Season 5 Episode 8

My Name is Mac Taylor

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2008 on CBS

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  • The 100th episode where a mysterious killer targets all the Mac Taylors in New York.

    Wow, the big 100th episode of CSI New York! A good storyline as well, having a mysterious killer targeting everyone in New York with the name Mac Taylor. What a special way to celebrate by bringing in so many guest stars to play the various Mac Taylors. There's Scott Wolf, who i haven't seen on TV in so long, playing Mackinley Taylor the reporter. There's Chris Daughtry, who apparently is trying his hand at acting now, playing Machievelli Taylor, the only one with a criminal record. There's Rumer Willis, who i'm amazed to discover actually can act pretty well, playing Mackendra Taylor the only female Mac in the show. Nelly also appeared for a bit of fun as the police informant. I really like the twist that Detective Mac turned out to NOT be the killer's target, because that was exactly what i predicted since he always seems to be in that dangerous position judging from other episodes of this series. I love that i was wrong, and i love that the show can still surprise me. It was a lot more fun trying to guess exactly which Mac Taylor's life was gonna be endangered at the end.
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