Season 5 Episode 8

My Name is Mac Taylor

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2008 on CBS

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  • One of the oddest milestone episodes I've seen.

    I was saving this show to watch as a special event because I expected something spectacular for a CSI landmark episode, so maybe my own hype was more at fault here than the episode itself. It was probably as good as any of the other episodes, but I think that's where the problem lay. Both "Ch-Ch-Changes" the original CSI's 100th ep. and CSI Miami's 100th "Darkroom" were really strong episodes which made this one seem fairly pedestrian. The concept was excellent, any of the CSI's running an insider vs. killer storyline is usually quite a thriller, i.e. dark storylines, cliff hanger moments, protracted but frenetic investigations. This lost its thrill the moment we knew that it wasn't CSI Detective Mac Taylor who was being hunted.
    The fact that this episode was shown the same week that the original CSI had a really strong story wrapping up a very long and successfully thrilling story arc only highlighted the weakness in it.
    The thing which dragged this episode up from a 5 point review to an 8 point one was the, almost incidental but probably developing, storyline between Gillian Whitmore and Mac. The final scene, final line of the episode made the rest seem a little better. Although I can't help but feel that even this would have been made hugely more poignant if Mac had just been rescued from near death. Maybe this is a gateway episode to make room for more about Mac the man than previously has been explored. Previously it's just been Mac the Detective whilst other characters have had their private lives spill into work. I will still look forward to future episodes with hope though.