Season 4 Episode 9

One Wedding and a Funeral

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 2007 on CBS

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  • The 333 stalker sends Mac to Chicago

    While there is a murder at a wedding the 333 stalker has upped his game as he is planning something for Mac by leaving puzzles of buildings behind with some kind of material in each one and when the CSI's put the puzzles together they are buildings with one missing piece and that leads Mac to Chicago to seek the answers he needs which will continue on to the next episode.Overall a brilliant episode and I can't wait for the continued episode.
  • A wedding that was to serve as a bridge between two feuding, wealthy families turns diasterous when the groom turns up dead at the ceremony. Also, Mac gets a disturbing message from his past in the form of a three dimensional jigsaw puzzle.


    I should have seen that an episode such as this would air in November, a sweeps month for the networks. Despite that, I found this episode to be just terrific. Both storylines worked well along side one another. The opening scene of the wedding guests doing their best impression of UFC was very well done. It also does a good job of grabbing the viewer's attention. The story focusing on Mac was also very well done and plausible. CSI: NY has been hitting all the right notes so far this season. Hopefully the Writers Guild strike will not effect things.

  • A Wedding Turns Wrong When The Groom Turns Up Dead Inside A Present, Detective Bonasera Receives A Puzzle With Blood On It & Mac Goes To Chicago To Find His Stalker.

    A Wedding Turns Sour When The Groom Ends Up Dead Inside A Present And The Team Try To Find Out Who Murdered Him.
    Detective Bonasera Gets A Box Of Puzzles, With Blood On It, And Asks Adam To Do It For Her, But Adam Doesn't Like Puzzles, He Found Out In The End That It Was A Building & The CSI's Go To That Building Where They Find The Next Box Of Puzzles. In The End, Mac Notices That The Puzzles & Buildings Have Something To Do With Him, They Represent Significant Changes In His Life, Like Getting Married Etc.
    An Brilliant Episode.
  • Got a lot clues but what did we learn

    We got a lot of clues in this episode about Mac's mysterious caller and about Mac's life but it didn't really answer any questions except to draw us to Chicago. Hmmmm. Questions Questions Questions Another good thing about this episode is we got one weird way to wrap a body in this one. How many other shows would show you how to stuff a body with packing peanuts and wrap it with bubble wrap. Very original. There was a lot great scenes with Lindsay and Stella this week investigating the puzzle pieces and I am really enjoying the character of Adam. I am not sure about this whole Stella/Drew thing. His have a creepy feeling too him but then again isn't that too obvious and unoriginal since she has already been down that path. Don't really care -- I do enjoy looking at Kerr Smith though.
  • Slow start fast end.

    I watch this show regularly and after awhile most of the episodes sound routine. That's how this one started out but it sure didn't end that way. Mac Danny and Hawkes accompany Flack to a murder at a wedding where they discover the groom has been murdered. Meanwhile after testifying Stella discovers a mysterious box on her vehicle. She discovers pieces to a 3-D puzzle. When it's rebuilt it turns out to be inomplete and two of the completed buildings are missing pieces. Eventually tmore pieces are found and the puzzle is complete except for the two pieces missing from the building. The CSIs are stumped until Mac arrives to take a look at it...and realizes it's about him. As I said it strted out in a pretty routine fashion and I found myself watching the first 45 minutes casually. Then I found myself glued to the tv for the last 15 minutes. Why? For one thing I've been following The 333 Stalker arc wondering who it was. Then this side storyline about a puzzle reveals that it was sent by 333. Why? That question was not answerd. What was answered was that this stalker has been following Mac throughout his career possibly even most of his life. Now as 333 has led Mac back to Chicago and the camera pans out giving a very errie glimpse of Chicago Mac is closer to the truth than ever.
  • Well-done and awesome!

    Probably one of the most well done episodes of NY of the CSI thing. As it shows a lot more about Mac as he drives to Chicago, which is ironically, Gary Sinese's real life hometown to solve a puzzle in a jigsaw. We learned things about him and his dead wife. Also we learn a sort of Hatfields vs McCoys thing about two feuding families who didn't get along really well. As it took a wedding cake thirty-five hours to get ready. I mean, that also has to be one expensive cake. As the groom turned up dead making his bride a widow in one day. Really good to see that Mac proposed to his wife on the rooftops!
  • the whole episode was dull but certain parts made it amazing!

    they saw nothing they heard nothing welcome to my life!

    certain quotes in this episode made it really funny

    best one was "my first dead ringer" haha

    part from the certain quotes and the ending it was a very dull murder and ending. the main part of the episode should of been more focused on the puzzle pieces

    i loved how it all came down to mac although i thought it should of been handled differently. maybe shown the end of the episode on his flight to chicago with a phonecall saying welcome home as soon as he landed, and the next episode showing the bits where he is at the tribunal tower.

