Season 7 Episode 20

Nothing For Something

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2011 on CBS

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  • SHOCKER: A body is found in a forest! And...Jets head coach Rex Ryan? And...Peter Fonda????

    As the home stretch begins, we get "Nothing For Something", an episode just like any other CSI: NY episode with a few notable exceptions. The episode starts off pretty good; while investigating a body found in a forest, Jo tells Mac to scram and take it easy for the rest of the day. The scene is perfectly odd and awkward; Mac is clearly flustered and it is quite amusing. He finally succumbs and Flack gives him a ride to his favorite diner. On the way there he meets...Jets head coach Rex Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum (?) for a cute, but painfully obvious stunt scene. I understand that CSI: NY has had a good number of guest stars over the years, but Rex Ryan getting out of a taxi and saying, "May I introduce you to the Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum..." is just...eh. I didn't like it. The episode does eventually get back on track and Peter Fonda makes for a good and meaningful guest star. It will be interesting to see what the last few episodes bring to CSI: NY. Apparently the lab is getting attacked next week which brings back memories of a truly superior NY episode, "Snow Day". Will it be as good? No. But with these next two episodes of CSI: NY possibly being the last two ever, I will enjoy them to my full extent.
  • Oh, yeah, baby, let's have hot sex with our underwear on!

    This is something that bothers me from most of the US series (crimes series specially): sex scenes where the victims have all their underwear on and we have to believe that they are fully naked. And this get worser when the woman is raped and/or murdered and her body dumped somewhere. Not only she has the underwear on but it is undisturbed, untorn, clean...
    In this episode we are supposed to believe that a serial killer had hot sex with a stranger and then stabbed her with rage, fury and violence (there was blood everywhere, remember?), dumped the body in a park but the underwear of the corpse is as tidy and clean as the very same moment the lady put it on.
    I understand that US puritanism is so heavy that the sole idea that people get naked to have sex make everybody nervous but, I don't know, if you make a show that doesn't have any trouble to show blood, entrails and other gory stuff, you must have the guts to show nakedness if you adress crimes that involve sex.

    The pickpocketer side story also is so so. We are supposed to believe that Mac doesn't recognize him at the diner but then he remembers everything about the guy. And that the crook is allowed to walk in freely to the Lab Big Boss' office and have a nice little chat with Big Boss' Trusty Sidekick Lady (BTW, bring back Stella, dump Botox Lady).

    More skin, less bad scripts
  • a so so episode

    well i will keep thsi short and sweet,this was a ok episode but it was not the best i have seen,to be honest it was a lil boring,good to see peter fonda on screen again,last thing i saw him in was ghost rider lol.

    on a funny note in the cafe scen with flack and mac when Raymond Harris sits next to mac(i honestly thought he was going to take his gun or his badge lol not his wallet) the camera pans to macs gun and u can see his badge next to it,yet when mac gets up to leave his badge had moved to his left side and is no longer next to his gun. lets hope the finale is a good one.
  • 720

    I hate the New York Jets, but it is hard to argue that Rex Ryan is not an entertaining individual. The team's coach, along with their GM Mike Tannebaum, made cameos in the episode, and it was a nice little segment on the street with Mac and Don. Definitely did not come off as stuntcasting.

    And this was a good episode outside of that scene as well. Nice little story with Mac, and finally he showed a little aggression, pushing the man into the wall and not just coming off as the weak detective he usually does.

    Strong showing here from CSI: NY.
  • Busy cops

    I miss the Stella character but the Jo Danville character fits nicely in the CSI NY, though I hope Stella gets to come back for few episodes. For one, Jo brings in most of the humor in the show and she is able to make suggestions to Mac that Taylor reluctantly agrees on. Adam's impression of a European scientist was funny also. I like the editing of this episode, especially the final part when Mac and his old partner were discussing about an old case. As the partner arrogantly tells Mac that Harris is afraid and not going to retaliate, Harris was shown to be preparing for an attack. Nice.
  • 7x20

    another weak one. this episode had two story lines, the first one about the girl murdered in central park, did not have anything new and was very boring in my opinion, the second one about mac´s wallet being stolen, was kindda interesting considering that this is one of those few times that we see one of the members going out trying to find some peace and not centered in the case the entiry episode, however, this episode was not very interesting in my opinion, maybe the next one woulb be better

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes
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