Season 4 Episode 17

Like Water for Murder

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 16, 2008 on CBS

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  • The start of the Taxi cab killer

    This episode is the start of a new serial killer when a body turns up on a beach that has been chewed by a shark and before they know it they find another body further into the episode and then they know they are dealing with a serial killer and Mac makes the connection and finds out who the next victim is but its too late but they find out that the killer is a Taxi driver.This was an excellent episode full of twists and turns and now getting in a taxi in NY isn't safe.
  • How can an episode that featured sharks, chocolate, and murderous cabbies be boring?

    There were plenty of twists and turns in this episode, and as usual with CSI:NY you're usually kept guessing, and just when you think that you've got it figured out, they throw another curveball (was I the only one that thought that the last minute client was the killer? I was pretty sure until he got gassed. oops.)
    Of course, they didn't leave out the drama. With the team being inspected, it would make sense that they would be on their best behavior. Of course, I have to wonder why Stella seemed a little irritated when Flack asked if Quinn was good looking. Stella also made sure that Quinn knew that she wasn't intimidated by her by letting her look at the microscope. There was also the obvious connection that Mac seemed to have with Quinn, and of course they couldn't leave out Danny and Lindsey.
    I know that some DL fans out there may wonder if this might be the end for the favored couple and ask how the writers could do something like this. First, Ruben's death causes a rift between them, then after spending the longest time questioning whether or not they're still together, Danny ends up forgetting Lindsey's birthday, and then makes it so much worse by cheating on her before she breaks up with him. Just when it looks like he's making some sort of effort by playing "Movie Quotes" and suggesting that they rent a movie together, she walks out and leaves evidence on the table, gets talked to by Mac about her relationship with Danny and she comes to regret getting involved with someone she works with. The way I see it (and of course I could be wrong) they're doing this to revitalize the couple. Although what they're going through is more like an axle grinding pothole than a bump in the road, I think that what they're going to do is either 1) Have Danny realize how much he has to make it up to Lindsey and work hard to get her back or 2) Have them decide to be professional, but then the long looks will start up again, and the banter, the flirting, and then they'll be back to they way they were before. At least, that's what I hope will happen.
    Good episode, can't wait til the next one.
  • This epi was brilliant. I loved this cabbie killer storyline. Can't wait to see the rest of the story unfold.

    The episode was great. I love Mac's stepson Reed he is annoyin but i can see some good coming from him. The storyline is very gripping. Someone killing peole who are advertised across the city depending on the order of bilboards is great cant say i have ever heard of that 1 before.

    I wish Danny and Lindsay would hurry up and make up. I love them together. I think Danny loves Lindsay but he is scared of commitment.

    I was shocked to discover Mac kissed Quinn. I never thought he would cheat on his Wife. I know it was just a kiss but still its still cheating.
  • Overrated

    It is really painful to watch this episode, because it reminds me of how CSI: crime scene investigation has fallen from my favourite show to something I am just desperate to avoid. Like water for murder is exactly what CSI is like now - really slow movements, disastrously slow pace, clumsy relationships (father and son? flirty ex-coworker? get involved with coworkers? Am I even watching a crime show?), unorganized plot, unmethodical murder (ya, blame it on a psychopath). The whole one hour is just sluggish repetitions of 3 steps:
    - they have a lead,
    - they check it out,
    - it leads to nowhere (the 'message', the chocolate, real estate agent, tomb stone, taxi, the ads),
    plus these repetitions separated by boring relationship issues, which again lead to nowhere. These sadly are all I could summarize about this episode. One hour of my life is lost over such torturous boredom. I would be so debastated if my beloved CSI:NY becomes another CSI. Do NOT let this happen!
  • Overall a very good episode and very gripping. I loved the twist at the end of it.

