Season 1 Episode 9

Officer Blue

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 2004 on CBS
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After mounted officer Valasquez is shot down in the park, Mac goes looking for the bullet that killed the officer only to learn that it is lodged in the horse's spine and cannot be removed without being fatal to the horse. The investigation leads them to a local street vendor, but stalls when the D.A. asks Mac not to do anything to risk the horse until after the woman who donated it has a chance to say goodbye. Aiden investigates the body of a young man, Lenny Starks, who was found face-down, dead in the street. Aiden traces the young man to a local pizza parlor where she faces intimidation from the bookies who use it as a gambling front.moreless

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  • Best Episode to date

    Great episode which shows the other side of Mac and also the scap between Mac and Stella regarding getting evidence at the sake of the possible death or pardon the pun, "riding it out".

    The Aiden component was well done and gave her a showcase part in the episode.
  • Okay episode, but some serious inconsistencies

    It was an alright storyline, but the stuff in relation to the horse was so incredibly wrong, it was unbelievable! Firstly, no horse would survive a crash like that. If nothing else, the horse would have broken a leg and would've been put down on the spot. Its legs were hit out from under it, that means broken legs and that means almost certainty that the horse will me put down. On the spot. It would not get up and walk away like the horse on this did. Don't ask how I know this, because you don't want to know. The second point of complaint is the the reaction of the horse to Mac and the vet being in the stable. No horse in that situation would whinny like that. It's insane. I've been around horses for over a decade, and no horse I've come across has ever reacted like that. Horses whinny to communicate with each other, rather than to indicate panic. I know it *sounds* dramatic, but it really doesn't happen!moreless
  • Excellent Script, Great Plot.

    One of the things that stands out for me in this episode was the great plot and as always the excellent script. Trying to find the bullet and well as the person that fired it. I loved the twist of having 2 different guns of the same type. Stella and Mac having a disagreement was a great scene. Co-workers don't always see eye to eye on this and this showed that they are not immune. The officer being killed for simply being a cop is as senseless as most murders. Now for once I actually really, honestly enjoyed Aiden Burns. I loved watching her on her own and even showing some vulnerabilty. But in the end you also saw her passion and strengh. Ultimately one of my favorite episodes.moreless
  • Mac, Stella, Danny and Flack have to solve a diffucult case and Aiden has to solve a difficult crime, too.

    "Officer Blue" was my first episode from CSI:NY. I love the whole eppy! I love horses so I love the horse called "Officer Blue" most in this episode. It is a very beautiful one with a great name. I was very worried about Blue and I was so happy as the veterinarian said that he survived the operation!

    I loved the little fight between Stella and Mac, too. The end was wonderful!

    Mac: You're a fine CSI, Stella. I can honestly say, I wouldn't do this job without you.

    Stella: Yes, you would. You just wouldn't be as good.

    Mac: (smiles) Maybe.

    And then they shook hands!

    Aidens case was great! I just can say:

    1) I hate Det. Thacker!

    2) It was so cool as Aiden talked to the owner of this shop (I can't remember his name)!

    That are my thought's about "Officer Blue".moreless
  • Another great episode of CSI:NY. Death of an NYC cop and a man killed by someone in the Pizza parlor.

    An NYC cop is shot in the back by a sniper hiding out in a nearby building. Mac and Stella investigate and later find the bullet lodged inside the cop's, horse's neck. Mac is willing to put the horse through a fatal surgery in order to recover the bullet. He changes his mind to keep the horse alive a few more hours in order for the horse's owner to say good-bye to it, and Stella is not pleased with his decision. She wants the bullet now and they get into a fight over it. Mac says that getting the bullet now would be no good anyway because they don't have the weapon and that's final. Stella, being fiery and determined like usual, sets out to find the weapon and won't stop until she does. She finds a gun and assembles it with such ease. She comes back and slams and on Mac's desk and says something like, "I've got the gun, now we need the bullet, case closed." It was interesting to see the two fight, but it was a sad scene to watch, when the little girl said good-bye to her horse.

    In the case Aiden is investigating, she goes to the pizza parlor to look for evidence. She is threatened to leave, and with no other option, she does. Mac tells her that this kind of stuff happens, and it won't be her last time that it will. He tells her it's her job to go back there and do her job. She does exactly that, and I loved how she stood up to the mob by coming back with a group of cops.moreless
Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Melina Kanakaredes

Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Stella Bonasera

Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill

Detective Donald "Don" Flack, Jr.