    good ending though, cant wait for next episode!
  • Good episode for the way it ended for the most part. The beginning of the show was pretty standard. We had a few

    Good episode for the way it ended for the most part. The beginning of the show was pretty standard. We had a few good tells with a box of puzzle pieces showing up on Stella's cruiser. This leads to another box and Mac figuring out that the puzzle is a map of his life. Out of nowhere we're back to the 333 stalker. This leads Mac to Chicago which is a part of his past I don't know about and can't wait to see what it's all about. The case itself was nothing special of some guy found dead at his wedding. It was the textbook example of typical. Good episode great buildup for the showdown with the 333 stalker.
  • This is was a great episode.

    The case of the groom was good. But the case of the mysterious puzzles was great. This episode was very exciting, especially the last fifteen minutes.

    I was very curious about what happened to the dead groom. I thought it was a little corny that his caterer killed him and I was actually laughing like an idiot when his friend told his part of the story. How idiotic...to dress his dead friend up and deliver him to the wedding just because of a bet. I couldn't believe that.

    I was immediately intrigued by the puzzle that showed up on Stella's car. I felt bad for Adam when he put the puzzles together. I thought it was cute when he went to Danny for help. I liked how Stella confronted Drew, sure that he was the one responsible for sending the puzzle to her. He was slightly less creepy in this episode but I don't blame Stella for rejecting him.

    The last ten-fifteen minutes of this episode were intense. I'd been hoping all along that the puzzles had something to do with Mac rather than Stella and I was pleased to find out that they actually did. I've been antsy all season, waiting for the situation with the 333 stalker to come to a climax. Finally, the time is near. I loved Flack and Sid's lines in this one. Of course, Flack usually has some great lines. So funny!! I was a little peeved that the season opened up with the 333 phone calls and was dragged out for so long. All this time without a mention of the stalker made me a little annoyed. I realize now that it has played out well. The suspense was unbelievable. A great episode! :)
  • Finally! The continuity fairies have returned in another good episode of this series!

    Not only was this a pretty good episode, but it should, at least until next week, calm the outrage of those on the forums that thought there was no continuity left in this season…

    The case with the wedding, dead groom at caterer was pretty average. I still don't get why he swapped the groomsman swapped the shoes…but I digress. The important case was nicely paced. The slow build up, where the audience isn't quite sure what the puzzles mean, then the gradual clues and finally the big reveal…It's all about Mac! That was really well-done. It is a shame nobody puts the promos up on the net for other people to see (that I know of) because part 2 sounds interesting, but I haven't even seen the promo! Still, I guess it keeps me spoiler free.

    Both Flack and Sid got at least one good one-liner, and that is always fun. No D/L interactions, but they seem to save those for some reason…Kerr Smith did have some good screen time as well. I don't think he's that creepy! He certainly redeemed himself this episode, anyway. And he's so attractive…

    The only thing that annoyed me was the LOTR: Return of the King ending(s). Seemed there was a number of false endings in the last 10 minutes. But maybe that was just me…

    All in all, well worth your time!
  • Pieces of Mac's past comeback in 3D form. A Groom is found dead on his wedding day.

    The case of the murdered groom provided some great one liners for Don and Sid. The strangest part of this case was when Sid pulled the grooms cell phone out of his body. The ending of this particular case was lame but the real moral of the story was-always be kind to your wedding caterer.

    The second story is one I wished the writers would have focused on exclusively. Stella finds a box on her car containing puzzle pieces and immediately thinks that they were sent by Drew. Stella once again has to tell Drew that she isn't interested but Drew's undying patience with Stella makes their relationship funny. Lindsay thinks that they are connected to a case of Stella's but both women are incorrect.

    One box of puzzle pieces leads to a total of three and they are all connected to Mac's past-his first apartment, his first crime scene and where he became engaged. Creepy, yet interesting. Mac still can't make a connection and the mystery is getting thicker. Another mysterious phone call leads Mac back to Chicago, and hopefully, another juicy piece of this puzzle. In short, a good episode with some good writing.
  • Anna Belknap as Lindsay Monroe, Gary Sinise as Detective Mack Taylor. Eddie Cahill as Detective Donald Flack, Hill Harper as Dr. Sheldon Hawkes, Melina Kanakaredes as Detective Stella Bonasera, Carmine Giovinazzo as Danny Messer

    A cellphone starts ringing inside a dead groom. Detective Stella Bonasera receives a puzzle with blood on it. When the puzzle is done, they notice that it's a 3D puzzle, but with one puzzle piece missing. They figure out the building of the missing piece. In the building they find a new box with the rest of the puzzle in it. For Stella Bonasera this doesn't make any sense. No one of her previously cases is nothing near this case. But with the final puzzle is done there is no more clues. Stella and Lindsey arrives to the address of the building to find the building gone.
    Stella and her team is stuck when detective Mac Taylor comes to look at the puzzle. what he looks at is a part of his life and he helps the rest of the team to find the last missing box with puzzle. When Mac travels home to Chicago to find out more about this puzzle his cellphone starts to ring. The person with the number 333.
  • A cell phone in a dead guy and puzzle pieces-lots and lots of puzzle pieces.

