Season 7 Episode 20

Nothing For Something

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2011 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Macy Martinez's case was one of the last cases Stella was working on. Not taking into account episode 7x01 The 34th Floor where her disappearance was addressed, it is the first time she's been mentioned since she left the NY lab to take over the crime lab at New Orleans.

    • William 'Wild Bill' Hunt was Mac's first partner.

    • Adam has started taking a theatre class.

    • Mac is gonna take part on a Widows and Orphans charity event.

    • Goof: When the team discovers the body of Christina Marino in the leopard skin suitcase, the victim appears to have no brusing on her left side of the neck yet Mac said that the arterial spray came from a wound from the left side of her neck.

    • Goof: When Patricia Kelly's body is dumped, her legs are spread apart unlike when she is found.

    • Goof: When Mac and Hawkes turn her Patricia Kelly's body around, she turns the head to the side on her own.

    • Goof: When Hawkes is taking pics of Patricia Kelly's body, her face is looking straight up, but immediately after it's turned to the side. The head keeps changing position during the sequence.

    • Goof: When Lindsay is taking the footprint out of the mould, she is using a spatula which she first keeps in her hand but then it can be seen resting on the ground.

    • Goof: To have such an amount of paint under her fingernails, Patricia Kelly must have scratched the paint instead of simply touching it.

    • Goof: Jo's hands are noticeably shaking after having stood on the roof ledge but she has no problem keeping them steady to flip her phone open and dial.

    • Goof: When Flack and Mac are at the diner having breakfast and Raymond Harris sits next to them, they make a close up to Mac's gun and badge and they all are in the right side of his belt. When he stands up a few seconds later, the badge is in his left side.

  • Quotes

    • Lindsay: What wrong turn did she take to wind up here?
      Mac: Sometimes evil finds you... on the road you take to avoid it.

    • Jo: That's the same suit you had on yesterday, if not the day before. You haven't even been home in two days.
      Mac: This isn't the first time one case has rolled over into another. I'll be fine.
      Jo: When's the last time you had something to eat? I don't want to hear about that trail mix from the vending machine last night.
      Mac: It was a Granola bar.

    • Jo: Boss of the crime lab or not, you're no good to anyone if you're running on fumes.
      Mac: Look, I am not walking out of a homicide investigation.
      Jo: No, Don is driving you out.
      Flack: Yo.
      Jo: It's all been arranged. You're going to go home and get a couple hours' sleep. And if you're lucky, a toothbrush and a shower might make it feel like eight.

    • Hawkes: That's pretty impressive you got Mac to go home. He's not used to being told what to do.
      Jo: No, he's not.

    • Mac: You know, this diner is one of the last places in the city you can still get an egg cream.
      Flack: So no more milk and cookies?

    • Flack: Look, I gotta tell you, Great job picking up Cromartie and getting Revis into camp, but if you ask me, I think you blew it on the Woodhead thing.
      Mike Tannenbaum: You solve every crime?
      (Mac chuckles)
      Flack: That's a good point. But three words on the draft: Baylor, pass rusher.
      Rex Ryan: Everybody's an expert.

    • Flack: I was just thinking. Whoever came up with the formula that every dog year is seven human years?
      Mac: I don't know. Where the hell did that question come from? What, do I look that tired?
      Flack: Yeah... kinda do. But think about it. All the stuff we deal with, the murder and the mayhem, staying up for two or three nights at a time trying to sort it all out. How many years do these cases take off our expiration dates?

    • Flack: Two years. Every year as a cop is two human years.

    • (After being pick-pocketed)
      Mac: I should have seen it coming.
      Flack: He must have reached into your jacket pocket when he was leaning over, showing me the map.
      Mac: This brazen son of a bitch. He looked right at my shield. He knew we were cops.

    • Jo: Y'all are so good.
      Hawkes: You know it.

