Season 2 Episode 18

Live or Let Die

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

A doctor disguised as a patient is getting ready to steal a liver of his colleagues got into the elevator where he is about to meet the airplane carrying the liver and shoot somebody. A few minutes later there is a call about a hijacked helicopter and with a liver on it.

Detective Flack and Danny arrive on scene to find someone to dead and the intern missing Police arrive find a person in medical clothing dangling from a cherry picker. Air traffic control reports a hijacked helicopter around four in the morning. Mac and Sheldon examine the victim and discover that he has been dead for a couple of hours. Lividly from the hands and head is purple. The victim's name is Ryan Elliott. Flack calls Mac asking if he found anything else Mac has no clue to what he's talking about then asked for more information. But the detective wants to know if he found anything such as a human liver.

The body is taken from the helicopter to autopsy where the medical examiner will try and determine the cause of death. Victim number one was shot once and through and through. As the body lies on the table to demonstrate that the shot went through and through has something going through his body all the way to the other side. The shot was clean. Fingerprints are then taken of the deceased to hopefully identify the victim.

In the interrogation room Stella and Lindsay go to interview Mr. Cooper about a woman named Lillian Stanwick they want to know his last whereabouts when she was last seen Mr. Cooper claims he tried to tell something to the officers but apparently they wouldn't listen.

The detectives don't give up on their questioning of Mr. Cooper still claims not to know Lillian. After he showed a picture of the lady but does apologize for the fact that she is dead. Stella decides to take the conversation out of the hall and into the interrogation room to have a more quiet conversation. When everybody is seateed Lindsay takes out a picture of his business card with his finger print and that they were able to match his finger (to that of the victims to indicate he had last spoken to her.

The Lindsay explains to Charles Cooper how he held the business card he held it between his finger while the victim held the business card between her finger and her thumb. Charles is still denies knowing this lady. Stella mentions the phone records which indicate on Friday Charles spoke to Lillian before 22 minutes. Lindsay slams a picture down on the table of Lillian saying this is how I saw her I can't forget her.

We flashback to Stella and Lindsay gathering evidence from the crime scene of Lillian. Stella shows a picture of the victim's neck. Charles remains silent. He suddenly decides to get up not taking any more of their questions leaving in a hurry. Stella asks him if he didn't like the pictures any more.

Stella isn't sure what to do now. We head to the hospital where Mac is busy interviewing a doctor at to see if he knows anything about the hijacked liver. He explained that Mr. Ross was brought in the day they were supposed to get the liver they were then told them that the plane was hijacked and the liver couldn't be obtained. The doctor looks at a photo and is asked whether he knows the deceased. Ryan Elliott was an organ courier and he was supposed to bring the letter to the hospital so the patient could have it.

When asked why the liver wasn't picked up the doctor at the hospital was concerned about Mr. Rice's ability to be able to handle the surgery. The doctor also stated that sometimes livers are brought directly through and immediately transplanted into the patient. Mac wonders who else would need to know the information of the plane carrying a donor organ.

The doctor also tells Detective Taylor that a lot of people wait a long time for organ transplants. The liver is only viable for twelve hours. Detective Flack and Mac stand outside and discuss when the pilot flew with the liver and when air traffic control knew that the plane was being hijacked. Detective Flack mentions that the plane was hijacked fifteen minutes after the plane flew Detective Flack also said that the pilot had to switch to a different frequency. The pilot of the plane was apparently rattled and couldn't help much with the description of the hijackers. Danny is able to find blood on the helipad and is consistent with the way the victim was on the helipad when they found the victim earlier. Mac tries to figure out how the victim was shot by acting out the movements. For a moment he pretends he's the victim. We see a flashback of the dark night and Ryan Elliott being shot and turning for some reason possibly to try and get a look at who shot him. Mack, detective Flack, and Danny all look where he was shot. Then they discover they can't find the bullet. Mac Danny and detective Flack look down from the helipad and discover that blood on the rail of the gate and discover that the bullet fell into a ditch.

To get the bullet out of the ditch they find someone that may help them retrieve the bullet. They find midtown fishermen who apparently make a good living at retrieving things. While they retrieve the bullet they try to get along with the fishermen who delights in telling them what he retrieved two days ago. Danny is getting rather impatient and would like to use the device rather quick. They politely ask the fishermen the if they can use the devise he tells them no and to get their own Mac pulls out his shield with his badge number and tells him that their police. Tony lets them use the devise in order to be able to retrieve the bullet they have to become one with the gum. Danny asks how much he makes and tells him he makes about $40.00 per call on a good day.

Mac is busy examining evidence through the computer to see what results of the computer will come up with. Sheldon Hawkes has a concern that if they really found a man named Shawn Howvack going from the hela pad. Mac tells him that the manifest says that Ryan Elliott checked out the liver was withheld for another person and was headed for another hospital.

Sheldon tells Mac interesting information everybody that in New York is entered into a database and the person they found is not Ryan Elliott. The body they found is actually a pediatrics intern at that named Shawn Howvack. Mac wonders where Ryan Elliott is.

Detective Flack and Sheldon are busy interviewing Shwan and he tells them he gets nine days off and he doesn't want to check in during that nine days. He believes he's not involved in the murder. He's asked about the going rate for human organ in. Detective Flack tells the suspect that an organ is sold on the Internet you can get a lot of money for that.

