Season 2 Episode 18

Live or Let Die

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on CBS
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The life of a transplant patient hangs in the balance as the team tries to find the hijacked plane carrying the liver.

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  • What happened to the other guy?

    I know we're a little behind but thanks to Netflix, my wife and I are able to watch seasons 2, 3 and 4 (which seem very new to us!!). We just watched the Live or Let Die episode and something is not settling well with me. Did the writers forget about the other guy? Let me explain-

    At the beginning of the episode, a helicopter arrives. There were TWO passengers on pilot and the kid that was taking the place of the real/other intern that wanted to go to the Knicks game. There are TWO culprits that approach the helicopter. FOUR people, right? continue in a nutshell.

    The kid gets shot, placed on the helicopter and eventually thrown from the pilot is knocked out, bound and guy (Culprit A) is apprehended with the actual liver in the trunk. That's THREE! Where is Culprit B?!

    We watched the episode TWICE to see if we missed something. Does anyone know what happened to the other guy? . I noticed these posts are from 2006-2010. I hope someone will read my post and offer their thoughts on my dilemma. I'm the kinda guy that won't rest until I reach a plausible explanation. Thanks in advance!! ~ George IIImoreless
  • THis was a really good episode. It had a lot of great scenes and two great cases. The cases had a lot of turns, and they also had a lot of interesting bits involved with them. Spoilers- beware.moreless


    I have to say, the hospital hijackers were hilarious. I mean really, who packs in their crotch. And then we see them basically hijacking the plane and stealing a donor organ. I love how they completely snuck in to the hospital. I used to feel safe in the hospital. Now I'm not so sure. THE CASES:

    It was so sad to see the intern tossed out. He was just there to deliver the organ and he gets killed because a doctor couldn't wait for his wife to get the organ. I mean seriously. When do people stop being stupid? The answer: never. Did the good doctor really think that he would get away with it? It's obvious he wouldn't. It's sad to think that what caused him to die was the turning away, it led to internal bleeding cause of death. What if he hadn’t turned away? Would he have survived? It was crazy to think that there was the original kid, who was supposed to be there, Ryan Elliot, and the other kid wasn't. I love it when these shows do that to us. It's so great.

    Then there was the case with the phone calls from the chick and no one remembers her. That was an insane case. What makes it crazier was that it was none of them. It ended up being the Pratt, the rapist from Aiden's case. OOOoooooooo. SH**'s gonna go down. I liked how the second case moved backward a little bit, since we start off with the suspect they have and then they show us processing the crime scene. I like the originality of that. I loved the bit where we see her purse filled with business cards. I mean from right there, we see this case is going to be a bit different. It was crazy to think that she called all those guys but none called back. She called guys sexually, and for no reason. That sort of thing made me wonder what is going on. It's the kindof thing we would hope to see her not dead so we could find out "WHY?" I loved how most of the guys wished she kept calling. "My cat's in your garden." I felt so bad for the one guy Dwayne. He sounded so cute when he recalled the phone calls. The poor guy. Then we find out none of them recalled the hostess. Craazy. What I want to know is "why didn’t she want anyone to see her? Why did she make him close his eyes?" When we found out how she got the cards I so knew she stole the cards from the fishbowl contest.

    I loved how when they discover who did it, and Stella goes to Mac, Mac gets very upset. He clearly still kindly considers Aiden and thinks of her as he used to. He doesn't hold any anger towards her. I love that he made true to hold to his promise about getting Pratt.


    Then there was the bit with the fisherman. He was absolutely brilliant. I loved him teaching Mac how to fish the bullet out of the grate. And I loved Danny asking him how much he made. Then when the guy responded, Danny said get outta here. It's true though, you wouldn't expect them to make that much fishing coins out of grates.

    There was also the scene with the girl in jail and Flack. That scene was too funny for words. It was amusing to see Flack tell her "would these eyes lie?" after she flirted with him and he ignored her. No Flack, they wouldn't. He's too funny.

    Third favorite scene had to be with the phone sex conversation with Danny. I love that scene- it definitely has to be one of my most favorite scenes ever.


    THis was a really good episode. It had a lot of great scenes and two great cases. The cases had a lot of turns, and they also had a lot of interesting bits involved with them. I love it when there is something interesting in the cases.moreless
  • Excellent Script...

