Season 4 Episode 9

One Wedding and a Funeral

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 2007 on CBS

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  • Slow start fast end.

    I watch this show regularly and after awhile most of the episodes sound routine. That's how this one started out but it sure didn't end that way. Mac Danny and Hawkes accompany Flack to a murder at a wedding where they discover the groom has been murdered. Meanwhile after testifying Stella discovers a mysterious box on her vehicle. She discovers pieces to a 3-D puzzle. When it's rebuilt it turns out to be inomplete and two of the completed buildings are missing pieces. Eventually tmore pieces are found and the puzzle is complete except for the two pieces missing from the building. The CSIs are stumped until Mac arrives to take a look at it...and realizes it's about him. As I said it strted out in a pretty routine fashion and I found myself watching the first 45 minutes casually. Then I found myself glued to the tv for the last 15 minutes. Why? For one thing I've been following The 333 Stalker arc wondering who it was. Then this side storyline about a puzzle reveals that it was sent by 333. Why? That question was not answerd. What was answered was that this stalker has been following Mac throughout his career possibly even most of his life. Now as 333 has led Mac back to Chicago and the camera pans out giving a very errie glimpse of Chicago Mac is closer to the truth than ever.