Season 7 Episode 21

Life Sentence

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 06, 2011 on CBS



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    • William Hunt: Still can't get over this office. Great views, leather sofa.
      Mac: A bigger office just means more paperwork.

    • Mac: What are you doing here, Bill?
      William Hunt: I don't know, you invited me.
      Mac: No, I didn't.
      William Hunt: Oh. I got a text (Reads it out loud and shows it to him) 'We need to talk. Meet me at my office ASAP. Mac.'
      William Hunt: I didn't send the text.
      (Automatic gunfire starts coming through Mac's window)

    • (In the aftermath of the shooting at the lab)
      Danny: Hey.
      Lindsay: Oh, honey.
      (They join in a tight hug)
      Danny: Oh, my God! Are you all right?
      Lindsay: Yeah, I'm good.
      Danny: You sure?
      Lindsay: I'm fine.
      Danny: If you're good why is there blood all over you?
      Lindsay: No, it's not mine.

    • Lindsay: What the hell is going on?
      Danny: I have no idea but come on, we should get downstairs. Let's go.
      Lindsay: No, I'm staying here.
      Danny: What for?
      Lindsay: I'm getting my kit, it's a crime scene.

    • Mac: From this vantage point he could have taken out every window in the building but he focused on mine.
      (Mac retrieves something partly covered by a plastic)
      Flack: Subway map?
      Mac: Raymond Harris.
      Flack: How does a guy go from stealing your wallet to trying to kill you?

    • William Hunt: I was walking down an empty street, he came up behind me, tried to put some intimidation moves on me. Gave him a tune-up, that's all.
      Mac: What kind of a tune-up, Bill, a system check or complete overhaul?
      William Hunt: I don't like your tone, Mac.
      Mac: I don't give a crap. Be specific!
      William Hunt: I pushed him around a little. He walked away just fine.
      Mac: Yeah, well, you pushing him around put a target on our backs.
      William Hunt: Target was already there. I just sped things up.

    • William Hunt: What the hell does he want?
      Mac: I don't know.
      William Hunt: What's our next move?
      Mac: You're not my training officer anymore, Bill. I'm the cop, you're the civilian. Just go home and stay out of it.

    • (About Raymond Harris)
      Jo: There's no reason to believe he wouldn't make another attempt.
      Mac: We're not giving him the chance.

    • Mac: Suspect opened fire.
      Det. Angela Sayer: What happened next?
      Danny: We returned fire.
      Det. Angela Sayer: Through the bedroom doors? Without a visual on the suspect?
      Danny: Yeah. Bullets whizzing by my head were visual enough.

    • Danny: Look, the suspect that we were looking for, he attacked our crime lab this morning. We believed him to be a flight risk. So we had to do what we had to do. Any more questions?
      Det. Angela Sayer: Yeah. Is the man lying dead on that floor the suspect you were here to apprehend?
      Mac: No.

    • Danny: I know it's routine for I.A. to investigate an officer-involved shooting but it seems like this woman's got a bug up her ass. Like she never kicked in a door before.
      Hawkes: Probably never has.
      Danny: It was a clean shoot. Anyone can see that, no?
      Mac: Yeah, it was, Danny. She's just doing her job.

    • Hawkes: Name's Trevor Arnette. Got an open warrant in Brooklyn for home invasion.
      Mac: Any connection to Raymond Harris?
      Hawkes: Other than having the immense bad luck of being in Harris' last known address, no.

    • Hawkes: Mac, you ever consider that Harris was not the guy who shot up the lab?
      Mac: Look, I know it was him. Harris hid that gun in this apartment for 17 years. We just need to find out where.

    • Flack: (To Raymond Harris) You've got a lot of nerve waltzing in here to make a complaint. I'll give you that.

    • Flack: Look at me, Raymond. I was there the day you stole Mac Taylor's wallet.
      Raymond Harris: I'm just here to report a crime.
      Flack: I know you've got a beef with him.
      Raymond Harris: If it's a conflict of interest for you, maybe I should go to another precinct.

