Season 3 Episode 6

Open and Shut

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2006 on CBS

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  • While at an upscale New York hotel investigating the bizzare murder of a concierge, Mac and his team hear gun shots coming from a next door apartment building. They arrive at the scene to find two men dead and a shaken woman with a handgun.


    Melina Kanekeredes gives one her best performances as Stella Bonasera in this episode of CSI: NY. From her agument with Anna Belknap to her final confrontation with DeeDee Pfeiffer, Kanakeredes has never been better. There are other things that make this episode very enjoyable. The great performances but the top notch cast for example and the well written script are contributing factors as well. I very much liked how the plot concerning the therapist panned out. DeeDee Pfeiffer was terrific as the supposedly traumatized woman. If you haven't seen it yet, by all means do so.

  • Model Behavior OR Liar, Liar

    I thought that the acting in the model story line was brilliant. They were believable and intresting. The story was good, and it was oviously based on Naomi Cambell. The only part I didn't like was that the way she was being held over the balcony she would have fallen straight down to backwards onto the spike, but I'm not sure.

    The "self-defence" killing next door was good. I loved the story, and how the women really played on Stella emotions from what happened to her last season. It was well writtedn and well acted.

    All in all this was a good episode of CSI: NY!
  • Great

    This episode written by Wendy Battles .While investigating the death of a hotel employee at a swimsuit modeling shoot, the CSI team hears shots across the street and wanders onto another crime scene where a shocked woman has just shot an intruder. Stella understand Grace's feeling, turning her to be emotional involved with the case. As more evidence shows up, Lindsay Monroe, Sheldon Hawkes and Stella Bonasera finally discover the real killer--Grace!! So shocking. Mac and Danny investigate the death of the hotel employee-Sarah Jackson. Although this is not the best episode in this season, but I still love this episode.
  • One address - three dead people. Contains spoilers for the episode.

    This really was a well written episode. Even though I knew there was something fishy about the apartment murders, and I did suspect the wife, I didn't immediately think she'd actually done it. I guess it was only luck for the wife that Stella was the one who got her case, as out of all the CSI's, Stella at that time would be the one who'd be less likely to suspect her. The wife set out to commit a crime, that was quite perfectly planned. And had it not been for the model's publicity plot, she would've gotten away with it. I think it would've been fun if she had gotten away with it. If Stella realised that the wife really was the murderer, but been unable to prove it. I think it would've added a nice twist, but as it is, the ending worked quite well.
  • A crime scene haunts Stella!

    When Flack, Mac and Stella are called to a crime scene of a woman who has fallen from a terace onto a large spike they hear gunshots. Flack calls it into dispatch and the three of them race to the scene of the crime leaving Danny at the first.

    Mac, Danny and Flack investigate the first crime scene and discover that a models attitude problem was staged for video and her publicist doesn't know. She demands the video and the victim ends up falling from the terrace. the vic is holding on but she is too heavy to be pulled back up.

    Stella, Lindsey and Hawkes investigate the shooting of a man who had previously beaten a man to death with a hammer. The wife of the woman had shot the vic in self defense. Stella has flashbacks of when she had to shoot Frankie. They follow the evidence and realize that the grieving wife staged the whole thing. She beat her husband to death with a hammer. She had a shower and waited for a guy to arrive. She then shot the guy twice and went to change her top. She only had a couple of minutes to stash her top unaware that the detectives where close by at another crime scene.

    Grace tells Stella that she read about what she did to her boyfriend last year. Stella replies "I was a victim, you're just a cold blooded murderer"

    No D/L moments and Lindsey and Stella have a little dispute.

    Great ep.
  • Saw this on a rerun - knew who did it almost right away.

    I figured out who did it almost right away - after about 2 minutes of the show, after the credits. (And I even missed the opening and the credits). There was just something about the wife's acting. I don't know if its who she is as an actress or if she purposefully acted that way, but it came across as so forced and fake, which is why I knew she was the one who killed her husband. Then how she made a point of telling the cops she was a therapist and she works with people who suffer trauma. It was all too convenient and too obvious. Not to say it wasn't an interesting mystery... just when it's so obvious, the show starts to lose appeal. Why bother watching any crime drama if you know how every show will end?
  • This was a great episode. I loved the bringing up of Stella’s attack. I am glad they talked about that again, and also that they showed how people KNEW her. They should how it affected her as a cop to have that happen to her. Spoilers inside.

