Season 2 Episode 18

Live or Let Die

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on CBS

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  • In this episode a donar heart goes missing from a helicopter and it's the csi team that needs to track down the heart in time for it to be used in a heart transplant and to also find the killer.

    This episode is exactly why i watch this fantastic tv program!!! The music is fantastic in this episode and helps to build up the tension while the producers put a montage of sequened actions in the background. This is especialy true in the part where Danny is examining the piece of duck tape that was used to tie up the pilot and mac is writing down all the links and findings in the case on the clear screen boards, this enables us to see the process they go through to analyse the evidence while entertaining us at the same time. They used exactly the right song, Bloc party and \"banquet\" because its fast, relevant and will help keep the audiences attention.Another classic episode of CSI:New York that once again keeps me pinned to the tv!!!!
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