    • Flack: I also know that you put about a hundred rounds into our crime lab not more than six hours ago.
      Raymond Harris: No idea what you're talking about.
      Flack: So then you won't mind submitting to a gunshot residue test? A DNA swab?
      Raymond Harris: Shoot the moon, Detective. But first I'd like to finish my statement. The guy who attacked me looked like this cop who arrested me a bunch of years ago. Name's Bill Hunt.

    • Flack: What exactly are you after?
      Raymond Harris: (Staring at Mac) Justice.

    • (As Raymond Harris is to identify the man who attacked him in a line-up)
      Raymond Harris: He can't see me, right?
      Flack: As you may recall from your many times on the other side of the glass.

    • Mac: Whatever game you're playing, you can't win.
      Raymond Harris: Like you won this afternoon when you shot that guy in my old place? You thought that was me, didn't you? That gave you relief?

    • Mac: You want to kill me, Harris? Kill me. Here I am, make a move.
      Raymond Harris: Then there wouldn't be any surprises. Where's the fun in that? No. I want you and Hunt looking over your shoulders. Like I did for 17 years.
      Flack: Is that a threat?
      Raymond Harris: I'm the one being intimidated here. Two cops looming over me.

    • Mac: Why don't you tell me what it is you think I did.
      Raymond Harris: You're the detective. Figure it out.

    • Jo: The bag was full of cash when Harris' blood landed on it. But not full when it was turned in for evidence.
      Mac: Someone took money from the bag.

    • William Hunt: You ever hit me again, it'll be the last thing you do.
      Mac: Threats and intimidation won't save your ass this time.
      William Hunt: What the hell are you talking about?
      Mac: The money you stole from Raymond Harris. You helped yourself to some of the cash Raymond Harris was sitting on the day we busted him. How much, Bill? A hundred? Maybe $200,000? Then after you stole it you had me voucher the remaining cash in case you ever needed a fall guy.

    • William Hunt: I knew that no one would ever question that property voucher if your name was on it.
      Mac: You always walked the line, Bill, but I never thought you'd cross it.

    • William Hunt: I don't expect you understand.
      Mac: I understand you got greedy.
      William Hunt: I was 18 months shy of my retirement. I had an ex-wife, a daughter in private school and a mountain of debt.
      Mac: You had a pension coming.
      William Hunt: $35,000 a year. I walked a beat, putting my life at risk every day, and in return, I got a little pat on the back and a gold-plated watch. I deserve more than that.
      Mac: What you deserve is a prison cell.

    • Mac: This runs much deeper than money with Raymond Harris. There's got to be something else. What else does he think we did to him?
      William Hunt: Would you believe I don't know?
      Mac: No.

    • (At the crime scene of Lucius Woods)
      Flack: Apartment belongs to Lucius Woods, aka the Snow King. Used to be the biggest cocaine dealer on the West Side.
      William Hunt: I heard the King was retired.
      Flack: He is now.

    • Jo: This man was intentionally deprived of food and water.
      Hawkes: His body would have started burning fat and muscle, kept him alive until his kidneys failed. And after that, he'd be dead in a couple days.
      Flack: That's a hell of a way to go.
      Jo: This was torture, Mac.

    • Flack: If I was the King and one of my subjects lost that much coke and that much cash, I'd want some kind of serious restitution.

    • Mac: If we can't tie Harris to the crime lab shooting, we got to get him on this murder.
      Flack: Bring him in for questioning?
      Mac: Not until we have enough evidence.
      William Hunt: The hell with evidence. Let me have him for five minutes in the room: I'll get a signed confession.
      Mac: We do this my way.

    • (A rosary is found at the crime scene)
      Hawkes: Any chance the Snow King traded in his criminal reign for the path of righteousness?

    • William Hunt: Where are we going?
      Mac: Precinct.
      William Hunt: Think I'd rather go home.
      Mac: That's not going to happen.
      William Hunt: Why's that?
      Mac: Because Lucius Woods didn't murder Miranda Thomas... you did.

    • William Hunt: A day hasn't gone by when I haven't thought about turning myself in.
      Mac: But you never did.
      William Hunt: Wouldn't have made a difference.
      Mac: It would have to me.

    • Mac: Be smart, Harris. There's still time to settle this the right way.
      Raymond Harris: You're 17 years too late.

  • Notes

    • Despite featured in the opening credits, Robert Joy (Sid Hammerback) does not appear in this episode.

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