    This episode had a great lead in. I mean really seeing the girl hanging and then losing grip, and BAM she falls and gets spiked. And we find out had it been a quarter of an inch over, she might’ve survived. Of course if she did, it wouldn’t be CSI. Also seeing everything lead up to that point? Brilliant.

    The first case is that of a woman, a hotel concierge who falls from the balcony of the hotel onto a net with a giant spike. She is the one we see in the very beginning. This case is an excellent case. I mean it just has such a great twist. I personally didn’t see it coming until a little bit later in the show. However, upon rewatching it, I wonder how I could have missed it. I felt so sad for the poor girl, though I have to say I loved her bracelet- I WANT one. Note to self.
    I have to say I love the Model’s acting here. It was wonderful. She was so great as a smug little b****. I love how it ends up being a publicity stunt. That’s great. I love how it ends up being the stylist, a friend of Mandi’s.

    The second case is of a woman who fired shots right across the street from the hotel just as the csi’s were there. So they rush to the scene, and we see her, there with her dead husband and a man she claims was beating her husband. Immediately, I felt like something was off, but I wasn’t too sure. I mean it looked like everything was right. I guess I did fall for her, she was a pretty good actress. We never see how wicked she could be until the interview with Stella. I loved how it seems as if it’s the schizophrenic guy, but it ended up being the wife. I really appreciated that they didn’t pull a whole “the schizophrenic did it” thing. Just because you have something like that doesn’t make you a bad guy. And it was wrong of Stella to assume he was. I sooo enjoyed her reaction when it happened. And the best part is when she finds the t-shirt in the vent.

    First and foremost has to be the scene with Lindsay and Stella. I love how Stella snaps back at her. But we realize, well Lindsay has a point. Both women do, but Lindsay ends up being right, no?
    After that is the scene with Sid in the autopsy room with the female vic. After he is done he just sighs heavily, and it’s so sweet and sad to see him that affected by it. Sid is great, he has his humorous aspects too, but he definitely has some sensitivity as well. Also, when Sid discusses the bracelet and he says he couldn’t bear to cut off such a sentimental part of the vic’s life. So sweet!! I love Sid.
    And of course we have an awesome scene with Stella and the criminal. I LOVE how she reacts to the woman and how she just slams the evidence in her face! She is soooo amazing. Melina is such a wonderful actress!

    OVERALL: This was a great episode. I loved the bringing up of Stella’s attack. I am glad they talked about that again, and also that they showed how people KNEW her. They should how it affected her as a cop to have that happen to her. I am so happy for Stella for facing up to her recent past and not even thinking it was her fault. I love Stella!
  • Mac investigates when a hotel worker is found on a cage with a railing impaled through her chest. Meanwhile, Stella gets emotionally involved in the case of a woman who apparently killed a man in self-defence to protect her husband.

    Wow, ok here goes...

    I Liked...

    - Stella getting too involved in her case and kinda being a b**ch to Lindsay. Even though I felt bad for Lindsay, I liked how Stella got too emotionally involved in this case. It reminds us (the viewers) that the CSIs are human and even though they aren't supposed to get too emotionally attatched to their cases, it happens. Especially after what happened to Stella in the Season 2 episode "All Access."

    - When the model mentioned throwing an iPod at her assistant's head. Did anybody else think this was a throwback to real-life model Naomi Campbell, who apparently threw her cellphone at her assistant's head?

    - Both cases in this episode. I thought they were both interesting cases and cleverly plotted and written.

    I Didnt Like....

    - No Danny/Lindsay moments. Aww, man!
  • Emotional Stella. Publicity. And no D/L moments again.

    It started with a bright day, and a model in a swimming pool. At first, I felt that the model was rather unreasonable for yelling at someone over a pillow. It's just a PILLOW. But in the end, it was for publicity's sake. What an important role publicity makes these days.