    I really loved both of these cases. First we have Lillian Stanwyck who seems to be obsessed with phone sex with absolute strangers. Those strangers get realed in & hooked on her calls but she ends up raped and dead. I loved how Linds & Stella have to worked through all of the possible suspects only to determine her death was at someone they already know, DJ Pratt. Now the case of the stolen organ, can be right out of today headlines, which is one of the reasons I enjoyed watching the story play out. It sends the message about organ donation. But it also sends the message that no one should be allowed to play God in determining who gets the organs or who doesn't. I really liked how the team pieced together the suspects and determined the doctor's involvement. The final scene with Mac & the doctor blew me away.moreless
  • In this episode a donar heart goes missing from a helicopter and it's the csi team that needs to track down the heart in time for it to be used in a heart transplant and to also find the killer.moreless

    This episode is exactly why i watch this fantastic tv program!!! The music is fantastic in this episode and helps to build up the tension while the producers put a montage of sequened actions in the background. This is especialy true in the part where Danny is examining the piece of duck tape that was used to tie up the pilot and mac is writing down all the links and findings in the case on the clear screen boards, this enables us to see the process they go through to analyse the evidence while entertaining us at the same time. They used exactly the right song, Bloc party and \"banquet\" because its fast, relevant and will help keep the audiences attention.Another classic episode of CSI:New York that once again keeps me pinned to the tv!!!!moreless
  • Oh dear, someone's missing a liver.

    So, two guys hijacked a helicopter and pushes a guy off the helicopter. They stole a liver and now it's up to the CSI team to find it back.

    In a seperate case, a girl was found dead. Belive to be raped before she died. It seems that this girl calls random men by collecting their business cards. And she's suprisingly good in seducing them over the phone. Something bout "your cat is in my garden". Weird

    In the end, the girl was murdered by a guy. A guy who is well-known among all the CSI's. The guy who caused one of the CSI's to lose their job. It's DJ Pratt. And he's back.moreless
Anna Belknap

Anna Belknap

Lindsay Monroe

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill

Detective Donald "Don" Flack, Jr.

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Melina Kanakaredes

Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Stella Bonasera

Ian Reed Kesler

Ian Reed Kesler

Ryan Elliott

Guest Star

Dana de Celis

Dana de Celis

Lillian Stanwick

Guest Star

Lina Esco

Lina Esco

Angie Watson

Guest Star

Robert Joy

Robert Joy

Dr. Sid Hammerback

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Mac: (To Dr. Beaumont) Now you had something Mr. Beaumont. Something that some of us who recently lost a loved one never had. Time. Time to make the most of what was left. That's what's precious.

      As learnt in episode 1x01 Blink, Mac lost his wife in the World Trade Center attacks on September 11th, 2001.

    • Goof: When Charles Cooper is being told he handed his business card to Lillian Stanwick, Lindsay explains he had held it with his thumb and forefinger, like one normally would. However, in the flashback showing Cooper dropping the business card in the fishbowl, he uses his middle and forefinger, not his thumb. Of course, it could just be Lindsay was imagining it that way, momentarily forgetting what they had previously found.

    • Mac and Danny apparently need a homeless man to help them rig a ridiculous contraption to extract the bullet from the sewer; what happened to the telescopic magnet from 1x12, Recycling, that Stella had in her case?

    • Goof: When Lindsay shows Charles Cooper Lilian Stanwick's drivers license, it says she was born in 1985. Later Lindsay tells Stella that Lilian is 22 which is a mistake since the episode aired in 2006 which would make her 21.

    • Vanessa Ferlito (Aiden Burn) is seen in a flashback.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Charles Cooper: I asked her to meet me somewhere. Anywhere.
      Stella: The 9th Street spillway tunnel? How romantic.

    • Stella: Leaves are like fingerprints. No two are alike.

    • Mac: Now you had something Mr. Beaumont. Something that some of us who recently lost a loved one never had. Time. Time to make the most of what was left. That's what's precious.

    • Angie Watson: You have very beautiful eyes y'know that?
      Flack: Thank you, now why don't you tell me about the night you got collared.
      Angie Watson: You got a girlfriend?
      Flack: Who did you give your gun to, Angie?
      Angie Watson: I've been here before. Some cop or DA gets me to tell'em what they need to know, makes a lot of promises, and how they're gonna get me out, a week later I'm still hearin' the same kind of trouble I was in before I said anything.
      Flack: We'll work something out. Would these eyes lie?

    • Mac: Dr. Beaumont, you have the right to remain silent. Use it!

    • Tony the Fisherman: (directing Mac in the use of his gadget) Just, uh... um, take your time... relax, that's it, that's it. Visualize, become one with the gum.

    • Danny: Mr. Fisherman, we're in a hurry - do me a favour, let us borrow your gadget.
      Tony the Fisherman: (glaring) No - get your own.
      (Mac pulls out his badge and shows it to Tony)
      Mac: Please.
      Tony the Fisherman: (to Danny) You see that? A little politeness goes a long way.

    • Flack: Did you, uh, happen to find anything else?
      Mac: You want to give me a hint exactly what you're looking for, Flack?
      Flack: (sounding hopeful) An igloo cooler with a human liver inside?

  • NOTES (5)


    • The title Live or Let Die is a slightly varied version of the song by Guns & Roses titled Live And Let Die. The song was originally written by Paul McCartney for use in the James Bond film of the same name.

    • Title: The episode title is, of course, a takeoff on the title of the 1973 James Bond movie, Live and Let Die, starring Roger Moore. The events in the episode have nothing to do with the movie plot.

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