Season 7 Episode 20

Nothing For Something

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2011 on CBS

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  • Oh, yeah, baby, let's have hot sex with our underwear on!

    This is something that bothers me from most of the US series (crimes series specially): sex scenes where the victims have all their underwear on and we have to believe that they are fully naked. And this get worser when the woman is raped and/or murdered and her body dumped somewhere. Not only she has the underwear on but it is undisturbed, untorn, clean...
    In this episode we are supposed to believe that a serial killer had hot sex with a stranger and then stabbed her with rage, fury and violence (there was blood everywhere, remember?), dumped the body in a park but the underwear of the corpse is as tidy and clean as the very same moment the lady put it on.
    I understand that US puritanism is so heavy that the sole idea that people get naked to have sex make everybody nervous but, I don't know, if you make a show that doesn't have any trouble to show blood, entrails and other gory stuff, you must have the guts to show nakedness if you adress crimes that involve sex.

    The pickpocketer side story also is so so. We are supposed to believe that Mac doesn't recognize him at the diner but then he remembers everything about the guy. And that the crook is allowed to walk in freely to the Lab Big Boss' office and have a nice little chat with Big Boss' Trusty Sidekick Lady (BTW, bring back Stella, dump Botox Lady).

    More skin, less bad scripts