Season 5 Episode 8

My Name is Mac Taylor

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2008 on CBS

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  • Ok, so someone wants to kill Mac Taylor. It's just figuring out which Mac Taylor out of the many that the killer wants. And who better to solve the case then well of course Mac Taylor himself.

    This was a great chapter. Everyone played a part in it. Some of the great moments were:

    Case: Ok, I knew the loud mouth reporter was the cause of this whole case. Why? Well first of all he was a loud mouth, and second he was a reporter. They always have something to hide. Plus he was in a real hurry to leave. Why would you leave a police station when someone is out to get you.

    Mac: His interaction with all of his other name sakes. It was great when one of the Mac's challenged him about knowing what they were going through and he announced "Dectective....Mac Taylor". The look on thier faces said it all. Also does Mac have a crush on his new boss. I think the answer is Yes. So now we have D and L, it looks good for Flack and Angell, and now Mac getting back into the dating game. But does she sort kind a remind you of a certain ME that used to work with Mac. Just a thought. Stella: Always at the heart of things. Trying to find out who is after her friend. The amount of compassion that she had for the killer is why she is a good person. Even though he killed two people, he did it because someone killed the love of his life.

    Doc: I am not sure how he finds out the things that he does, but it was like he was the one who broke the case when he found the hit and run site.

    D/L: Not to many teasing moments, but it was good to see them back in action. Can't wait until next week.

    Adam: As always, he brings humor to lighten up the moment. It was cute how at the end Stella and He went through the data base to see how many people had the same name as thier crew.
  • Exciting !

    Mac Taylor ends up not being a target, what a concept. That being said, I really enjoyed this episode. I thought it was a cleverly plotted with all the different Mac Taylor's floating around NYC. Like Adam said, it does make you wonder. Ultimately, the McQuinn, who turns out to be the target. He was the driver involved in a hit and run where a young woman ends up dead. The man who loved her is out for revenge. I really thought this episode was a great puzzle. Mac's made a new friend in the process as well, we'll have to see where that leads....
  • In CSI: NY's 100th episode, Mac Taylors all over New York are being targeted.

    A solid episode. The plot was interesting, and the guest starring of Nelly, Marshall Faulk and Chris Daughtry was exciting. If the expectations were higher because of the episode being the show's 100th, then perhaps the episode didn't exceed it by much, but the show kept to its strengths. Each character was well-played, and the one of the good things was that Mac was not the intended true target; even though most of the time, the main character might be and it keeps the audience on edge, it was nice to see some uniqueness. Creatively written for sure. Congratulations CSI: NY on your 100th episode!
  • In the 100th episode someone is killing people with the name Mac Taylor

    CSI NY is at its 100th episode and someone is killing the Mac Taylor's in NY this puts Mac in real danger but as usual Mac isn't afraid but he finds out later that he is trying to kill one of the Mac Taylor's and he has already checked if it was Mac and it wasn't. but they have to find the right one.It was a bit weird when all the Mac Taylor's came together and they was being called Mac Taylor.In the end the killer isn't really a psychopathic killer you would think he is,he is just someone trying to kill one Mac Taylor that killed his girlfriend and the other murders was an accident.I would probably say that a 9 was right for this episode.
  • WHY WHY WHY? They had such a fantastic storyline but they screwed it up by eliminating Mac as a target after 15 minutes!

    If the writers had kept Mac in the balance as a target, this could've been a fantastic episode. I, and I'm sure many others, have been looking forward to this episode for months and months...It's only my natural loyalty to CSI:NY that made me give this a 9 when it really deserved less. Congrats to the writers in one respect though - WHAT A STORYLINE! Great idea! Just a real pity they couldn't carry it off in the way many of us wanted. A general disappointment for its 100th episode especialy in comparison to CSI and CSI:MIAMI's 100th ones. Oh well, lets hope its 200th will be better!
  • "CSI: NY" marks its 100th episode with the team investigating the death of two men and an assault on one woman. The victims never have never met each other, but they have one thing in common: they are all named Mac Talyor.

    When I first heard about the premise of this episode, I was immediately reminded of the science fiction classic "The Terminator" which uses the same premise of a killer whose victims have the same name. The recycled premise concerned me, but in the end I found this episode to be very well done as well as entertaining. I liked the fact that Mac was eliminated as a target from the beginning and instead the focus shifted to the team's efforts to crack the case. The story was believeable and had the right amount of drama and suspense to hit home.
  • One of the oddest milestone episodes I've seen.

    I was saving this show to watch as a special event because I expected something spectacular for a CSI landmark episode, so maybe my own hype was more at fault here than the episode itself. It was probably as good as any of the other episodes, but I think that's where the problem lay. Both "Ch-Ch-Changes" the original CSI's 100th ep. and CSI Miami's 100th "Darkroom" were really strong episodes which made this one seem fairly pedestrian. The concept was excellent, any of the CSI's running an insider vs. killer storyline is usually quite a thriller, i.e. dark storylines, cliff hanger moments, protracted but frenetic investigations. This lost its thrill the moment we knew that it wasn't CSI Detective Mac Taylor who was being hunted.
    The fact that this episode was shown the same week that the original CSI had a really strong story wrapping up a very long and successfully thrilling story arc only highlighted the weakness in it.
    The thing which dragged this episode up from a 5 point review to an 8 point one was the, almost incidental but probably developing, storyline between Gillian Whitmore and Mac. The final scene, final line of the episode made the rest seem a little better. Although I can't help but feel that even this would have been made hugely more poignant if Mac had just been rescued from near death. Maybe this is a gateway episode to make room for more about Mac the man than previously has been explored. Previously it's just been Mac the Detective whilst other characters have had their private lives spill into work. I will still look forward to future episodes with hope though.
  • Mac Taylor's in New York are being killed

