Season 8 Episode 18

Near Death

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 11, 2012 on CBS

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  • Mac Fights For His Life After Being Shot And The Team Is More Determined Than Ever To Catch The Shooter, In The 8th Season Finale.

    First of all, CSI: NY has been renewed for a 9th season!!! I was so glad to hear it because CSI: NY has always been my favorite CSI for its fantastic action filled plots and the cast is one of the bests on TV. That aside, this is a very good way to end the season. There has only been 18 episodes in this season but the show's quality still remains high! Mac centered episodes of CSI: NY are fantastic. Gary Sinise's terrific acting is one of the reasons why I love this show. Once again, he gave a powerful performance here. The opening scene kinda reminded me of CSI's 10th season premiere "Family Affair" since the camera was moving around the store and it did not have any dialogues. The scenes where the team is working on the case are amazing. I loved how the episode ended. It really shows how close they are. See you next fall and long live CSI: NY!
  • too many time in the bubble

    another season series final gets a little bit boring ....season 9 will be the same ...
  • The eighth season ends with Mac critically wounded after foiling a robbery at a pharmacy. The team passionately sets out to bring the shooter to justice.

    "Near Death" is a good way to end the season but it is not a perfect episode. I just saw too many echoes of the story arc of "The Sopranos" when Tony was in a coma after being shot by his Uncle Corrado (aka Uncle Junior). The dream scenes look like they were recycled right out of the classic HBO series. The episode was still compelling and I enjoyed it overall, but it just seemed too familiar. Like other reviewers I hope CBS decides to give the show another season. I don't think the show has run its course just yet. I would like it to return. I hope.
  • Near Death

    CSI: NY has been the best of the CSIs and tonight we might have witnessed our final episode. They had a good case with Mac being shot and a fiesty, creative woman who evaded the cops often, but it was more about his near death experience. We saw emotional discussions with his coworkers, but it was not a sobfest, which I appreciated.

    I would have liked some mystery as to whether or not he survived, but I guess if the show does get canceled they wanted viewers to know he made it. I hope we get one more year though.
  • Great Episode

    Please do not cancel show!!!
  • FInale

    I am most excited for this season finale! The risk of the episode will produce new emotional depths to both the characters and the show. I hope that this series is renewed. By far the best of the CSI franchise.