Season 9 Episode 13

Nine Thirteen

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 18, 2013 on CBS

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  • Lots of touching storylines and a revenge case

    I liked this one.... The case was ok... But the various other storylines were better... The Jo bit was good although she still annoys me, but at least the guy that got her sister's heart was VERY hot. None of my college teachers ever looked like that *sighs* I loved that everyone knew Lindsay was preggers but her... Mac having a bet with Christine, Sid teasing her, and the final bet! I kinda like the idea, my guess is that probably TPTB don't think they'll be that lucky to get a 10th season so they are all closing fronts in a 'good' way. The Messers expanding their family, Mac in a healthy and happy relationship, as well as Adam, Flack finding love again with Lovato, Sid finding the positive side to having a really cruel and fatal illness, Jo getting closure in some past issues...

    So there's just 4 chapters left and one of them is the crossover. But we still haven't seen a Hawkes centric chapter nor a Danny one, right?? I'm guessing this 2 will be the argument of 2 of this chapters and the finale will be a team/Mac thingie... It's beeing an amazing season!!