Season 7 Episode 21

Life Sentence

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 06, 2011 on CBS
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When the crime lab is attacked, Danny and Mac's handling of the suspect results in an investigation by Internal Affairs.

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  • 7x21

    at the time I started watching this episode, it had a "9.6" according to fans so I thought it was going to be incredibly good however, I have to say that I did not find this episode as good as these grades suggest, first of all, I know everybody loved the shooting at the beggining scene, but in my opinion, it was weak, I don´t know, maybe I felt it in that way just because we saw something very similar in season 6 beginning.

    this episode have that older seasons feeling but mixed with the new csi ny style, so it can be an exellent combination for many viewers but for me, it did not work, however, this episode had very intriging momments,specially the ending scene wich in my opinion saves the entire episode for a fair score P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakesmoreless
  • WOW! SPOILER ALERT...DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T WANT INFORMATION ON WHAT HAPPENED. Mac & his ex-partner shot at in Mac's office in the first minute of the show!

    Talk about excitement! The first moment of the show was dramatic with the window being shot out of Mac's office with an AK47 from a building across from Mac's office and several people were injured, including Mac's old partner/training officer (Bill Hunt) who beat up the suspect (Raymond Harris) in last week's episode that led up to this one. Last week he stole Mac's wallet and this week tries to kill him & Bill Hunt. The CSI's process the scene and the weapon that Mac & Flack found from the shooting site. When they go to arrest Harris at his old apartment they kill the occupant after he fires on them first. While Flack is reading a file and walking with his head down, Harris walks up to him in the police station and tells him "I want to file a harassment complaint, someone is trying to kill me." Flack looks shocked to be standing nose-to-nose with the suspect! Internal Affairs is called to look into the shooting at the apartment...so now Danny and Mac are in trouble. Ultimately though it is declared a clean shoot so they are off the hook. The dead man was wanted for home invasion, which is why he fired on the cops. Harris gives Flack his statement on how Hunt is harassing him and when Flack asks him what he's after Hunt stares at Mac (who just walked in) and says "Justice". Sheldon finds some rounds in the wall at the apartment while processing the crime scene. Meanwhile, Harris tells Mac he wants him to be looking over his shoulder like he did for 17 years and when Mac asks him what he thinks he did Harris says "you're the detective, figure it out". Jo & Lindsey decide to talk to Harris' ex-cellmates. Mac returns to his office and sees just how destroyed it is. Jo comes in and the review the case from 17-yrs ago and find out that the blood on the bag of money has a strange blood stains. Mac goes to Bill Hunt's apartment and when Hunt opens the door Mac cold-cocks him in the face! Mac says "I know what you did." Hunt stole money from the bag that Mac inventoried 17-yrs ago. Hunt gets up and tells him if he ever hits him again he'll kill him. Mac counted $200,000 but there was supposed to be more. The statute of limitations for grand larceny is 5 years so Hunt cannot be prosecuted for stealing the money. Mac is called to the scene of a dead body that was starved to death. Lucius Woods was the boss of Harris back 17 yrs ago. Harris lost the woman he loved and had planned to marry...Lucius Woods killed Miranda because he mistakenly thought she had the money that was missing. The money that Bill Hunt actually took. Harris is out to avenge the death of his girlfriend. While the cops are supposed to be staking out Harris he gives them the slip. Mac takes Harris to the precinct for the killing of Miranda. He realized that the ring Harris wears it the cause of the imprint in the wood that Lindsay found. While on the way to the precinct to turn in Hunt a car T-bones Mac's SUV...it is Harris of course. He shoots Hunt dead but misses Mac. Mac shoots Harris in the shoulder. Flack has a APB out on Mac's SUV. Mac is down to 3 rounds. He tells Harris he knows what happened to Miranda. Mac ends up shooting him dead when he draws on him. Bill is still alive when Mac gets back to the SUV but he dies at the scene seconds later. All and all, this was one of the best episodes of this show. With all the twists and turns it keeps you guessing. I love this show!moreless
  • Life Sentence

    I felt like I was experiencing deja vu. There were glass windows and the entire CSI crew was being shot at. This definitely brought me back to the season six premiere of the show where there was a similar situation only in the restaurant they were all in.

    I had been asking for a more aggressive Mac Taylor and that is what we got here tonight. From a punch being thrown to a lengthy shootout, he did not back down here en route to finding the truth. Definitely a refreshing change of pace from the new era of leads in cop shows that tend to wuss out more often than not, such as Patrick Jane and Richard Castle.

