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Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2011 on CBS

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  • I'm going to get a lot of slack for this, but I was let down....


    I for sure thought Season 7 was the end for CSI: NY. The ratings were questionable, the episodes were getting more workmanlike, and the final episode ('Exit Strategy') had the series finale vibe to it. So I was pleasantly surprised when CSI: NY was renewed for an 8th season.

    Then when I found out that the season opener was going to feature the tenth anniversary of 9/11 as a primary theme, I began to look forward to the premiere. It goes without saying that 9/11 is likely the most powerful subject matter there is around nowadays. I was expecting this episode to be perhaps the most powerful hour of CSI: NY I had seen.

    And the sad thing is it could've been, but this episode let me down. I'll explain.

    Firstly, 9/11 material aside, there is a murder committed in this episode; not that anyone cared about it, mind you. But because it is 'CSI' and all, I feel the producers felt obligated to throw in some sort of crime. The truth is that this throwaway crime got in the way of the true message of this particular chapter; I personally did not care that some guy got shot in a club or that it was a robbery or that it was an inside job, and clearly the story writers didn't care either. It was just another crime in just another setting with just another motive.

    Secondly comes the 9/11 material itself. Truth be told I would've preferred if the episode had skipped the crime aspect all together and simply given us an episode solely taking place on September 11, 2001. Instead, we get this unintentionally silly sequence of constant flashbacks all presented in the same manner. The first few instances with Mac are fine, but when other characters also start to flashback, the gimmick has lost it's uniqueness. Jo catches a glimpse of a garbage truck's exhaust which resembles smoke; cue the slow camera zoom and flashback. Flack catches a glimpse of Danny's badge; cue the slow camera zoom and once again flashback. It becomes a rinse, wash and repeat ordeal, and quite honestly, by the last time it happens, it is just plain silly. (And speaking of Flack's flashback: it is just plain ridiculous that Danny and Flack meet for the first time near ground zero on 9/11. I would have expected that if these two characters had met on THAT day of all days, we'd have heard about it by now. It feels like the writers just threw that in for a cheap shock.) The same goes for Lindsay and Adam's final dialogue scene. Their conversation, which features Adam confessing how he slept through 9/11 is a powerful one, but the scene that is intercut almost implies that Adam and Lindsay were preposterously right next to each other in the recovery lines. I understand that these characters share a television show, but not everything needs to happen in coincidence. These characters have had past lives, and to imply that they are ALL interconnected is absurd. I was half expecting Jo (in her flashback) to dial a wrong number and accidentally reach Mac or something.

    There were some powerful scenes in this episode, however; the opening scene is very well done as is the scene in the NY precinct, where a worried Mac (played perfectly by Gary Sinise) attempts to hold a phone call with his wife, Claire. I personally think the most powerful moment in the episode was the sequence of seeing the shadow of the plane fly overhead Claire cutting with the reaction of the NY precinct watching the tragedy unfold on the news. The recreation there was disturbingly spot on.

    And then there is the final scene. It breaks my heart to say that it is forced down the audience's throat. The Wall of Remembrance is something that does not need extra emphasis; the memorial itself is extremely touching and honorable. This episode, however, overemphasizes it in every aspect, slow motion and all. Rather than the emotion feeling genuine, it felt like the episode was begging for the audience to feel something, and it did not work for me.

    I'm expecting a lot of thumbs down from you TV.com members, and hey, maybe I deserve it. But call me crazy, I was not impressed with this season opener.

  • The eighth season begins on the ten year anniversary of the September 11 attack. As the team, now lead by Jo, tries to solve a robbery/homicide, we see each team members' memories of how they were effected by the events of that terrible day.


    It's nice to see that CBS decided to give CSI: NY another season. "Indelible" is one of the series' best episodes. The case in this episode is for all intents and purposes presented as an afterthought. The viewer can almost forget it entiely, but that is not what this episode is about. It's about the characters. The flashback scenes are very well done in terms of realism and pure emotion. The best of such sequences, in my opinion, is the one where Flack and Messer meet. It's so well done that you might actually think you are seeing an actual event rather than a scripted one. The final scene of the dedication of the memorial is simply terrific. An excellent tribute to all of those who died on that horrific day.

