Season 9 Episode 8

Late Admissions

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2012 on CBS



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    • Danny: (Leaving a message on Lindsay's cell phone) Hey, it's me. I figured you might still be sleeping. Red-eye probably knocked you out, huh? I just wanted to hear your voice and see if you're doing all right. You don't want to get into it, I know. I just thought...
      I don't know what I thought. I just want to know that you're okay. So call me back if you feel like talking, please. Say hey to your dad for me, all right? I love you.

    • Flack: (Opening Billy Wharton's locker) Damn, kid. Do a wash, my man. Cab drivers smell better than this.

    • Billy Wharton: Can... can you just tell me what you're looking for?
      Mac: I think you know what we're looking for.
      Billy Wharton: Actually, I don't, so can you please just tell me? Because I'm a little scared here. Obviously, this has something to do with Luke.
      Flack: Harvard would be lucky to have someone as smart as you.

    • Flack: Kid's pretty smooth. He's got an answer for everything.
      Mac: Too smooth.

    • Robert Monroe: Rooster tail, huh?
      Lindsay: Worked when I was a kid. I'm guessing the trout haven't wised up any.
      Robert Monroe: Any chance I can convince you to keep what you catch? You know, pan-seared with a little garlic...
      Lindsay: No.

    • Robert Monroe: Just wondering what you think you can accomplish by being here.
      Lindsay: What do you mean, accomplish?
      Robert Monroe: The way you feel about him. The things you got going on inside of you. You're still going to feel those same things tomorrow.

    • Robert Monroe: (To Lindsay) I just want to protect you, is all. That's all any father wants. Boy, I tried but you can't protect your daughter from everything. Eventually, the day comes when you have to pick her up off the ground after she skins her knee and tell her everything's going to be all right. Or wipe away the tears after some boy breaks her heart. Find the words to tell her
      her mother's gone. But that's life.

    • Robert Monroe: I couldn't teach you everything, and you wouldn't even let me. You have your own way of doing things, but...
      Lindsay: I'm not that little girl anymore, dad. I haven't been for a long time. And I know you're proud of me, but I know that you wish I didn't do what I do. Or see the things I see. That innocence was gone a long time ago. And I don't regret the choices that I've made, and I don't regret seeing the things I've seen.
      Robert Monroe: You're an impressive young woman, Lindsay. But you grew up so fast. What I'm trying to say is, haven't you seen enough?

    • (Danny is going through a yearbook)
      Jo: Oh, let me guess. Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.
      Danny: That's close. It's actually: 'where my party, p-party, party, p-party people at?' It's Nelly.
      Jo: That would have been my second guess.

    • Melanie Rogers: I've had better weeks. Luckily, I have this to keep my mind off of it.
      Jo: Well, I'm going to need your mind to think about it just for a few more moments.

    • (About to pierce Kelly's ear) Now give me the rubbing alcohol.
      Kelly: Rubbing alcohol, too?
      Young Lindsay: I just have to get the rust off of it.
      Kelly: Rust? What the hell?
      Young Lindsay: Sush! I'm kidding.

    • Adam: (Reading texts on a cell phone) 'Fred goes to the video store on Broadway'. Fred, you are a moron. Online video, dude. 'He buys three videos for $25'. God, you're killing me. 'This was $15 more than twice what he paid for a box of Goobers'. I would go with Raisinets, but whatever. 'How much were the Goobers?' First of all, five bucks for chocolate covered peanuts? Second, isn't this kid in, like AP Calculus?

    • Adam: (Going through a teenager's cell phone) Everything is fairly innocuous. No sexting, nothing. It's pretty disappointing.

    • (Hawkes is putting together a mug that has been shattered to small pieces)
      Danny: Bet you're not loving the fact that you're the one with the surgeon's hands around here, are you?
      Hawkes: Don't get me started.