    One Wedding and a Funeral was a much needed solid episode. In it was a return of the "mystery" and though had it's tense moments, also had some comic relief thanks to Flack and Sid. The cell phone in the dead guy was a little different. I was expecting Sid to anwser and ask "Can you hear me now?"

    The episode sets up the showdown between Mac and his stalker in Chicago. The puzzle pieces left for Stella, were actually clues for Mac. And poor Adam (seems like he always gets the crappy, tedious jobs) has to assemsble them. The mystery of each puzzle kept me intriqued and I liked the creativity on the writers part by using them to convery clues-the blood, the missing pieces indicating certain floors in buildings, etc. It's a nice break from the cliche notes left on desks or slid under doors as is done so many times to send messages. And we learn through this a little more about Mac-his first case, first apartment, and where he got engaged.

    This episode and the next one are Mac centered, but it is my hope that the whole team can be there for Mac. We get so many episodes where they are split on different cases that it would be nice to see them come together to help one of their own. Mac is always saying that everything is connected and I think it's about time for a case to connect the whole team.
  • And so the plot thickens.

    Finally I get to see a dang episode of CSI NY! This was awesome. I don't think I'll ever understand men. Moving your best friend because of possibly losing a 100 grand bet? I think Flack cut his hair. Seems shorter.

    I thought that puzzle was anything but 2D. Looked very weird when Adam was trying to do it that way. I confess to thinking it was for Stella too. Lol, I love Lindsay's stating of the obvious. That was awesome. A new level to the 3:33 stalker and it's getting very suspenseful. I wonder if it was someone Mac grew up with.
  • Even for CSI: NY until the last 15 minutes

    This episode was okay. Nothing to write home about until the last 15 minutes. Once we solved the wedding murder which only held miminal information and attention, the only benefit was a few very good one liners from our team. However, it gets interesting when Macd determines that the puzzle is about him and not Stella. The puzzle is about him. He finally reveals to Adam and Lindsay about his 333 stalker and adds some additional information that even Stella was unaware. We follow Mac on his trip to Chicago where it all supposedly started and from the previews of next week, will finally end.
  • Good

    Better chapter than last week but still not my favourite...

    *Wedding case: It begins really good...the wound is amazing and the phone ringing? GREAT! The murder weapon? ORIGINAL.... It was a case with not lots of complications and totally eclipsed by the second one. It gets solved more than 15 minutes before the end...

    *Puzzles: The girls, Lindsay and Stella, work again together in a box found in Stella's car. That guides them to another puzzle and more hints to try to find who is behind everything...Finally they found the connection: MAC...all is about him

    -Adam: HUGE!! The images of him with the puzzles are hilarious, he stoles again all the attention... Works in the boths cases...It seems again that they are no more lab techs....Where is kendall?? Oh yes in BONES!!
    -Mac: Intense and worried. He travels to Chicago at the end...quite dangerous to go there by his own...I hope he receives sme help and he doesn't loose control like in Boo or before....This is affecting him seriously...
    -Stella: I like that she acuses Drew about the puzzle because she seems to have seen he is really creepy, but bringing the evidence there? That was stupid!! IF Drew has anything to do with all the puzzles and Chicago she justscrew it up because he has now an excuse of his DNA or fingerprints in the puzzle. ANd then she apologizes!! She has really bad taste with men.....
    -Danny: Funny, smiling a lot and the reconstruction scene with the pig is really funny....again the use of BOOM...But he appears very litle time...
    -Lindsay: It's just me or today she looked really stunning??? I love the black and white cobination and WAW! She gave birth some months ago but she recovered her body!! She finds out about the 333 and helps MAc and Stella at the end...
    -Flack: GORGEOUS!! The ties were not the worse of the season... If he is left handed why he uses his right hand to hold the glass and drink water??.....
    -Hawkes: disappears after the first half hour and never comes back.... *NO D/L AT ALL!!! NOTHING!!! Stella and Mac talk between them about their cases, Adam talks with Danny and works with the case with Lindsay but Danny and Lindsay didn't met in any moment...
    *I speculated before....There are not spoilers, just speculation!
    *Next weeks promo: Seems amazing! Mac centric...He is in Chicago but somehow all the team is involved? I'm quite confused with that....
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