    This was a solid enough CSI: NY to get us excited for what I hope is purely the season, and not the series, finale next week.moreless
Sela Ward

Sela Ward

Josephine 'Jo' Danville

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Anna Belknap

Anna Belknap

Lindsay Monroe

Robert Joy

Robert Joy

Dr. Sid Hammerback

A.J. Buckley

A.J. Buckley

Adam Ross

Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Jenny Mollen

Jenny Mollen

Det. Angela Sayer

Guest Star

Vince Pavia

Vince Pavia

Officer Stone

Guest Star

Michael Worth

Michael Worth

Lucius Woods

Guest Star

Peter Fonda

Peter Fonda

William Hunt

Recurring Role

Clifton Collins Jr.

Clifton Collins Jr.

Raymond Harris

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (34)

    • William Hunt: Still can't get over this office. Great views, leather sofa.
      Mac: A bigger office just means more paperwork.

    • Mac: What are you doing here, Bill?
      William Hunt: I don't know, you invited me.
      Mac: No, I didn't.
      William Hunt: Oh. I got a text (Reads it out loud and shows it to him) 'We need to talk. Meet me at my office ASAP. Mac.'
      William Hunt: I didn't send the text.
      (Automatic gunfire starts coming through Mac's window)

    • (In the aftermath of the shooting at the lab)
      Danny: Hey.
      Lindsay: Oh, honey.
      (They join in a tight hug)
      Danny: Oh, my God! Are you all right?
      Lindsay: Yeah, I'm good.
      Danny: You sure?
      Lindsay: I'm fine.
      Danny: If you're good why is there blood all over you?
      Lindsay: No, it's not mine.

    • Lindsay: What the hell is going on?
      Danny: I have no idea but come on, we should get downstairs. Let's go.
      Lindsay: No, I'm staying here.
      Danny: What for?
      Lindsay: I'm getting my kit, it's a crime scene.

    • Mac: From this vantage point he could have taken out every window in the building but he focused on mine.
      (Mac retrieves something partly covered by a plastic)
      Flack: Subway map?
      Mac: Raymond Harris.
      Flack: How does a guy go from stealing your wallet to trying to kill you?

    • William Hunt: I was walking down an empty street, he came up behind me, tried to put some intimidation moves on me. Gave him a tune-up, that's all.
      Mac: What kind of a tune-up, Bill, a system check or complete overhaul?
      William Hunt: I don't like your tone, Mac.
      Mac: I don't give a crap. Be specific!
      William Hunt: I pushed him around a little. He walked away just fine.
      Mac: Yeah, well, you pushing him around put a target on our backs.
      William Hunt: Target was already there. I just sped things up.

    • William Hunt: What the hell does he want?
      Mac: I don't know.
      William Hunt: What's our next move?
      Mac: You're not my training officer anymore, Bill. I'm the cop, you're the civilian. Just go home and stay out of it.

    • (About Raymond Harris)
      Jo: There's no reason to believe he wouldn't make another attempt.
      Mac: We're not giving him the chance.

    • Mac: Suspect opened fire.
      Det. Angela Sayer: What happened next?
      Danny: We returned fire.
      Det. Angela Sayer: Through the bedroom doors? Without a visual on the suspect?
      Danny: Yeah. Bullets whizzing by my head were visual enough.

    • Danny: Look, the suspect that we were looking for, he attacked our crime lab this morning. We believed him to be a flight risk. So we had to do what we had to do. Any more questions?
      Det. Angela Sayer: Yeah. Is the man lying dead on that floor the suspect you were here to apprehend?
      Mac: No.

    • Danny: I know it's routine for I.A. to investigate an officer-involved shooting but it seems like this woman's got a bug up her ass. Like she never kicked in a door before.
      Hawkes: Probably never has.
      Danny: It was a clean shoot. Anyone can see that, no?
      Mac: Yeah, it was, Danny. She's just doing her job.

    • Hawkes: Name's Trevor Arnette. Got an open warrant in Brooklyn for home invasion.
      Mac: Any connection to Raymond Harris?
      Hawkes: Other than having the immense bad luck of being in Harris' last known address, no.

    • Hawkes: Mac, you ever consider that Harris was not the guy who shot up the lab?
      Mac: Look, I know it was him. Harris hid that gun in this apartment for 17 years. We just need to find out where.

    • Flack: (To Raymond Harris) You've got a lot of nerve waltzing in here to make a complaint. I'll give you that.

    • Flack: Look at me, Raymond. I was there the day you stole Mac Taylor's wallet.
      Raymond Harris: I'm just here to report a crime.
      Flack: I know you've got a beef with him.
      Raymond Harris: If it's a conflict of interest for you, maybe I should go to another precinct.