    • Mac: Judge Spencer owed you a favor? What are you doing, Frank? Listen to yourself.
      Frank Stevenson: He killed Luke.
      Mac: You're not only jeopardizing the investigation, you're risking your job. Now let us do what we do. If Billy did this, we'll catch him. The right way... no favors.

    • Caroline: I dreamed that we were all seniors and we all had our driver's licenses. Linds, you had a convertible Trans Am.
      Young Lindsay: A Trans Am? Ford F250, please.

    • Adam: Jack goes to the driving range. Means the deal is going to go down at the driving range, most likely Chelsea Piers.
      Jo: Okay.
      Adam: Buys a bucket of 312 balls. I mean nobody buys a bucket of 312 balls. Your arm would fall off. So, the deal is going to go down at 3:12. If Jack hits 78 balls in an hour, how many hours will it take for him to hit all 312?
      Jo: Okay, well, all right. So, the answer... don't tell me. The answer is 312 divided by 78. Four.
      Adam: There you go. That means this person wants four pills.

    • Jo: Why are you taking it? Such a smart girl.
      Melanie Rogers: Because it works. B-pluses don't cut it anymore. Not when you're trying to get into the top schools. Dextro makes you focus, study longer. It works.

    • Lucy: Do you think you'll ever leave here?
      Young Lindsay: Montana? And go where?
      Lucy: Yeah, I don't know. Anywhere.
      Young Lindsay: No. I like it here.

    • Robert Monroe: You know where I stand on this, but... you're my daughter and I love you. If you want me to go with you... I'll go with you.
      Lindsay: I love you, too, Dad. I gotta do this on my own.

    • Flack: (To Billy Wharton) So how are things going on with Dr. Kaplan. Or Dr. Overbrook. Or... Dr. Parkston. Or Dr. Gleeson. Selling dextroamphetamines is a felony, Billy and you're looking at I don't even know how many counts. But I'm guessing Harvard will not be impressed with your entrepreneurial skills.

    • Billy Wharton: (To Principal Hal Kinney) Half the school uses them. Your, your champion debate guys. The prized pupils at the front of the class. Ever wonder how all those B-pluses turn to A's?

    • Daniel Katums: The one who got away. A lot of nerve showing up here. I'm guessing you've got something to say, so why don't you have a seat, huh?
      Lindsay: How much money did you get out of the cash register that day? How much? I want to know how much those lives were worth to you.

    • Daniel Katums: You were at the trial. You heard me then, hear me now. It wasn't me. You ID'd the wrong guy.
      Lindsay: Right.

    • Lindsay: I feel sorry for you. I do.
      Daniel Katums: Why did you come here? What is it that you want, huh? Absolution? You want this off your conscience? You came to the wrong place, little girl.

    • Prison Warden: Daniel Katums, do you have any last words?
      Daniel Katums: I'm sorry for what I've done.

  • Notes

    • Music featured:
      Black Jack White by Spirit Animal (Opening scene).

    • John Bain, who plays Luke Stevenson, also appears in the C.S.I. episode If I Had A Hammer.

      Michael Welch, who plays Billy Wharton, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Permanent Vacation and in the C.S.I. ones Blood Lust and A Space Oddity.

      Mark Moses, who plays Blake Connors, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Mommie Deadest and in the C.S.I. one Sex, Lies and Larvae.

      Bobby Hosea, who plays Principal Hal Kinney, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode The Score and in the C.S.I. ones Mea Culpa and A Thousand Days On Earth.

      Gareth Williams, who plays Frank Stevenson, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Not Landing.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: November 16, 2012 on CTV.
      Czech Republic: February 20, 2013 on AXN.
      Norway: April 10, 2013 on TVNorge.
      Finland: December 9, 2014 on MTV3.

  • Allusions

    • Danny: Where my party, p-party, party, p-party people at? It's Nelly.

      Party People is a song by American rapper Nelly and it appears in his fifth studio album called Brass Knuckles.