    This episode starts off with a couple running along a beach and taking of their clothes. They then stumble across a dead shark and a dead body. At first it is thought that the shark killed the woman, but Flack soon points out that she has a broken neck. Stella thinks that she knows the victim as her face looks very familiar to her but she can not place her. Also in this episode Quinn Shelby observes the team at work to determine if the lab should get their annual accreditation.
    During the autopsy it is also discovered that the victim was poisoned. Danny says to Lindsay that they should rent a movie together. Perhaps their relationship can be fixed after all. Another victim is found. Stella then realises how she knows the 1st victim, she is a real estate agent. Stella has met her, because she is looking for a new apartment after her last one was ruined in the fire from the previous episode. Also Claire's son Reid also re-appears in this episode as a reporter. Claire was Mac wife who was killed during the attacks on the twin towers. It is discovered that both victims had chocolate in their stomach and the blend of chocolate is only available in a new fashion show. They go there but everyone denies knowing them. Lindsay discovers that they were poisoned in a boot of a car but the 1st victim woke up and tried to escape and that was why she was strangled. Shelby lets Mac know that where she worked also had a similar case a few months ago.
    Mac also discovers that the scratches on the victims' necks may have been a message form the killer. Only problem is the 1st victim which was attacked by a shark in New York, has that part of her neck missing and also the team open up the shark to try and find the missing pieces. L2729 is carved into the victims.
    Charles from the chocolate show is called in as a suspect. We learn that Shelby & Mac kissed once and she still has a thing for him. Mac discovers that the killer picks his victims through ads on the streets (billboards) which say things like "Come home with me" etc. The signs even go in order of death and so the team believe that they have found the next victim. Before the team can get there, he is there.
    Mac & Stella pass the killer as they enter the building; he goes outside to try to get a cab. But she is still alive. When they enter the apartment where he next intended victim is, they find that she is still alive. They also discover that the stuff under the nails of the victims is from the passenger bill of rights. The killer gets into a cab, and when he tries to leave he finds himself locked in. Then the Passenger bill of rights is shown and what look like scratch makes can be seen on it. But was he the right killer. It then becomes obvious that the killer drives a cab; the person we thought was the killer is the next victim. And so we watch him die. They then find the body. Mac says any New Yorker could be his next victim. Will they ever solve the mystery of who the killer is, or will it never be solved for us the viewers. Overall a very good episode and very gripping. I loved the twist at the end of it.
  • The good episode that we've been waiting for...

    I liked this episode a lot. I liked the case and was immediately caught up in it, trying to figure out how a shark and his victim both washed up dead on a beach. The one thing that puzzles me still is...why the last victim was killed. He didn't appear to be anyone with an ad, which seemed to be how the cabbie targeted his victims. They didn't explain why the cabbie had killed him. I was a little miffed at the ending of this episode but I can appreciate it now. I do hope that they continue this case sometime down the line. Reed was very annoying. I think that his expectations of Mac are too high. Still, I think it was great of Mac to give his not-quite-stepson the scoop on the case.

    I feel so bad for Lindsay. She's hurting so much right now. I can just imagine how she'd feel if she found out that Danny had cheated on her. Right now, she's just thinking that he's a jerk. I don't care that Danny tried to be sweet or nice or whatever he was doing. He can't easily make up for cheating the way he did. (I'm still pissed at the writers for doing that).

    That Quinn woman was annoying to me. I'm glad she saw what a great group they all were but I wanted her to just shut up and quietly observe like she was supposed to do. I really liked this episode. I feel like it's been forever since I've had an episode of CSI NY that I felt really good about watching. Great entertainment.
  • Sharks eating people is always SUPER!

    Awesome as usual. I love sharks, my favorite animal! And that guy running on the beach at beginning, Sigmund Watkins...HOT! Nothing like some eye candy on my favorite show! Also loved the chocolate fashion show. I love how the plots takes two elements we would never think would be related and totally intertwine them keeping you wondering how the two will fit together to solve the murder.
    Also well written and superbly directed. Anthony Hemingway, does an excellent job on all of his work. I've been a huge fan since "The Wire". Did I mention I like the guy running shirtless on the beach?
  • Cab rides can be murder.

    Mac and Stella come up against a cab driver who kills his victims and leaves them on the beach. Mac believes that his victims are selected from billboard advertisements but the actual truth was quite elementary. While the team is investigating three murders, Mac must deal with the sudden evaluation of his lab by a a fellow supervisor named Quinn. While Quinn does manage to offer some valuable input on the case, it was clear that she was trying to settle an old score with Mac. We learned that Mac shared a kiss with Quinn but quickly regretted it. Quinn seemed to still be bitter that Mac chose his late wife over her but in the end, she seemed to put their past behind her.

    It was great to see Reid again but I thought that he was using his relationship with Mac as a way to futher his journalism career. He has definately grown up since we last saw him and I hope that we continue to see more of him.