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Vanessa Ferlito

Vanessa Ferlito

Aiden Burn

Terry Kinney

Terry Kinney

District Attorney Tom Mitford

Guest Star

Jim Metzler

Jim Metzler

Dr. Huff

Guest Star

Allen Payne

Allen Payne

Willie Chancey

Guest Star

Sonya Walger

Sonya Walger

Jane Parsons

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Goof: When Stella does the GSR test on the window sill, it appears that she uses at least 2 circles of the paper. When she lifts it up to look at it, there is only one, and the blue indicating GSR is most prominent in a pattern of where two of her fingers rubbed the paper along the sill. Then, when she shows Mac the circle, the GSR pattern on the circle is entirely different.

    • Mac is not an animal lover.

      But, because he believes human life takes precedence over animal life doesn't mean he isn't an animal lover.

    • Goof: In the beginning, when the cop gets shot, it looks like it's on the great lawn of Central Park. Flack says he heard the shot all the way from Sixth Avenue. However Sixth Avenue stops at the bottom of Central Park, and the great lawn is in the center. So either he magically heard it from the bottom of Central Park (20 something blocks away), or the writers got confused.

    • Goof: When pulling a fingerprint from outside a window, the adhesive is placed so quickly that not the entirety of the print is covered by it, yet when pulling it off, after a camera cut, it is.

    • Goof: The cook in the bakery is asked to place her two burnt fingers on the picture. The fingers cover up the unburnt area of the victim's face in the picture perfectly. One error: the picture was a magnified photo of the face. A test like this would require a 1:1 photo.

    • Goof: A 3D model is used to recreate the crime scene. The bullet's waypoint shows the shooter to be somewhat in the middle of the floor (Mac says "9 up, 3 left"). Based on this info they search a certain room in the building, clearly one of the corner flats. In a later scene there is a shot of the building also showing 4 flats per floor.

    • Goof: When they show a scene of LaGuardia Airport, there is a Boeing 747 at one of the terminals. LaGuardia cannot handle jumbo jets like 747s; all jumbo jets in the New York area fly out of JFK or Newark.

    • Goof: Lenny Stark's driver's license reads "Manhattan, NY." However, New York State driver's licenses list New York City as "New York, NY." Also, the license lists his address as Kettle Lane. There is no such street in Manhattan.

    • Goof: Richard Smockton's rap sheet lists his address as "6210 #4 New York, NY 10303," which is a Staten Island zip code. There is no street called "#4" on Staten Island.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Stella: (Talking about the rifle) Gerald Brown left the rifle unmodified. It's ready for fire. All we need now is a bullet to compare it to. In Stella talk it's time to get the bullet out of the horse, Mac. End of conversation.

    • Flack: (to Willie Chancey) Your last call lasted 18 minutes long. What? Was she giving you phone sex?
      Chancey: Yeah. You want the number?

    • Stella: We haven't had a fight like that in a long time. Reminds me of the old Mac Taylor.
      Mac: What old Mac Taylor is that?
      Stella: The one who let his heart out of his chest every once in awhile.

    • Aiden: (to Detective Thacker) Do me a favor. Don't check out my ass when a kid's dead in the street. Show some respect.

    • Mac: You're a fine CSI, Stella. I can honestly say, I wouldn't do this job without you.
      Stella: Yes, you would. You just wouldn't be as good.
      Mac: (smiles) Maybe.

    • Jerald Brown: Willie and I just picked any pig cop. An eye for an eye.
      Mac: You shot a New York City police officer. He wasn't just a cop. He was somebody's son. He made somebody proud at home. When you shot him through the back, you shot those people through the heart. (Mac stands up.) From where I stand ... you're the one that should be put to death. No trial. No jury. Eye for an eye.

    • Flack: We sent the world out and got next to nothing. I spoke to a lot of eyewitnesses. I got everything under the sun. He was shot from a tree. He fell off his horse and shot himself. One lady said aliens came down. This city's full of nuts.

    • Mac: Is that fingerprint on the inside or the outside?
      Stella: Outside.
      (There is a flashback of the sniper opening the window; his fingers are pressed against the glass.)
      (Stella dusts & tape-lifts the print, then shows it to Mac.)

      Stella: Inside now ...
      (They run it through the database.)
      Stella: With our luck, it'll come back the window washer.

  • NOTES (6)