Season 6 Episode 6

It Happened to Me

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 2009 on CBS

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  • Lots of team work... Hawkes centered

    Finally our beloved Dr. Hawkes gets a storyline. He lost all his money a month ago and had to sell everything he had, even his condo. That made him work too much and change... That comes to light when a patient of his ends up dead and he blames himself for not taking it serious. When a 2nd body is found he gets even more worried and shatters more... He finally is forced to confess what happens when we discover that the murderer had the same problem than Hawkes and he is threatenning to kill himself... At the end we see how Mac 'orders' HAwkes to stay with him.
    There is lots of scenes when 2 or more members of the team are working together and in exception of Hawkes all of the them have more or less the same screentime. Sid helping Danny in the lab with an experiment. The girls working together and Adam being around too... Good chapter. Some cute moments between Adam and Stella including some funny ones like when he explains her what is a splashing party!:)

    All in all good chapter! For the spoilers I read I expected maybe a more dramatic one but I liked it that way!:)