    I liked the scenes Mac and Lindsay had together. Mac came across as more of a friend when she admitted that dating a co-worker wasn't the smartest thing to do. Quinn's presence obviouly reminded Mac just how easy it is for co-workers to cross the line and I liked the fact that he didn't give her a long lecture about it. The writer's also get a huge kudo for the humorous references to the film jaws the the beginning. Some of the scenes seemed to parody the film which lightened the tone of the episode. Mac's comment about Chief Brody was a classic but as usual, Sid stole the show with his one liner's and concern for the shark who may have died from poisoning.
  • CSI:NY has definitely not jumped the shark, only cut one open...

    I enjoyed this episode, but then again, I always took a liking to cliffhanger episodes dealing with one big case. I am intrigued by this storyline and I really hope there will be another big episode for this.

    D/L - oh well. I am quite glad the way they dealt with it. It didn't take up a big part of the episode and I'm thankful it didn't. Lindsay's look saying that it was hard was so heartbroken though. And her telling Mac that it was a fault to get involved with someone she works with, I really felt sorry for her. But it seems as if all this has no effect whatsoever on Danny. He looked a little guilty when she walked out of the lab, but he immediately went back to work, no trying to apologise. Sorry, but this guy is slowly losing my respect.

    Flack - Witty, snarky, funny: all you need. He says the right things at the right time, he is his usual self. Good to see that some things never change.

    Quinn - I like that woman. I always liked the depiction of strong women working in a male dominated field. Just like Stella and Lindsay. And this woman just has my sympathy. I know she probably never will be coming back, but I actually wished she would.

    Mac - Oh well, he kissed Quinn while being married. At least he regret doing it...

    Reed - I always liked Reed. He seems a little hotheaded though now that he has grown up a bit. Of course I can partly understand him, his blog is his future and he wants it to be a success. I really hope we get to see more of him.

    Little more screentime for Hawkes - Yay to that...

    All in all, I really liked this episode and I can't wait for the next part.
  • GREAT!!!

    That Quinn woman is cool, for the moment...I like her interaction with Mac and Stella...She could be a good friend for her and maybe more for him...but as I said I've just seen the first 20 minutes....I loved the D/L moment! As Gwen described is really bittersweet, they share a REALLY cute moment and then Danny says 'We should rent it' and she brokes...I liked that moment because Danny is trying to fix things, he seems more relaxed and, just maube a wishfull thought, but he seems to want her back...at least as a friend and I hope that maybe more...
    But then Lindsay says that it was stupid to get involved with someone she work with, and that makes me think that this could be another bump in the DL relationship road...

    The chocolate was not that involved and Flack's joke was great!!

    OMG!! I took lots of taxis while I was in NY!! I like the idea of another serial killer..Great case, although I don't understand that if the killer always kills the people on the adverts he sees in the street, why the last victim is just that guy that wanted to watch the apartment? And I'm the only one that at first thought that the latest victim was the killer?

    I really liked this chapter...Lot's of forensics, action and very little drama....GREAT!!
  • Great episode yet again.

    11,000 suspects. have no idea how they are going to get this guy. there was no to be continued sign at the end this is going to be like Down the Rabbit Hole and DOA for a Day. Unless someone else saw to be continued let me know. What I don't get is why Mac put the siren on while he was going to back to the billboard sign about the lawyer. He could have just told Stella that there was a sign back there. And on his way up the street he put had it on even though he was just looking for another sign. I guess he was in a rush but still. Danny and Lindsay have to stay together. I think they will figure it out and then Lindsay will find out that he cheated on her and everything will be messed up.
  • Excellent Script.

    I really liked the script for this episode. The revelation that the case is indeed a serial, crossing state lines into NJ was an interesting development. One of the things that I liked about this case was that the pieces didn't immediately fit. It was great watching the team work together to put the different aspects together to figure it out. They determined how the victims were linked but also how they were picked. They've figured out it's a taxi driver but as Flack said that gives them roughly 11,000 suspects. This is going to be a great case to see unfold.
  • Not a good response to Right Next Door

    I didn't get this episode, it felt like the writers felt the backlash for having Danny cheat on Lindsay in right next door. This episode just didn't keep my attention. Though it does make you look a cab ride differently. My heart went out for Lindsay again, the two are obviously still together but falling apart, and they are joking about a video, and Lindsay just loses her smile and realizes that it's hard to do this. Then she later tells Mac that she should have never gotten involved with someone she works with, it sounds like she's trying to tell herself that she regrets what she had with Danny. To me it was like this episode was centered around that Quinn woman. This episode defintely will make most people think twice about a cab ride and chocolate! LOL It was an alright episode but after last weeks shocker this just wasn't all it was cracked up to be.
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