Season 8 Episode 15

Kill Screen

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2012 on CBS

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  • boring

    its so boring now, cant stand this anymore
  • Slow at first

    But as another commented - you wonder why it is called kill screen, where is the video geeks, etc. But it gets going pretty quick and you stay tuned to the show. well made and, to me, seems like it could actually happen today.
  • If your a gears of war fan you'll love this !

    A good episode thats a lttle slow to start off and at first you wonder why is it called kill screen,

    This episode isn't named this way because someone finishes a game and waits out the credits it's because of how the body was moved/dumped.

    as for the games shown seems like epic allowed use of test footage as i'm guessing the time this show was filmed it was rather close to release date or not long after it, nice play on games being dangerous to your health, the lengths pro gamers go to and of course game hacking/cheating..

    the end with adam and danny was funny too :)