  • 801


    "Indelible" shows why CSI: NY may have the most heart of all the CSIs. They had a good story about the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 and a touching conjunction of how this program ties in with that big day. The flashbacks were good, the episode as a whole was strong today and this is the best way to handle this sad affair. Well-done CSI: NY.

  • 8x01


    welll, definetivelly this is not the csi ny that caught my attention in earlier seasons but it was not a bad episode, in my opinion this episode could be better but it was not as great as I thougth it would be, however, like I said before, some scenes saved this episode and that is a good point

    the most I liked here was the exellent atmosphere created for the 9/11 scenes, I think they are unique in the entire series, they had a style very convincing and maybe that´s the reason why I´m giving this episode a good score, I agree with the people who said that the "b plot" about a guy being shot outside a club was tottally unnecesary, I mean, nobady cares about that, in this episode the only thing you want to know, is what happen to claire but despite of that, I enjojed the episode almost all of the time

    in this season I would like to see episodes like "trapped"; "hung out to dry"; "down the rabbyt hole"; "Snow day"; "blacklist", etc.which in my opinion had everithyng you want to see in aepisode, I mean, they have action, suspense, drama, and more, but nowadays the csi ny writers are more interested in create "touching episodes" and in my opinion that is what killed the show, I accept this one only because it was conmomerating the 9/11 tragical events, but another one like this would be very boring and seriusly they need to find anothe kind of hook because at this point, they are killing the entire show

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes

  • wow this episode is quite emotional


    Suffice to say Iwas very happy to hear that CSI NY was coming back for an eigth season and even more interested when i heard that they were doing a 9/11 themed episode.

    Everything about the episode from the beginning to end was very emotional. I really think that the emotions of all the core characters were caught very well. It was heartbreaking to see the love Mac had for his wife and the way that he lost her, interesting to see where they all were that fateful day and how some of them met each other and what emotions they all went through.

    I must say a few scenes I found to be quite powerful were the scene with the doctors like hawkes and sid helping the wounded and traumatised after the towers fell and flack stopping Danny from running down the street and the look on his face when flack tells him everyones is gone . wow choker.

    Also the very sad and poignant scene where Mac finally finds some closure in letting Claires memory go by in his own way i guess laying her to rest by putting the tickets he had bought her for the opera in the sea, that for me was very emotional.

    Also the episode still leaves us with the feeling of will Mac return to the crime lab? and how?. very good episode hope it got the ratings it deserved.

  • An appropriate and touching 9/11 memorial episode.


    First of all I only started watching CSI NY last year, I fell in love with it.

    I loved how each character on the anniversary thought back and remembered where they were and what they were doing. Another reviewer called this gimmicky, I can't disagree more. I know that I think about where I was and what I was doing on 9/11/01 each year on the anniversary. If I do this why wouldn't people who were so directly affected by the events of the day do it also.

    Definitely a great episode and one that I think all should see.

  • Indelible!


    ...as the title goes, unforgettable!

  • On the 10th anniversary of 9/11 we follow our team while they solve a current case and how they remember what happened 10 years ago.


    Great great chapter... We got stories from all the characters. I loved that we got to see where they all were when 9/11 happened. We even saw how Flack and Danny met!:) Adam's confession to Lindsay was a great scene, AJ is an amazing actor and the whole moment with Linds tying up his tie and being so sweet and conforting him was probably one of my favorite moments. I loved Claire and I'm really sorry that we are never gonna see her again since I love the actress and I loved Mac with her!
    The case was totally a 2nd in this chapter but it was great to see that they all have they lives and that they keep doing what they love most that is helping people.
    Black Mike, Mike Black, White Mike, Mike White was somehow a typical Flack moment and I loved it!! The moment with Jo where she is explaining him the blood marks is priceless too, 'Why don't just call it a ring?' :lol: AND He had his hair cut!!! He looks SOOOOOO yummy now!!:D YAY!:D
    We got a couple of very little DL moments. When Danny shows at the Crime lab and makes the joke about not remembering her name and when she joins them he passes his arm around her and kisses her! It was sweet and enough! I'm a happy camper!!:P
    All in all a great chapter very emotional and very well done!

    Just a little comment, what the heck is growing under Danny's nose?? Is he trying to get a pornstache like old school cops???:shock: