Season 2 Episode 7

Manhattan Manhunt

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2005 on CBS
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Horatio Caine follows Henry Darius to New York so that he can keep his promise to a young boy in Miami, but by the time he and Mac are able to locate Darius he has disappeared again, leaving behind six more bodies. A link to the younger sister of one of the victims who was also Darius' hostage turns out to be a dead end, but Mac and Horatio soon find the connection between Darius and his hostage, leading them to a psychiatrist who had treated both.moreless

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  • Great crossover episode

    A really entertaining episode picking up after the episode Felony Flight of CSI Miami.Horatio and Mac go from Miami to New York to stop a psychopathic killer Henry Darius who has them running all over New York to try and stop him.Probably Manhattan Manhunt being the better out of the two episodes just makes you want more crossover episodes.
  • Excellent script despite the addition of Horatio Caine.

    Okay the only negative thing I really have to say about this crossover episode is Horatio Caine. He just annoys me. Now for the rest of the episode, it was actually very realistic in linking not one, but two murders in Miami to someone in NYC. It was very plausible for me. I like how Lindsay, being from Montana, was unaware of the term Pharm Party, it showed she's still learning. Mac putting her in trace and her comment to Danny shows there's more in her past than she's sharing. I loved watching Mac on the hunt for a predator before someone else was killed.moreless
  • Great episode. A continuation of the Miami episode. brilliant.

    The beginning: Well I didn't watch the CSI:Miami episode nor do I plan on it. Alone, it was a great episode. Okay so you probably need to know what was going on in the episode before if you are anal like me, but that's what episode recaps are for! I thought the beginning with Darius killing the kids was horrific. Then when we see what he's done with the blood? How messed up is this guy. What's creepy is he's a GENIUS.

    The cases:

    This entire episode was about the one case really, though well technically it was two. So I will treat it as two. There was the one with Darius and the one with Horatio's killer. First is Darius. What was with pulling Linds off the case?? We get a hint she has a mysterious past, which those who watch now, know she was a survivor of a very serious murder. Nevertheless, now we can figure out that it was very sweet of Mac to take her off the case. He obviously knew or something to the extent and took her off so she wouldn't have to deal with something that badly. At the time we sided with Lindsay, she can handle it. Now, however, we feel the need to side with Mac, while Lindsay was harsh it is understandable. She was in denial with how affected she was with what happened to her. Mac on the subway with Darius was amazing. Darius is just creepy smart and the way he knew Mac would go there, and so he stabbed that guy before Mac got there so Mac would have to save him. And then when they confront the one daughter about stealing, it was very sweet dad lies for the daughter. Of course the daughter was an idiot and basically killed her sister. But yeah.

    The second case was with Horatio and the killer of the woman from Miami. That led to Darius' escape. I'm not a big fan of Miami, but I love Horatio and how he acted with big al and his gun. I mean how much better can you get than that? He basically just mothered him into giving the gun. Just like a mother who has caught a child with a cookie in their mouth. Spit it out. spit it out now. Hahah brilliant. Another great Horatio scene was telling Vincent about the death penalty. Vincent's face just fell. Brilliant.

    Favorite Scenes:

    It had to be a tie with Mac freakin out at Darius at the very end, when he told him he hopes he rots in hell. Oooooo I love angry Mac. Angry Mac is beautiful. Then it had to be with Lindsay and Danny when Danny tells her he was just looking out for her. That whole "I don't know Montana, have you?" I love it!


    Loved this episode. it was a very touching episode, with mysteries, and oddities, and disturbing scenes.moreless
  • Horatio Caine flies in from Miami to help Mac and Stella catch a serial killer and the murdererer of an 8 year old boy's mother.

    So much promise, but failed to deliver...little interaction between Horatio and Mac, which begged the question why bother with the episode? The serial killer's motive was a silly way to conclude the storyline in double quick time..liked the fact that Horatio could keep his promise to the kid, but felt so much more could have been made of Stella's attraction to Horatio...plus, it was out of character for him to not even seek her out to say goodbye. And then there was the subpoena Horatio got served with in the street. He hints to Stella it's to do with something in his past but no more is said about it ...did I miss something? If anyone could tell me what on earth that was all about, I'd be very grateful - it drove me nuts trying to work it out!moreless
  • Conclusion of The Miami/NY Crossover which still kicks butt no matter what.

    This Episode was great because it was in New York, Both Mac Taylor & Horatio Caine were in it along with The Rest of Mac's Team to catch Darius and put him behind bars for good! what I Loved about this episode was at the end were Mac Confronts Darius and Says "You're where you belong. You rot in (Censored) you (censored)." I just cheered and Shouted at my TV! I Still want to see more NY/Miami Crossovers as for a Vegas/NY Crossover? Don't hold your Breath Folks.moreless
Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill

Detective Donald "Don" Flack, Jr.

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Melina Kanakaredes

Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Stella Bonasera

Anna Belknap

Anna Belknap

Lindsay Monroe

James Badge Dale

James Badge Dale

Henry Darius

Guest Star

Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings


Guest Star

Rick Hoffman

Rick Hoffman


Guest Star

Robert Joy

Robert Joy

Dr. Sid Hammerback

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  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: Lindsay calls Mac Sir even though he advised her on the contrary in 2x03 Zoo York:

      Mac: (To Lindsay) Don't call me sir.

