Season 4 Episode 17

Like Water for Murder

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 16, 2008 on CBS

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  • How can an episode that featured sharks, chocolate, and murderous cabbies be boring?

    There were plenty of twists and turns in this episode, and as usual with CSI:NY you're usually kept guessing, and just when you think that you've got it figured out, they throw another curveball (was I the only one that thought that the last minute client was the killer? I was pretty sure until he got gassed. oops.)
    Of course, they didn't leave out the drama. With the team being inspected, it would make sense that they would be on their best behavior. Of course, I have to wonder why Stella seemed a little irritated when Flack asked if Quinn was good looking. Stella also made sure that Quinn knew that she wasn't intimidated by her by letting her look at the microscope. There was also the obvious connection that Mac seemed to have with Quinn, and of course they couldn't leave out Danny and Lindsey.
    I know that some DL fans out there may wonder if this might be the end for the favored couple and ask how the writers could do something like this. First, Ruben's death causes a rift between them, then after spending the longest time questioning whether or not they're still together, Danny ends up forgetting Lindsey's birthday, and then makes it so much worse by cheating on her before she breaks up with him. Just when it looks like he's making some sort of effort by playing "Movie Quotes" and suggesting that they rent a movie together, she walks out and leaves evidence on the table, gets talked to by Mac about her relationship with Danny and she comes to regret getting involved with someone she works with. The way I see it (and of course I could be wrong) they're doing this to revitalize the couple. Although what they're going through is more like an axle grinding pothole than a bump in the road, I think that what they're going to do is either 1) Have Danny realize how much he has to make it up to Lindsey and work hard to get her back or 2) Have them decide to be professional, but then the long looks will start up again, and the banter, the flirting, and then they'll be back to they way they were before. At least, that's what I hope will happen.
    Good episode, can't wait til the next one.