    • Jo: How long do you think it'll take to compile a list of these 500 proud owners?
      Adam: Come on. Who do you think you're dealing with here? (Hands her a flashdrive) What up? It's already done.

    • Jo: What the hell's going on?
      Danny: Thinking that Patricia Kelly was murdered in this apartment and the crime scene's already been processed.

    • Danny: Well, whoever broke in and processed this place used yellow print powder, VMEX swabs and Leuco Crystal Violet.
      Lindsay: Definitely not NYPD Crime Scene.
      Jo: Well, whoever it was had a basic knowledge of crime scene investigation.
      Danny: Basic knowledge. Kind of like the Feds.
      (Flack smiles)
      Jo: Heard that, Messer.

    • Lindsay: So, basically, Martin kills Patricia Kelly, then cleans up, then dumps her body in the park on his way upstate.
      Danny: And while he's gone, somebody breaks in and processes the place?

    • Mac: Who the hell are you and what do you want?
      Raymond Harris: Where I come from, somebody returns a wallet you lost, you say thank you.
      Mac: I didn't lose it. You lifted it out of my jacket, you son of a bitch!

    • Mac: I guess you never lose that cop thing after you retire, huh?
      William Hunt: It's a curse. Always looking for the bad guys and we forget to see the good ones.

    • William Hunt: Parades and funerals. Shouldn't be the only time we see each other, Mac.

    • (About Raymond Harris)
      Mac: He picked my pocket right here in this diner and then he showed up in my office to return the wallet.
      William Hunt: I hope you collared his ass.

    • Mac: I have a lot of respect for you, Bill. We just had a different way of doing things, that's all. Promise me you'll keep your eyes open?
      William Hunt: 32 years in the monkey suit... my eyes are always open.

    • Lindsay: DNA was a match to Macy Martinez. She was killed in that apartment, too.
      Jo: Looks like Charles Martin is building quite a violent resume for himself.
      Lindsay: Yeah, and it might be worse than we think.

    • (About Christina Marino)
      Jo: Maybe she's still alive.
      Lindsay: Or maybe we just haven't found her body.

    • Danny: Our mystery crime scene investigator probably wore gloves while he was processing the inside but he forgot something on the outside. He probably rang the bell to see if anyone was home before he broke in. Got a print.

    • (About Charles Martin)
      Jo: He's not gonna jump. The only reason he's up on that ledge is because he was chased there. He just has nowhere else to go.

    • Charles Martin: (Standing on a roof ledge) Get back! I said get back!
      Jo: Relax, Mr. Martin. I'm not gonna try to make you come down from here. I figure if you're determined to end your life, you're gonna do it no matter what I have to say.

    • Charles Martin: You think I'm stupid? You didn't climb out on this ledge to ask me about Christina.
      Jo: Oh, I'm here for Macy and Patricia too, but we both know where they are.

    • Jo: (To Charles Martin) I know you don't want to jump. You're much too fond of yourself for that.

    • Charles Martin: I don't have a lot of options, Detective. Either I jump or I spend the rest of my life in prison.
      Jo: You don't have to decide that now. Lord, I've got a dozen great ways you can kill yourself in jail if you change your mind.

    • (About Christina Marino, whom trace places her where Charles Martin killed two other women)
      Charles Martin: I'm not denying she was here.
      Flack: So then you can understand why we might be a bit concerned for her safety.

    • Charles Martin: I can assure you that both Patricia and Macy's last moments were filled with pleasure.
      Danny: You mean up until the moment that you strangled and stabbed them both?
      Charles Martin: That part of it was my pleasure. It's an impulse. I don't expect you to understand.
      Flack: No, I get it. It's like the impulse I'm having right now to smash your face in and throw you out that window.

    • William Hunt: I felt kind of bad... I thought we left off on a sour note.
      Mac: Look, I had no right to accuse you of anything. I was out of line.
      William Hunt: Now, don't start sounding like a pansy on me, Mac.