Ryan's roommate had two Nicks tickets of he told Shawn to deliver the organ Shawn was afraid of getting caught. Ryan realizes that if he hadn't gone to the game that would've been dead and Shawn would've been alive.

Stella is looking over the body of Lillian and checking for evidence. Sid tells her that in artery in her brain was severely ruptured causing her to dying due to a blow the head. He also tells her that is different from the usual bleeding to the head. Lillian had sex which indicates that she was raped. The Lindsay can't figure out why she was in that alley and who committed the rape.

Stella is at Lillian's apartment where someone is yelling about not having something painted as tenants are arriving next week. Stella is busy looking over bank statements and address book. Stella takes the bank statements.

Sheldon tells Mac that he believes Ryan Elliott story about his not being involved in the murder of his friend. Sheldon and Mac go over what they know so far that evening and if that they think about it. Sheldon figures that the looking as though the pilot was dead this and someone on the inside could get the liver transported to the helicopter.

Detective Flack tells Sheldon and Mac that the gun was not recovered than they did have a suspect in custody at the Angie Watson. They decide to have a talk with her to see if she remembered a where she lost the gun.

Angie tells Detective Flack said that she dropped the gun in a trash can on 64th street near some brownstones. She tells the detective that it might be best to check with sanitation to see if they could locate that can to see if they can locate the gun.

Lillian it worked at a restaurant and we see where she had the opportunity to collect a lot of business cards. Stella has put out a series of business on the table to narrow the list of suspects as to who may have raped her. Stella and Lindsay narrow down the list to eight men. They want to know why she would talk to someone she didn't know for twenty years 30 minute that theory and that the field of business cards is then narrowed down to three that the ranging from an architect to an attorney now they have to put one of these three at the alley.

Lindsay and Stella begin interviewing the three men. The first man doesn't remember ever talking on the telephone. The calls became more of a sexual nature. Lillian would even say on the phone to the men what you want my name to be.

Stella is interviewing Charles Cooper and wants to know how long the calls between her and Charles Cooper lasted they lasted between twenty and 40 minutes. She then asks to check his coat and she sees a leaf on it and seemed realizes she saw that when she first met Charles Cooper because he was trying to push the leaf off his coat Stella mentioned that leaves are like fingerprints.

Charles Cooper finely admits he was in the tunnel with Lillian but that was only because she picked the tree told him that if he opened his eyes she would leave. Stella wandered how Charles smacked her against the tunnel to cause a blow to the head. He says when he left the tunnel Lillian was still alive. Stella tells Charles to lawyer up. (Get an attorney).

Lindsay goes to the restaurant where Lillian worked to get a peek inside it. When Danny and Lindsay talk about Lillian case Lindsay asks if it is Danny has ever gotten a phone call that turned him on it has happened to him but doesn't go into any more detail. Is it Denny is somewhat shocked by the question from one thing.

Denny tells Lindsay that Lillian was in control of the situation and that the phone sex does not fit the profile of the rapist she finds it difficult to believe that that the three men they believe raped Lillian and possibly didn't do it.

Denny gets a hit off the computer and it turns out that the card is a Mercedes-Benz registered to a woman they discover that the doubts on the headline are part of something called data top technology which means that because cars were stolen soften the deflate and have a certain numbers that on them so cars wouldn't be stolen so often.

Mac tells everybody in the room he's going to catch this suspect at his brownstone apartment in New York When the doctor sees Detective Flack and Mac trying to catch him but Detective Flack is too quick for him. Mack places him under arrest.

Lindsay tells Stella that Adam was able to finish identify all of the profiles but much to they're discouragement they can't charge Charles Cooper with the rape of Lillian Stanwyck because he's sample was more degraded than all the others. His profile indicates he was the first one to have sex with Lillian.

Stella sets the folder down and finds who raped Lillian is someone they've been trying to connect for quite some time. D. J. Partt didn't show up for work all day. He had watched Lillian and Charles at her apartment raped her and put her in the alley.

We flashback to Aiden Burn telling Stella that Regina Moore was raped by the same guy but at the time they couldn't charge DJ with the rape Regina. At the apartment Stella blames herself because she didn't put it all together. Lindsay tells Stella that it wasn't her fault that she didn't know that DJ Pratt was back.

Mac interviews doctor Beaumont who was angry that his wife who wasn't at the top of the transplant list he was angry that he had to wait. He tells Mac that he is a transplant surgeon and felt it was right for his wife to get the donor liver rather than enough rise who had been waiting for the liver for at least a year to have. Mac gets angry because the doctor decides to play god and determines who gets the tufts plants and who doesn't.

Mac tells the doctor that that he destroyed something so precious. The doctor however feels that the end rights that destroyed thing that if it affects this is old body because he was an alcoholic. Mac feels that the doctor destroyed something he had a lot of time however Mac in 2001 did not have a lot of time his wife died that as the towers were destroyed on 9/11 she died in the towers.

In the last scene of this episode Stella of tells Mac that the DNA matched the suspect Mac wonders if we finally caught D.J. Pratt fact that stuff, unfortunately Stella tells Mac that they didn't catch the suspect this time. He) says that that is not good enough and that from its one of his former detectives at that he wanted to catch the suspect. Mac wanted to catch the suspect not for her but for Regina Moore. The Mac kept a file on his desk as are reminder to try and catch the suspect. But at the end of the episode that at the Mac tells Stella that he wants to charge DJ (with murder.