBI to rush a confidential file. I was hoping, maybe, you could throw your muscle around?
      Mac: I can do better than that. (About Russ Josephson) There's an FBI agent in the lab right now.

    • Mac: This is Harvin Garrity. Married our vic six months ago.
      Russ Josephson: Nothing about him rings a bell. My guess is he's just another dupe.
      Jo: Probably has money and Sabrina's just stockpiling all she can for that retirement fund.
      Russ Josephson: Con artists aren't big savers. It's the pleasure of the game. It's an addiction.

    • Russ Josephson: If Sabrina Willis was working her magic in the city, I guarantee there's a collection of marks out there licking their wounds, sorry they ever met her.
      Lindsay: Well, where are they? 'Cause we don't have a case file or a complaint or a description or anything that would suggest that this girl was out there conning anybody.
      Mac: That's because our search has been centered on a young blonde woman... when all along we should have been looking for the crimes of an 80-year-old man.

    • (About the old man who scammed him)
      Byron Wendle: He's dead?
      Lindsay: Well, let's just say he's not out there scamming people anymore.

    • Byron Wendle: (After having been conned) Makes it a little tough to extend a hand to a stranger who might really need it.
      Lindsay: Mr. Wendle, you ever seen the movie The Sting?
      Byron Wendle: It's on TV all the time. Always catch it in the middle.
      Lindsay: Well, maybe you want to watch it from the beginning.

    • Flack: For every one person who filed a report, there's got to be ten times as many who didn't.
      Lindsay: It's embarrassing to be duped. But at some point in every scam, there's the opportunity to walk away, or say no. And then if you don't, who do you blame?
      Flack: It's a shame. Some of these people were taken for change but others lost thousands.
      Lindsay: I wanted to tell him that the old man wasn't even an old man. But I couldn't. Didn't want to add insult to injury.
      Flack: Think it matters?
      Lindsay: Yeah, I do. I mean, one more layer of deception. That would tick me off.

    • Jo: Thanks for stopping by to check on Ellie.
      Russ Josephson: She's a great kid. You did good, Jo. Kinda jealous we didn't adopt her together.
      Jo: Well, that wouldn't have been the solution to our problems.
      Russ Josephson: I don't know, she's kinda magical.
      Jo: Yeah.
      Russ Josephson: It's going to be a little rough for you this morning. You want me to stick around?
      Jo: For once I'd love for you to come to the rescue and do the hard part. And I could just sweep in when it's time for the hugs. No, this one I gotta do on my own.

    • (About Gina, Ellie's biological mother who is serving prison time)
      Jo: She was involved in a murder with some really bad people, Ellie. And I'm the one who put her away.
      Ellie: Will she ever get out?
      Jo: I don't know. Maybe.
      Ellie: So... you adopted me because you felt guilty?
      Jo: Oh, no, honey, no. Gina didn't have any family. And nobody knew who your biological father was so you would have ended up with Child Services and ultimately foster care. I adopted you because you needed me. And because I needed you.

    • (Pointing his gun to Jayson Luck, who has made it hard being arrested)
      Danny: Do me a favour and move. Go ahead.

    • Mac: How much money were you taken for, Jayson?
      Jayson Luck: I'm not sure what you're talking about.
      Mac: We have a body in the morgue and plenty of witnesses who can ID you as the killer. So I'm not asking if you did it. I'm here for motive. So let's try this again. How much money were you taken for?
      Jayson Luck: $50,000. Swindled by a girl I thought I was in love with.

    • Ellie: I won't grow up to look like you. So I... I just...
      Jo: You just wanted to see what you might look like when you grow up.
      Ellie: That's all I was really thinking about when I was on the train. But today, I'm kind of scared and I don't know what I'd say.
      Jo: Okay. We'll go another time. We'll go when you're ready.
      Ellie: Okay.

    • Mac: What are you doing here?
      Jo: Forgot my homework. Left myself a Post-it on my desk so I wouldn't forget and, of course, I forgot.
      Mac: On your desk?
      Jo: Okay, thank you. Yes, it's a mess, I know.

    • (About taking Ellie to meet her biological mother)
      Mac: How'd it go?
      Jo: It didn't. Ellie changed her mind.
      Mac: Teenagers.
      Jo: Yep. That about sums it up.

    • Jo: Mac, you need to get married and have kids so I don't have to go through all these challenges alone.
      Mac: Have you lost your mind?
      Jo: Yeah, don't get married. Just adopt a child. Children are wonderful.
      Mac: Misery loves company, huh?

    • Jo: You'd make a great father.
      Mac: Jo, stop.
      Jo: Don't you ever think about being a grandfather?
      Mac: Hey, if I buy you a burger and a beer will you stop talking?
      Jo: Done. You know I have a weakness for food. Let's get a real juicy, greasy hamburger with a light beer.

  • NOTES (4)