    • This second time working with the New York team gives Horatio the distinction of working out of both New York Crimelabs. He worked out of the original in the premiere MIA/NYC-NonStop & the new lab this time. This is also the only time he worked with Lindsay Monroe. In the former episode, he worked with Aiden Burn.

    • Goof: When Mac finds the Metrocard, it is an old one, from the time that they first came out about 9 years ago. Current metrocards are a yellowish-gold color and there is only the MTA symbol on it, not the letters MTA.

    • Goof: Watch closely the scene near the end where Darius is banging on the Endecott's door and talking to Sarah. The upper part of the door is made of patterned red glass. Although you can't see Darius clearly, his mouth is framed perfectly in one of the prisms. He says "I want you to know who I am," but his mouth keeps moving after that sentence, even though there's no more dialogue until the next shot which is a close up of him.

    • Goof: In the last scene, Mac tells Darius that he doesn't pity him for having killed 12 people in the last 72 hours. Let's see, (in order) there was the pilot, co-pilot, at least 1 U.S. Marshall, the 4 kids in the Mustang, the two girls at the sorority house, the driver of the other car, Alexa, her 6 friends, and the security guard at the Endicott mansion. Unless my math is wrong, that's 18.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Darius: This may sound crazy, Detective Taylor but you fought for me.
      You chased me all over Manhattan.
      Mac: That's my job.
      Darius: But you came looking for me. That's more than my father ever did.

    • Darius: Do you know what's wrong with me?
      Mac: I'm not a shrink.

    • Mac: Nice job.
      Horatio: Our pleasure.
      Mac: Want a hop in the squad? I'll take you red lights, to LaGuardia.
      Horatio: That's all been arranged. But do me a favour and give my best regards to Stella, will you? I'll see you Mac.

    • Mac: I thought you had to duck out on personal business?
      Horatio: I got an extension.
      Mac: Good news for both of us.

    • Flack: Put your hands behind your back please. You're taking a ride.

    • Mac: NYPD. Detective Taylor this is Detective Flack. We're here to see Doctor Feldstine right now.
      Secretary: He's with a client. You can't go in. (Points up to a light) The yellow light means he's mid-session.
      Mac: Session's over. We're here about a murder.

    • Stella: I get named on these things all the time our union attorney's great of you want me to give you his number.
      Horatio: This is a matter outside the job.
      Stella: Sorry.
      Horatio: I have a number of memories up here and not all are good. So I apologise. Let's go and get out.

    • Mac: Stella and I are going to run with this one. Danny check the service entry area there's an elevator there, secondary exit. Sheldon bag up these bottles get them over to Lindsay she'll be in trace.
      Lindsay: Sir, I've worked big crime scenes before. I've got two hands I'm ready to work.
      Mac: This is a high profile case Lindsay. I want you in the lab and I need your full attention. Remember anything we find here can take us to Darius. Be careful, be thorough.

    • Stella: It's a pharm party.
      Lindsay: What's a pharm party?
      Stella: Pharmaceuticals. Empty your parents' medicine cabinet and pop until you drop. Rich kids idea of fun.

    • Horatio: The safe is open and empty.
      Stella: It's a biometric lock.
      Mac: Explains why he brought her to New York. He needed her hand. Her blood vessels.

    • Danny: (knocking and entering lab) What do you got, Montana?
      Lindsay: Danny, stop calling me that. It's Lindsay. Lindsay Monroe.
      Danny: All right all right, I'm just joking.
      Lindsay: Well it's not funny. Am I supposed to be the new girl and the butt of your jokes?
      Danny: You upset that Mac dismissed you?
      Lindsay: I can handle it.
      Danny: No it's not about that. He was looking out for you. You saw that place. It was a slaughterhouse in there.
      Lindsay: What, you think I haven't seen blood like that before?
      Danny: I dunno, to tell you the truth. Have you?
      Lindsay: Yes. And a lot worse than that.

    • Mac: Doctor, you're the only point of intersection between killer and victim. Now either you're an accomplice, or you were duped.

    • Stella: Are you this hot on every case?
      Horatio: Well, I made a promise to an eight-year-old boy and I'm not gonna let him down.
      Stella: Say no more.

    • (GPS from a cell phone indicates an address on the map)
      Stella: Tiffany's! Now you're talking my language.
      Mac: You can tell from a map?
      Stella: Are you kidding? I can tell from the moon. I love those little blue boxes.

    • (Big Al just gave a great description of the pony tail man from Lydia's murder)
      Horatio: You have an amazing memory.
      Al: I worked security, dawg. It's my job to remember faces.
      Stella: Well that's great, cause I need every detail.
      Horatio: That's right, dawg.

    • Mac: Last thing Darius said in Miami, he was coming to New York to make things right.
      Stella: (Looking at the body of Alexa) Think he has?
      Mac: Not even close.

    • Horatio: That is a stria match.
      Stella: The bullets are lining up like the Rockettes at Christmas.

    • (To Darius in holding cell)
      Mac: Me, I don't pity you Darius. There's a lot of people with worse stories than yours. They never hurt anyone. You killed twelve people in two states over the last seventy-two hours and you want me to feel sorry for you because your daddy didn't kiss you when you were a baby? You asked for my help. I did help you. You're where you belong. You rot in hell you son of a bitch!

  • NOTES (7)


    • Stella: (to Horatio) Bullets are lining up like The Rockettes at Christmas!

      Stella is referring to the renowned dance company Radio City Rockettes which performs a Christmas show every year at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan.