Season 3 Episode 7

Murder Sings The Blues

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 01, 2006 on CBS
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A young woman dies after she starts bleeding from the eyes, nose, and mouth while at a party aboard a subway train. Mac originally believes she is the victim of a biological attack. Later, it is revealed that Sheldon knew the victim. Across town, a wealthy playboy is found dead in an indoor lap pool in his penthouse suite. The investigation reveals that he was murdered and his last maid was fired two days earlier.moreless

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  • Poor Hawkes.

    Party on a train gone wrong and the spoiled bachelor killed off for beingtoo loud. What an interesting episode.

    I'm glad they showed a little more Danny this time. I like how they split the spotlight between all the CSIs, though Hawkes got a tiny bit more 'cause he knew the vic. Poor guy, I can see where I thought it was irrelevent, but he still shoulda said somethingto Mac. I was pretty annoyed at Mac for humiliating Hawkes in front of Lindsay and other lab techs. He seems to have a nack for doing that to his subordinates.

    I laughed when I saw Danny had to go through all the crap that people vacuumed up. That would have definitely taken a lot of patience and time to go through. When they brought that chick in who was in love with the bachelor guy, I <i>almost</i> thought she did it. But when she started bawling her eyes out, I figured, "Naw, she doesn't have enough motive." The artist, man he was fighting a losing battle with the noise complaints. He should have went to a small claims court, or something, instead of wasting his time whining to his land lord, who was obviously deep in that bachelor guy's pockets.moreless
  • This was an excellent episode. I enjoyed all the bits and pieces of it. And I loved how they seemed the beginning together especially. I appreciated that they once again brought out one of NYs quirks. Spoilers insidemoreless


    Love it! I mean really can you get better than this? MAYBE. I love how it starts off with Mac and Peyton in the Opera (they are cute together sometimes) and then goes to the party, and as the woman in the opera goes to stab herself, we see a girl dying on the subway in the rave. Wonderfully filmed. And the kid’s reaction to the woman as she’s singing is great. Anyone else notice him flinch his nose? And seconds before that, I thought, “man I hope she got a breath mint.” Definitely loved the bleeding scene how she started bleeding and the blood was flowing from the operatic singer as she was dying.


    The girl who was murdered on the train was a great case to begin with. I mean it starts off so ingeniously with the girl who seems the target of a biological attack. Now all we have to wonder is, “why her?” I also loved the concept of the Blue Velvet parties on the train. How great is that? I was not expecting the involvement of a trash artist: a guy who makes art from a subway art. And then also didn’t see Hawkes knew her. And I hate Mac for getting all up in his face about it, but Hawkes stood his ground, and I was totally proud of him! YAY! Seeing everyone set up the party had to be one of the coolest things ever. I love how randomly it started!

    I love Mac for heading off the two guys, one going to kill the other. The guy saw her take it, but didn’t say anything. He could have, but didn’t.

    And then we have the eligible bachelor who was drowned in his swim gym (that was under the bed! How cool!) He hired his roommates (always female needed to wear blonde wigs and blue contacts, and also be his maid and sleep with him in exchange for room and board). How great is that :rollseyes: And apparently they come from an agency.

    Another memorable bit of this episode was the wedding cake topper head. In his throat. HAHAH he’s so crazy. Well she. The person who put it there. And you gotta love Danny going through the contents of the vacuum stuff. It’s all tightly compressed and everything. Hah. Have fun with that.

    HEEHEHEH his past maid was a psycho who thought the two were going to get married. She was the one who bid on him and claimed he gave her the money to bid on him? Well I guess I can believe that, where would she get that money! I love how Stella made it seem like she wasn’t crazy. I love that they make it totally seem like her, I mean she was psychotic. FAVORITE BITS:

    Danny and Flack talking about the central vac. Tee hee.

    Also cake scene with Flack. I love him to itty bitty bits.

    Props to Peyton for also standing up to Mac. Glad to see she’s not a little waif.

    I love Hawkes and how upset he was about Jenny. Poor guy

    Then the cupcake scene was very cute. Adorable. I do have to admit I hate the fact Mac didn’t apologize once. Yes it’s about the integrity of the lab, but he didn’t need to fly off the handle like that. He didn’t yell that much true, but he made a scene. In front of everyone.


    This was an excellent episode. I enjoyed all the bits and pieces of it. And I loved how they seemed the beginning together especially. I appreciated that they once again brought out one of NYs quirks.moreless
  • Hawkes had a bad day alright.

    It started with Mac and Peyton watching a play. And then there was music blasting in a train. Next thing you know, a woman's face was covered in blood and died.

    The train party thingy was tad interesting. Then again, NYC is always full of surprises :D Mac shouted at Hawkes because he knew the victim but didn't inform Mac. I've never seen Mac shout at anyone before. But Hawkes stood up to him! Way to go, Hawkes! And at the end of the eppy, it was kinda sad to see Hawkes regretting over the woman's death. He thinks if he called her, maybe she wouldnt turned out like that.

    Once again, no Danny and Lindsay moments. Isit me or the TPTB are purposely not letting Danny and Lindsay working on the same case? *sulks*

    Overall, i like the part where Stella and Flack were talking about the wedding cake :Dmoreless
  • a train party gone wrong, how having a cup of coffee could get you in big big trouble and when you swim in your room, you must abide by the rules!moreless

    I feel the need to have to repeat the fact that CSI:NY is my least favorite of the CSI shows....and I'll also admit, I have trouble keeping up with the storylines that run week to week; but I am still watching it because it's NY and Mac is cool. I am so happy he was given a romantic life this season...he looked so blah before; didn't look like a happy camper at all and now, he smiles! And a nice smile he has!

    I was also not crazy about Melina Kanakaredes in the beginning but she has grown on me. I like her as much as I like Calleigh on CSI:Miami and Sara on CSI:LV.

    Each episode I find myself falling deeper for Flack...he is such a cutie pie!

    Ok, now my review...

    The train party story was cool. A girl dies after she drinks from a flask. This was nasty to watch...ew. For a good part of the show, everyone is wondering why this girl was killed. The scene when Mac yelled at Hawkes was good...I am of the school where if you are in charge, you take your employee to your office and chew them out in private and then you send a memo or have a meeting with everyone else to let them know what happened and why you won't put up with something like that. You shouldn't humiliate your worker in front of others first of all and if the worker is to have any position of authority in the future, you can be he may have trouble with some of his underlings because of this...bad move on Mac's part and I was pretty surprised he did this since he's usually a smart dude about things. AND...at the same time, shame on Hawkes who has been there long enough to know that EVERYTHING counts. Doesn't matter if you knew the victim all your life or for a few minutes. The girl had his number on her when she died. Hawkes should have gone straight to Mac as soon as he realized it was his number in that oragami crane. He could have compromised the case and his co-workers. Tsk Tsk on both Mac and Hawkes.

    Well, turns out the girl was not the intended target after all...it was the guy who gave her the flask because he was the one arranging the parties and making money from it. His former partner gave him the flask intending to kill him.

    The playboy found dead in his indoor lap pool story was kind of funny...at first, when I saw the girl cleaning his room, I thought this is probaby a girl waiting for her guy to come home so he would find her in costume ready for a little fun. Then she finds the body...turns out she is his maid/roommate? Does this sort of thing really go on or is this just Sam Humphrey's imagination? I've never heard of this before...I've lived in NY all my life (ok, up to about a year ago...) and I've heard some really good, sick, wild, weird, etc. stories but never this! Anyway, the team figures since the previous maid had had this idea in her head that she and the playboy were going to be married that she killed him because he dumped her. Makes sense but it was really the neighbor who couldn't stand to hear the noise coming from the lap pool who went looking for him and choked the bejesus out of him and left him in the pool...covered. Dope got caught...why? LOL..because all the other times he complained about the noise were at the same time (8:00PM)...a time when there was supposed to be no noise...but the day he killed him, even though the pool was still running (that's the reason the replacement maid opened the pool and discovered the body) dumba$$ didn't call to complain. DUH!

    The cupcake ending with Mac and Peyton was so cute and I loved it...until I read the review that it's quite possible that TPTB may have stolen this idea from a friend of a friend...so TSK TSK for TPTB for stealing the hostess cupcake idea (if this is what happened and not a coincidence) and not giving props to where they got the idea.

    In all, a good episode. I'm starting to enjoy this show a little more every episode.moreless
  • Woman found on train with blood coming out of her everywhere.

    The way the victim in this movie died was pretty grim. Why she died was really twisted.

    The show starts out with a cool party on a train. A woman dies, and everybody splits.

    The party train car was really cool. It was neat to see a sort of spontaneous party come together so quikly. It was not really spontaneous, because people had to buy tickets. But it was cool.

    There were a couple entrepreneurs in this episode. Both were kind of quirky, which made their characters interesting.

    Not sure where the CSI: NY writers come up with the ideas for their shows, but they manage to get a lot of hip culture things into their stories.moreless
Anna Belknap

Anna Belknap

Lindsay Monroe

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill

Detective Donald "Don" Flack, Jr.

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Melina Kanakaredes

Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Stella Bonasera

Stephen Full

Stephen Full


Guest Star

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle

Veronica Perez

Guest Star

Nikki DeLoach

Nikki DeLoach

Lorelie Dennis

Guest Star

Claire Forlani

Claire Forlani

Dr. Peyton Driscoll

Recurring Role

Emmanuelle Vaugier

Emmanuelle Vaugier

Detective Jessica Angell

Recurring Role

Robert Joy

Robert Joy

Dr. Sid Hammerback

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • Peyton is seen for the second time this season and she has been only mentioned once for 5 episodes. Apparently Claire Forlani has only signed for 4 episodes and according to Anthony E. Zuiker it took a lot of convincing for Gary Sinise to agree to Mac having a romantic relationship, which brings up the question if their storyline would build up to anything.

