Season 1 Episode 21

On the Job

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 04, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Mac says that he hired Danny five years ago. However, both in 1x05 A Man a Mile and 1x06 Outside Man Mac says that Danny is coming up on his third year.

    • Goof: Danny swears on his mother's grave. However, both in 2x01 Summer in the City and 2x20 Run Silent, Run Deep Danny alludes to his mother being alive.

    • Goof: Stella said that the girls had committed the perfect crime because none of their fingerprints were in the system. But, wouldn't the one who killed Sandra have been printed by the I.N.S. when she arrived from India?

    • Goof: Taylor said that the car that was parked outside the dead guy's apartment was a 1984 Chevy Impala. This however cannot be possible because Chevrolet was not making the Impala in 1984. Production on the car ended in 1977 and did not resume until 1996.

    • Goof: When Bonasera is looking at Sandra Lopez's driver's license, several mistakes can be seen. First, New York licenses are pink, not white and contain a lot of artwork to discourage counterfeiters. Second, the signature above the picture should be that of Motor Vehicle Commissioner Raymond P. Martinez, that signature is not. Third, her date of birth is in the wrong place and 1986 should just be 86. Fourth, on a New York license it would have said LOPEZ, SANDRA, not Sandra Lopez. Fifth, her address is written in lowercase letters, NY licenses use all capitals. Sixth, the zip code should be to the right of Harlem, NY, which shouldn't actually have the comma between Harlem and NY. Also no licence would say Harlem, NY. Licences for addresses in Manhattan would say New York, NY. Seventh, the personal information at the bottom is missing the part about restrictions (if she didn't have any it would say "E: R: "). Eighth, New York doesn't ask for hair color or weight. And finally, her license does not contain the date that it was issued on. That should be to the left of the expiration date.

  • Quotes

    • Steve Dark: Who knows what secrets lurk in a criminal's mind?

    • Danny: I can account for every second of that shoot, every breath, every moment.
      Mac: No you can't Danny, you know why? Because I can't.

    • Stella: She's not a ham sandwich, Steve.

    • Flack: Don't hang yourself, Danny.
      Danny: You want to know what this feels like? It feels like I'm already being hung.

    • Steve Dark: You want to play with fire, you gotta sleep with the devil.

    • Hawkes: You're looking for a rock with a v-shaped edge.
      Stella: That's good. It narrows down my search.

    • Mac: A message recorder. Still recording. We may have found our only reliable witness.

    • Stella: I'm still going to need to get your prints
      Matrice: I want a lawyer. That's what the embassy told me, if I get into trouble.
      Stella: Why? Are you in trouble?

    • Mac: Dr. Hawkes, you're a man of many talents.
      Hawkes: There was a time, I wanted to be a sculptor.

    • Stella: Anonymously returned, so it was an inside job?
      Randolph: I'm really not permitted to say.
      Stella: Ugh, listen Jeeves.
      Randolph: Randolph.
      Stella: Randolph. I'm going to need to process that nesting doll at some point, do you have any objections?
      Randolph: If it's a legal matter, no ma'am.

  • Notes

    • Adina Porter, who plays Shannon Goodall, also appears in the C.S.I. episode Coup de Grace.

      Maurice Compte, who plays Michael Armstrong, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Body Count.

    • German episode title: Im Kreuzfeuer, meaning In the Crossfire.

      Spanish episode title: De Incógnito, meaning Undercover.

      Brazilian episode title: Emprego de Risco, meaning Risky Job.

    • Music Featured:
      Next Tuesday by Zinc.
      Anything by Zinc.
      Somedays by Regina Spektor.

  • Allusions

    • Ms. Wallace: Do I look like Halle Berry?

      This is a reference to Academy Award winner Halle Berry who is considered one of the most beautiful and stylish women of today's entertainment industry.

    • Child Welfare Representative: I'm the child welfare representative.

      Octavia Spencer also played the role of a Child Welfare Representative in the TV series Titus. She appeared in the episodes Amy's Birthday and The Visit.

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