Season 5 Episode 8

My Name is Mac Taylor

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2008 on CBS

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  • I was a little not as impressed, since it was supposed to be amazing.. 100th episode.. bang! but did it impress me? NO!

    honestly.. for the 100th episode, i wasn't extremely impressed. yes it was a good episode, yes they had a bunch of celeb actors on it, but was it the greatest episode ever, or at least of this season.. NO!

    okay i actually understood the killer's motive, it was actually quite tragic, how he was targetting mac taylors to find just one of them. the one that hurt him. i was thinking though when mac was swimming in the pool at the beginning, why didn't he look up at the man walking along side the pool. he knew it was the perp, yet he doesn't look higher than his shoes? seems like it's not something mac would do. and to leave his keys and belongings out in the open like that.. sooo not a mac thing to do.

    i liked that everyone was more balanced even though it was very mac centric, we got some good moments of stella, danny and flack. although danny at the garage.. that shirt should be burned. more lindsay which was great. i am looking forward to next weeks episode so much. and the little cute smacked moment near the end.. stella and mac on the phone.. that was just soo cute. it could have been cuter though but i would have been squeeing my arse off. I thought that since Mac was not a possible victim and it was just a coincidence, they really could have done that better.

    Nelly at the bar though.. oh flack chasing the bad guy... that was awesome. i think it was flack. good episode. not great but good.