    • Mac uses Hawkes to set an example to the whole lab. He doesn't even let Lindsay leave as he goes overboard on him. That makes for a very unsettling and discomforting scene.

    • It is kind of weird how after discussing about potentially divisive issues, Mac and Peyton are so quick to brush them off in their vending machine date.

    • Mac condemns Hawkes' emotional involvement with the case and he accuses his boss in turn since Mac's emotional judgement is allowed to stand. It is interesting that despite being lucky and McQuinn being proved guilty, Hawkes is right.

    • Lindsay takes the 7 train home. We knew in the previous season that she wanted to move to Manhattan, but apparently she gave up on the idea and settled for Queens.

    • Flack calls Danny Danno for the first time.

    • Despite the effort to hide it, Anna Belknap's pregnancy is very obvious when she first walks into the train with Hawkes.

    • Mac wears a tie for the first time since the end of season 1 when he dresses up for the opera.

    • Danny's necklace is a different one: instead of his silver chain with the dogtags and the charms, he wears a black cord with a fashion piece attached.

    • In Murder Sings the Blues, it's Mac Taylor's birthday.

    • Peyton and Sheldon worked together for 4 years before she left to teach at the Columbia University.

    • Goof: The station they first show to be at is the Court Sq. stop with the Blue Train party. However, when they next show the train, it's an L train, which does not stop at Court Sq. When they come back from commercial break, the train has switched again, and now instead of being at Court Sq. it's at 14th St.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • (Mac about the dead girl on the subway car)
      Mac: This girl didn't come from a party... the party was here... and murder was the last stop.

    • (Mac and Peyton are at the opera, Mac's cell goes off)
      Mac: Work, got to go.
      Peyton: But it's your night off, you're going to miss out on all the fun thing I've prepared for your birthday.
      Mac: Like what?
      Peyton: Nice try, Detective. (kisses him) To be continued.

    • (Flack questions a suspect maid)
      Veronica: Okay, I was with Grant in the swim-gym.
      Flack: And is that part of the job description?
      Veronica: Well that depends on if you want to stay employed.

    • (Mac crashes a suspect's business launch party)
      Mac: James McQuinn?
      James McQuinn: We're doing press in an hour.
      Mac: (flashing his badge) I need an exclusive.

    • Danny: Murder's a tough thing to look at.

    • Flack: These apartments start at two million dollars and you can hear through the walls?
      Stella: That could be good for us.

    • Peyton: In Japan, a thousand origami cranes are supposed to bring good luck.
      Hawkes: Whatever is this crane might be the answer to why our vic's luck ran out.

    • Stella: (reading from an information printout of the trace) The sand is dyed with natural iron oxide, and used to track river currents. (she looks up) The Dalai Lama.
      Danny: (looks back and forth quickly) Scuse me? (the following asked as one word) Wait a minute, you lost me there, what?
      Stella: It says here the dye dolamite is also used to create mandalas.
      Danny: I'm still at the Dalai Lama.
      Stella: That's good.

    • Stella: Looks like the head off a wedding cake topper. (laughs briefly) What's a bride doing inside of Manhattan's most eligible bachelor?

    • Flack: The building's got a central vac, Danno. Check this out. (he leads him over to a part of the system) Open that, slip the hose in.
      Danny: (exasperated) Yeah I know how it works, Flack. This means all our evidence has been sucked into an air shaft somewhere in this building. Question is: where does it all end up? (Flack shakes his head, not knowing) I hate rich people. Fantastic. (Flack smirks)

    • (At the scene of the playboy vic)
      Stella: A single dinner with this guy sold for $100,000 at a charity auction two weeks ago.
      Danny: Why? What's he cookin'?

    • Mac: Science is our integrity.

    • Flack: Do you, Stella, take Veronica as a crazy with a motive?
      Stella: I do.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Mark Totty, who plays James McQuinn, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode If I Had a Hammer.

      Meghan Markle, who plays Veronica Perez, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Backfire.

    • Spanish episode title: Asesinato en el Tren Azul, meaning Murder in the Blue Train.

    • International Airdates:
      Turkey: Monday, April 9, 2007 on CNBC-e.
      Norway: Wednesday, August 8, 2007 on TVNorge.
      Germany: Monday, October 22, 2007 on Vox (Blau vor Neid).
      Finland: Sunday, December 9, 2007 on Nelonen.
      Greece: Wednesday, April 30, 2008 on SKAI.

    • Music Featured in this Episode:
      Madam Butterfly by Black Violin.
      Loose Control by Black Violin.
      Blue Velvet by Bobby Vinton.
      What Else Is There? (Trentmoller remix) by Royskopp.
      Wind It Up by Gwen Stefani.
      Bandstand in the Sky by Pete Yorn.