Season 9 Episode 5


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2012 on CBS

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  • when did this happen?

    when did Mac Taylor turned out to be a complete douchebag? I never liked Jo from the beginning but for the first time I am on her side.. and treating Christine in that way, after all she has done for him? sorry but this is so not him and if it is going to be him, the one and only thing that is worth watching will be gone in an 9-season-long-and-already-worn-out-show.. writers should correct this despicable change before it is too late and we all fall far away from the great Mac Taylor..
  • 9x05 - Misconceptions

    A very decent episode. I was interested in the mystery even if I did guess who the baddie was like ten minutes into the show, I enjoyed seeing Flack's day off. And Mac desperately trying to hide that there's something wrong with him just made my heart ache. A very well done episode.
  • Another Great Episode with a Perfect Title

    I am loving Season 9. While the cases have been interesting, the personal stories have been better. Spending a goodly amount of time on the Flack family story was nice to see. We have seen Sam in some not so good spots and it's nice to her in a positive role. The brother-sister story was touching. In the end, Sam overcame her misconceptions about her father.

    The murder story was also full of misconceptions. A series of them ended in tragic consequences for a young man who had turned his life around, got married and was soon to be a dad.

    And then there's Mac. He's an old school guy who keeps things - too many things - to himself and it costs him love and support. I had hoped that by allowing Christine to help him every day for six months with his rehab would have softened him. He didn't want her to see him 'that way,' but he got past that. Apparently not past it enough to share a very difficult personal situation with her.

    I think one can argue both sides of Jo's decision to hold a sort of intervention. At the end of the day though Mac, like all of us, has free will and my feeling is that Jo dishonored that. It's also never good to put yourself between a couple and especially not when you are not invited. People need to have the time and space to come to things on their own.
  • good episode

    It was a good episode first time i watched it, i liked the crime aspect of it, and finding the missing boy after so many years was breathtaking, but christine is not a good fit for the show, she makes mac look like a wimp, i and most fans watch the show for the crime solving, not the love interest stuff. And Christine and Jo gossiping about Mac behind his back is poor taste
  • Perfec but sad

    I really love this episode, it's perfect. Maybe one of the top 5 since the beginning of the serie. But at the same time I stayed so upset for how Mac Taylor talked with Jo Danville. She is his friend, not only a co-worker or, well, everybody think it until this episode.

    And for me, that is JAC (Jo and Mac shipper) I stayed really upset. Mac and Christine are not a bad couple but really, his heart is from Jo.
  • You can never go home again (at least when you're suspected of murder)

    Mac gets to solve an old case by solving a new one of the suspected murderer. Flack and his sister make a visit to the past (and a baseball stadium) to honor their father
  • One of my favorites ever!!

    OMG!!! I never realised how underused was Flack's character until this chapter.... He was SOOOOOO amazing!! The first scene with him, cooking in a wife beater and singing... I was already drooling but when it turned out he was cooking for his doggie!! OMG!!! And then the answering his cellphone to his grandma bit was too funny! And of course the complicity with his sister... ANd 'Skinny is not a shape'!!! Go grandma!!!And... and.... In less words the WHOLE Flack storyline was PERFECT!!! I loved it!! And to make things better the case was very good too, and we keek getting continuity on Mac's aphasia... Great! This is going ot be one of my favorite chapters of the show ever and surprisingly for me it didn't have any DL moment!!!
  • Pride and Prejudice

    In no relation to the literature, this episode is my personal favorite thus far this season, as it shows how much personal pride and prejudice shape the human psyche.

    Pride - Mac human side was often not highlighted in the series, and this is one of the few rare occasion where his failings as a human is depicted so vividly. His pride would not allow him to admit he is not well to others and he thus pushes people who really cares about him away. I am not sure what would the eventually falling out his condition will bring about, but I sure hope it will not it will not damage the relationship he has with Christine.

    Prejudice - The preconception we have of other people shapes how we interact with them; in this episode, it kills a man, and leave a boy murder unsolved for 20 years. Prejudice skewed the investigation 20 years ago, and it also led the victim's parent to reject their son's statement on the case.

    Wonderful depiction of 2 of human greatest failings in 1 episode, kudos to the writers.