Season 8 Episode 9

Means To An End

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2011 on CBS

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  • WOW good ep that could of been much better !

    i new jo's old partner was going to show up, i knew the senator was going to be involved, somehow, i was under the impression lyndsey was going to be the one to find the clue yet sheldon outta the blue finds the case breaker, a nice if a little predictable new victim is found and then a rather good set up for the rapist to lay in wait, yet he did he know they'd go there ? he must of been watching his victim alot or even following jo.

    the down side to this ep is a common situation is all these sick twists evil doers get off the hook so easy with a bullet or two, even three (stella's ex) it would be refreshing for them going to jail and having a bigger harder inmate teach em some manners !
  • full of twists...


    This season is full of new stories. Tonight's episode brings to a close a case that haunted Jo all the way from DCPD. I was guessing the whole time who did it. It was a bit obvious from the start that the senator had something to do with the witness but the appearance of Jo's former partner made me doubt it for a second... good he wasn't there to kill anyone... it's sad that out of a father's desperation to put the rapist behind bars, he resorted to fabricating a witness that ended with a murder. And again, the desperation of the rapist to get out of a murder ended up being killed! whew!