    • William Hunt: Everything we did was textbook.
      Mac: Right now, Raymond Harris's perception is his reality. He's walking around with a chip on his shoulder and only he knows what it's about.
      William Hunt: Yeah.
      Mac: That makes him dangerous.

    • Jo: Charles Martin proudly admits to murdering two women, so he has no reason to deny killing Christina Marino. I believe him.
      Mac: I'm not inclined to give a serial killer the benefit of the doubt but Christina doesn't seem to fit his victim profile.

    • Danny: There was something up against that wall right there. It's not in this room anymore.
      Mac: It was a suitcase. These clothes are resting on top of the blood pool. They were pulled out of the suitcase after she was killed.
      Jo: That's how he got her out of here without being seen. He stuffed her in the suitcase.
      Mac: We're no longer looking for a missing woman. We're looking for a missing body.

    • Danny: How do we go at Vincent Marino without a body?
      Mac: By acting like we have one.

    • Flack: What's the significance of where we found her? Why there?
      Vincent Marino: It's, uh, it's where we met... Prospect Park. The first time I saw her, I thought she was this perfect thing, you know, standing there at the edge of the pond, pulling her hair back into a ponytail. I put her right back where I found her.

    • (After buying a suitcase used to break a suspect and solve a case)
      Flack: (To Mac) You owe me $70 for this leopard print suitcase, by the way.
      (Mac laughs)

    • (After having beaten Raymond Harris)
      William Hunt: I don't think Mr. Harris will be bothering us anymore.
      Flack: Should I expect a body to turn up?
      William Hunt: No. I just had a little chat with him.
      Mac: I know what you mean by a little chat. You shouldn't have done that.
      Flack: Something tells me you can be very persuasive.
      William Hunt: I definitely think I got my point across.

    • Jo: Your work is done here, Mac Taylor. Don's gonna take you to that diner you love for breakfast and then take you home and tuck you in.
      Mac: Will he be giving me milk and cookies and sing a lullaby?
      Flack: The lullaby thing is a little weird. But milk and cookies could happen. Let's go!

  • Notes

    • Josh Randall, who plays Charles Martin, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode After The Fall.

      Troy Ruptash, who plays Vincent Marino, also appears in the C.S.I. episode Toe Tags.

      Ronnie Gene Blevins, who plays Mark Fields, also appears in the C.S.I. episode Hog Heaven.

    • Despite featured in the opening credits, Robert Joy (Sid Hammerback) does not appear in this episode.

    • Music Featured:
      New York, New York by Digital Daggers (Playing at the beginning of the episode).
      Procession by The Duke Spirit.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: April 29, 2011 on CTV.
      Turkey: May 16, 2011 on CNBC-e.
      United Kingdom: May 21, 2011 on Five/Five HD.
      Czech Republic: July 13, 2011 on AXN.
      Norway: July 13, 2011 on TVNorge.
      Spain: July 19, 2011 on AXN.
      Slovakia: February 7, 2012 on JOJ.
      Germany: February 13, 2012 on Vox.
      Finland: August 8, 2012 on MTV3.

    • New York Jets football coach Rex Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum make cameo appearances in this episode. At first they didn't know they would get some lines and they defined the experience as being a lot of fun and really great to share the screen with talented actors.

  • Allusions

    • Flack: But three words on the draft: Baylor, pass rusher.

      Flack is referring to the 2011 National Football League draft, which took place at Radio City Music Hall in New York on the weekend this episode aired. The first round was held on Thursday, April 28 (the day before the show aired), the second and third rounds on Friday, April 29 and the fourth to seventh rounds on Saturday, April 30.

      His specific comment on the draft is likely a reference to Baylor Defensive Tackle Phil Taylor, who was drafted in the first round by the Cleveland Browns with the 21st overall pick. The Jets were picking 30th and could not take Taylor, but they did draft a pass rusher: Defensive Tackle Muhammad Wilkerson from Temple.

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