    • Flack: I also know that you put about a hundred rounds into our crime lab not more than six hours ago.
      Raymond Harris: No idea what you're talking about.
      Flack: So then you won't mind submitting to a gunshot residue test? A DNA swab?
      Raymond Harris: Shoot the moon, Detective. But first I'd like to finish my statement. The guy who attacked me looked like this cop who arrested me a bunch of years ago. Name's Bill Hunt.

    • Flack: What exactly are you after?
      Raymond Harris: (Staring at Mac) Justice.

    • (As Raymond Harris is to identify the man who attacked him in a line-up)
      Raymond Harris: He can't see me, right?
      Flack: As you may recall from your many times on the other side of the glass.

    • Mac: Whatever game you're playing, you can't win.
      Raymond Harris: Like you won this afternoon when you shot that guy in my old place? You thought that was me, didn't you? That gave you relief?

    • Mac: You want to kill me, Harris? Kill me. Here I am, make a move.
      Raymond Harris: Then there wouldn't be any surprises. Where's the fun in that? No. I want you and Hunt looking over your shoulders. Like I did for 17 years.
      Flack: Is that a threat?
      Raymond Harris: I'm the one being intimidated here. Two cops looming over me.

    • Mac: Why don't you tell me what it is you think I did.
      Raymond Harris: You're the detective. Figure it out.

    • Jo: The bag was full of cash when Harris' blood landed on it. But not full when it was turned in for evidence.
      Mac: Someone took money from the bag.

    • William Hunt: You ever hit me again, it'll be the last thing you do.
      Mac: Threats and intimidation won't save your ass this time.
      William Hunt: What the hell are you talking about?
      Mac: The money you stole from Raymond Harris. You helped yourself to some of the cash Raymond Harris was sitting on the day we busted him. How much, Bill? A hundred? Maybe $200,000? Then after you stole it you had me voucher the remaining cash in case you ever needed a fall guy.

    • William Hunt: I knew that no one would ever question that property voucher if your name was on it.
      Mac: You always walked the line, Bill, but I never thought you'd cross it.

    • William Hunt: I don't expect you understand.
      Mac: I understand you got greedy.
      William Hunt: I was 18 months shy of my retirement. I had an ex-wife, a daughter in private school and a mountain of debt.
      Mac: You had a pension coming.
      William Hunt: $35,000 a year. I walked a beat, putting my life at risk every day, and in return, I got a little pat on the back and a gold-plated watch. I deserve more than that.
      Mac: What you deserve is a prison cell.

    • Mac: This runs much deeper than money with Raymond Harris. There's got to be something else. What else does he think we did to him?
      William Hunt: Would you believe I don't know?
      Mac: No.

    • (At the crime scene of Lucius Woods)
      Flack: Apartment belongs to Lucius Woods, aka the Snow King. Used to be the biggest cocaine dealer on the West Side.
      William Hunt: I heard the King was retired.
      Flack: He is now.

    • Jo: This man was intentionally deprived of food and water.
      Hawkes: His body would have started burning fat and muscle, kept him alive until his kidneys failed. And after that, he'd be dead in a couple days.
      Flack: That's a hell of a way to go.
      Jo: This was torture, Mac.

    • Flack: If I was the King and one of my subjects lost that much coke and that much cash, I'd want some kind of serious restitution.

    • Mac: If we can't tie Harris to the crime lab shooting, we got to get him on this murder.
      Flack: Bring him in for questioning?
      Mac: Not until we have enough evidence.
      William Hunt: The hell with evidence. Let me have him for five minutes in the room: I'll get a signed confession.
      Mac: We do this my way.

    • (A rosary is found at the crime scene)
      Hawkes: Any chance the Snow King traded in his criminal reign for the path of righteousness?

    • William Hunt: Where are we going?
      Mac: Precinct.
      William Hunt: Think I'd rather go home.
      Mac: That's not going to happen.
      William Hunt: Why's that?
      Mac: Because Lucius Woods didn't murder Miranda Thomas... you did.

    • William Hunt: A day hasn't gone by when I haven't thought about turning myself in.
      Mac: But you never did.
      William Hunt: Wouldn't have made a difference.
      Mac: It would have to me.

    • Mac: Be smart, Harris. There's still time to settle this the right way.
      Raymond Harris: You're 17 years too late.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Despite featured in the opening credits, Robert Joy (Sid Hammerback) does not appear in this episode.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: May 6, 2011 on CTV.
      Turkey: May 23, 2011 on CNBC-e.
      United Kingdom: May 28, 2011 on Five/Five HD.
      Czech Republic: July 20, 2011 on AXN
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      Germany: February 20, 2012 on Vox.
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