Season 1 Episode 21

On the Job

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 04, 2005 on CBS
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While processing a crime scene, Danny is suddenly attacked by a suspect hiding in the victim's closet. The ensuing chase leads them to a crowded New York subway where the suspect, an undercover cop and Danny all fire shots. When the smoke clears, the team is left with a dead cop, a missing suspect and Danny under investigation for the possible murder of the officer. Mac must prove who killed the cop in order to save Danny's job. Meanwhile, Stella investigates the death of a nanny killed in a Central Park restroom.moreless

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  • Geez, and all because Danny ran (never joined) with the Tanglewood Boys, Mac has go ahead with assumtions and rumors.

    Man, they really screwed around with Danny, this season. First, Tanglewood, then Crimes and Misdemeanors. As the CSIs would put it, Mac really din\'t take a closer look at the evidence presented to him. Instead of taking Danny aside and having a long hard conversation with him after the events of Tanglewood (with Danny\'s side included), he went with what everyone else said, and assumed, assumed, and assumed.

    When Danny said he didn\'t need a lawyer, I knew what he meant, \"I need your support, Mac,\" which Mac obviously didn\'t give him. Sure, he solved the case, with Aiden and Flack\'s help, and proved Danny didn\'t kill that undercover cop, but there was a lot it didn\'t prove. At least Aiden and Flack showed their support.

    This is definitely one of those episodes where I want to wring Mac\'s neck and Daniella\'s parents. I don\'t like parents who heavily rely on nannies 24/7 to take care of their kid(s). I think nannies should be used only sometimes, like when the parents want some time to their selves, or the parents should have kids at all. But, that\'s my PERSONAL opinion. And Stella\'s :)moreless
  • Danny a possible suspect for killing and the thieving nanny ring. What a great episode!!

    The Beginning:

    We open to an exciting episode from an exciting vantage point. We can tell that it's going to be thrilling to say the least. It was so scary to see the guy jump out at you. And the shoot-out got us full of adrenaline.

    The Cases:

    Case A: We have Danny, one of our guys, wanted for murder. I'd say it is similar to the episode where the same happens to Brass, however this episode came first. This was a great case that had us cringing waiting for them to figure out if Danny fired the gun. It also had us fearing Danny totally screwed himself over with the IAB detective. He should have let Mac handle it, but of course he didn't feel right. Poor Danny. That's what was on all of our minds during this episode. Poor Danny indeed. Carmine Giovinazzo did a wonderful job in his role this episode. The viewer definitely sympathized with him, especially in his scenes with Mac. And while we understood where Mac was coming from, we couldn't help but feel for Danny when he was so distraught at Mac having lost his confidence in him. Mac taking him off the promotion grid broke all of our hearts.

    Case B: The B Case was great. I think it played off really well with the other case. This has three girls who rob from their families but do it in such a way so that the items can not be traced back to them. The only thing that stopped them from succeeding is the one girl getting cold feet, and subsequently getting killed by one of her mates. Though I don't see what the one girl expected. She was working for the NYC elite, she should have known they would have treated her badly, most of the elite consider themselves to be godly in comparison to others. She should have considered how horrible they can be. Then again, as a decent human being (at least at the start), she couldn't have known the extent of their rudeness. And the girl who passed had the worst family of all I think. We could see this best with the way they treated their own child. Their child was nanny-less, and they couldn't cut their trip short to come home and look after it.

    Favorite Scene:

    My favorite scene most definitely had to be with Stella and the baby. Well both scenes that involved her with the baby. She just had this gleeful look on her face, and when she was so sweet to it, you could tell she was really hurt about how the parents treated it.moreless
  • My favorite fro m S1

    I LOVE "On the job"! This and Tanglewood are my favorite episondes from one of the best seasons (okay, there are only three, but One and Three are my favorites)

    Danny is so great in this episode, he could only improve his style, i don't like the clothes he wears in S1. And he always does excactly the opposite of what Mac tells him. He leaves the hospital although Mac told him to stay there. He also told this stupid man of which i forgot the name his story although Mac told him to do not. And his meeting with Flack...i could watch this a thousand times.

    I also liked Mac, although he took off Danny's promotion grid, but i love an angry Mac, he's sexy when he's angry

    But when he told Danny about what he did with his statement i hated him, too...

    The other case was well done, too, not a nice idea to steal from a friend's employer's house. The scene with Stella and the Baby in the end was so cute.

    All in all one of the best episodes ever!moreless
  • Great Chapter!!!

    Danny: I love him!!! I think it's one of the chapters I suffered more!!! I remember the first time I saw it and I thought: OMG!! Don't fire him!!! PLEASE!! In this chapter he demonstrates the great actor he is with his performance I could feel what Danny was feeling in every moment of the story....