    In this episode of CSI New York, the following happens. We open this episode with the 2nd person named Mac Taylor to have been attacked/killed in the same week. Mac Taylor now believes he is the next victim. The team soon make the decision to call in all of the Mac Taylors that are in New York. There soon is another victim, name Mac Taylor, but this one is still alive. We soon learn that the killer is looking for a pacific Mac Taylor, and only has a description of their car to go on. This is why the killer is checking car keys. Mac gets the number of Mac Taylors in custody down to 7, based on the fact that the others don't drive or are children. The team soon learn the reason why Mac Taylor's are being targeted. The killer is looking for the one who killed his girlfriend. They to his apartment but he isn't there. They track him down and find him sitting by all of his girlfriend's photos near where she died. He has also drenched himself in gasoline. He soon falls onto of the candles and sets himself on fire.
  • Mac Taylors all over the place!

    This episode was really funny and that everybody that was named Mac Taylor. Including the good cop, was being targetted for a reason. And that it was really strange. The reporter was really one big mouth person. That he really was someone that you wanted to punch in the mouth. But you figured that since this was such a big case. He wanted to make a name for himself. Plus, he may have had something to do with it, you think. The good doc Shelton, figures it all out. Don't know how or why. But he comes in at the right place and at the right time. You could really tell that Stella cared for Mac. And wanted this nightmare to end. How good to have a true friend like her.
  • The 100th episode where a mysterious killer targets all the Mac Taylors in New York.

    Wow, the big 100th episode of CSI New York! A good storyline as well, having a mysterious killer targeting everyone in New York with the name Mac Taylor. What a special way to celebrate by bringing in so many guest stars to play the various Mac Taylors. There's Scott Wolf, who i haven't seen on TV in so long, playing Mackinley Taylor the reporter. There's Chris Daughtry, who apparently is trying his hand at acting now, playing Machievelli Taylor, the only one with a criminal record. There's Rumer Willis, who i'm amazed to discover actually can act pretty well, playing Mackendra Taylor the only female Mac in the show. Nelly also appeared for a bit of fun as the police informant. I really like the twist that Detective Mac turned out to NOT be the killer's target, because that was exactly what i predicted since he always seems to be in that dangerous position judging from other episodes of this series. I love that i was wrong, and i love that the show can still surprise me. It was a lot more fun trying to guess exactly which Mac Taylor's life was gonna be endangered at the end.
  • all of the mactaylors are being stalked and sometimes killed to see their key because the suspects girlfriend was struck by a person named mac taylor but only has the discription of the car

    I give it an 8 because it has the action throughout but it has it's boring like 2-3 min parts in the end the perp attempts suicide while being put into custody which i have to admitt was one of the best parts of the episode a good episode i have loved csi:ny and this is one the best episodes i have seen the episode with large amounts of suspense i always will watch episodes like this great episode again and when everyone named mac taylor in danger it was sure to plese 8 stars of course i loved it
  • I was a little not as impressed, since it was supposed to be amazing.. 100th episode.. bang! but did it impress me? NO!

    honestly.. for the 100th episode, i wasn't extremely impressed. yes it was a good episode, yes they had a bunch of celeb actors on it, but was it the greatest episode ever, or at least of this season.. NO!

    okay i actually understood the killer's motive, it was actually quite tragic, how he was targetting mac taylors to find just one of them. the one that hurt him. i was thinking though when mac was swimming in the pool at the beginning, why didn't he look up at the man walking along side the pool. he knew it was the perp, yet he doesn't look higher than his shoes? seems like it's not something mac would do. and to leave his keys and belongings out in the open like that.. sooo not a mac thing to do.

    i liked that everyone was more balanced even though it was very mac centric, we got some good moments of stella, danny and flack. although danny at the garage.. that shirt should be burned. more lindsay which was great. i am looking forward to next weeks episode so much. and the little cute smacked moment near the end.. stella and mac on the phone.. that was just soo cute. it could have been cuter though but i would have been squeeing my arse off. I thought that since Mac was not a possible victim and it was just a coincidence, they really could have done that better.

    Nelly at the bar though.. oh flack chasing the bad guy... that was awesome. i think it was flack. good episode. not great but good.
  • I expected more I guess

    I stopped watching CSI: NY only a few months after I decided to watch it... It's just not my type of show. This and CSI just seem like they focus on the case and solving the case and not the characters. They aren't interesting to me. Anyways, to this episode. I decided to watch it when I saw the commercial and I was disappointed. I really wanted Det. Mac Taylor to have a murderer trying to kill him, but they ruled out that possibility in 10 minutes. I loved Daughtry as a guest star; he was actually pretty good. Anyways, the case was ok, but very cliched. Overall, just an ok episode and the reason I can't really watch this show anymore. Cute ending to the episode though.