    *Flack: I will only say 1 thing: LONG SIDEBURNS!!!

    *Mac: I understand him too but I think he is a bit cruel when he tells Danny that it was a mistake hire him...

    * Stella: The nanny's case was fine. Not the best one in the CSI NY story but good....I love Stella with the baby!!! She seems so happy...We need to get a Baby for Stella!!! (kidding....or not...) and what's between her and Hawkes....they flirt a lot in this chapter, don't they?? Maybe we should create a new ship....SheLla, Stekes....

    * Aiden: She disappointed me a litle...She is trying to do all she could to help Danny but she doesn't act as a real friend...I dunno...

    In conclusion, all the undercover cop involucred in a shooting with another cop, IAB, Danny getting hurt, drama, lots of forensic science will always made me love this show even more!!! It's definetly one of my season 1 favourite chapters!!!moreless
  • Oh no Danny!

    The epsiode starts off with Mac and Danny investigating in an apartment, and a man jumps out of the closets and knocks Danny over. Then Danny chases him into the subway, and there's this big shootout. When they told us the man Danny shot was an officer my mouth dropped.

    Danny was so impatient that he wanted to tell his story right away. Not a good decision. Mac was a bit snippy in this episode. Aiden was trying to see how Danny was doing, and Mac was like get to work! Better watch out for him that day sheesh. Mac told Danny to wait but he didn't, so when they found the other evidence to prove his inoccence, his statement would controdict it all. It was sad to watch Mac tell Danny the truth about what really happened in the subway station, because Danny was so sure about what he thought happened.

    Stella worked a case with 3 nannies who stole from one another and then planned pawn the items and split the cash three ways. It was great to see it all come together at the end and Stella to solve the case so determined. I loved the scenes with her and the baby, it was adorable! The parents didn't even come to get the baby for 2 days! Wow.

    The ending was so intense. I was surprised to hear Mac tell Danny that people told him not to hire him. Aww:( And he was so rude to him after when his phone rang and he put the man on hold until Danny left. Not cool Mac. It was very cute to see Stella end holding the baby though.:)moreless
Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Melina Kanakaredes

Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Stella Bonasera

Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill

Detective Donald "Don" Flack, Jr.

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Vanessa Ferlito

Vanessa Ferlito

Aiden Burn

Joe Morton

Joe Morton

Chief Dwight Hillborne

Guest Star

Alanna Ubach

Alanna Ubach

Constance Briell

Guest Star

Nick Damici

Nick Damici

Detective Patrick Colton

Guest Star

Chad Lindberg

Chad Lindberg

Chad Willingham

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: Mac says that he hired Danny five years ago. However, both in 1x05 A Man a Mile and 1x06 Outside Man Mac says that Danny is coming up on his third year.

    • Goof: Danny swears on his mother's grave. However, both in 2x01 Summer in the City and 2x20 Run Silent, Run Deep Danny alludes to his mother being alive.

    • Goof: Stella said that the girls had committed the perfect crime because none of their fingerprints were in the system. But, wouldn't the one who killed Sandra have been printed by the I.N.S. when she arrived from India?

    • Goof: Taylor said that the car that was parked outside the dead guy's apartment was a 1984 Chevy Impala. This however cannot be possible because Chevrolet was not making the Impala in 1984. Production on the car ended in 1977 and did not resume until 1996.

    • Goof: When Bonasera is looking at Sandra Lopez's driver's license, several mistakes can be seen. First, New York licenses are pink, not white and contain a lot of artwork to discourage counterfeiters. Second, the signature above the picture should be that of Motor Vehicle Commissioner Raymond P. Martinez, that signature is not. Third, her date of birth is in the wrong place and 1986 should just be 86. Fourth, on a New York license it would have said LOPEZ, SANDRA, not Sandra Lopez. Fifth, her address is written in lowercase letters, NY licenses use all capitals. Sixth, the zip code should be to the right of Harlem, NY, which shouldn't actually have the comma between Harlem and NY. Also no licence would say Harlem, NY. Licences for addresses in Manhattan would say New York, NY. Seventh, the personal information at the bottom is missing the part about restrictions (if she didn't have any it would say "E: R: "). Eighth, New York doesn't ask for hair color or weight. And finally, her license does not contain the date that it was issued on. That should be to the left of the expiration date.

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    • Ms. Wallace: Do I look like Halle Berry?

      This is a reference to Academy Award winner Halle Berry who is considered one of the most beautiful and stylish women of today's entertainment industry.

    • Child Welfare Representative: I'm the child welfare representative.

      Octavia Spencer also played the role of a Child Welfare Representative in the TV series Titus. She appeared in the episodes Amy's Birthday and The Visit.