    And few minutes later after the first crime scene was being processed, gunshots were heard. The CSI's rushed to the 2nd crime scene where it was supposingly almost identical to Stella's past. Okie, i don't blame Stella being all emotional but letting it off on Lindsay?! That sounds unreasonable again. They shouldn't even let Stella work on the case in the 1st place.

    Yet, no D/L moments. TPTB is getting on my nerves again. *sulks*
  • Bovine stem cells, brain matter, belly ring and a publicity stunt gone wrong.

    My least favorite of the three CSIs...I think I mention this everytime...but I try to be fair in my reviews and I don't let the fact that I don't like it as much as the others influence my review...

    Let’s deal with the A story first. Sara Jackson, a hotel concierge is found dead. In the opening, you see her fighting with Mandi Foster, a model with a diva attitude. She is giving Sara grief over a pillow. Upon examining Sara’s body, it comes to Mac’s attention that while her body was in rigor, her right hand was not, leading Mac to conclude that Sara was holding something when she died. Mandi’s fingerprint is found on Sara’s finger and a stillshot of a video from that camera eventually found itself as the cover for a National Enquirer type tabloid. There were also bovine stem cells found on Sara but it was found out that now they use those for facials. Mandi and Tess were both clients of a local spa that uses those types of stem cells in their facials. Investigation of the railing that Sara fell from found all sorts of wonderful little things on it including a scratch that has a turquoise color. Mac recalls Tess was wearing a belly ring with turquoise on it and the scratch could have come from that.
    What actually happened…..Due to the rise in popularity in Kate Moss’ career despite the fact she was caught doing cocaine, Mandi Foster decided to generate a little publicity of her own. She asked Sara Jackson to take some videos of her and then leak them to the press in exchange, she promised Sara she would get her photog to take some head shots of her. Unfortunately for Tess, Mandi and Sara did not include her in this little stunt and thought Sara was trying to hurt Mandi. Since Tess had been with Mandi from the beginning, she was protective of her and when she saw the camera taping, she tried to get it away from her…the girls fought and Sara went over the railing. Tess reached out to help her up and in doing so, she scratched the railing with her turquoise belly ring. Alas, Tess was not strong enough to pull up Sara and her grip let go and Sara was impaled to whatever that object was under her.

    Story B….Grace Thompson claims she saw a man hitting her husband.with a hammer so she shoots him. There was a bouquet of flowers at the scene. Right away Stella identifies with her and tells Mac she wants the case and he obliges. They identify the “man” as Ron Blunt. According to Grace, Ron was her husband Dan’s limo driver. Seems there was an incident where Ron was behaving eradically and Grace, being a counselor told Dan to bring it to the attention of the limo company and report it. Dan didn’t want to do it so Grace did and Ron was fired. The flowers found had Blunt’s fingerprints on them. The investigation leads them to find blood with brain matter on them in the bathroom. Recreation of the scene with the blood splatter proves blunt was not the one who used the hammer because the assailant would have to be between 5’2” and 5’5” or…Grace.
    What actually happened…..Grace felt trapped with Dan and she set the wheels in motion to have Ron take the fall. Grace killed Dan with the hammer and got blood with brain matter on her white T-shirt. She somehow had gotten Ron his job back and he shows up to give her flowers as a thank you and she shoots him. Grace then takes a shower and transfers brain matter blood to bathroom. She showers and changes clothes. BUT…since the cops were already in the vicinity (Sara Jackson case) Grace didn’t have enough time to dispose of her shirt so she hid it in her bedroom vent which was found thus proving her guilt.

    A story was pretty good but the B story was not. Well, it was good but not really good….Why Mac would let Stella take the case after what happened to her is beyond me. Could he not realize she might have taken this personally? AND…what was that all about when Stella verbally assaulted Lindsey? Lucky for Stella, Lindsey’s from Montana…cuz if she was from New York, she wouldn’t have walked away….!

    All in all, it was a good episode I thought.
  • A case looks simple but it's not. But really, are they ever?

    Okay... I'm a little behind on my reviews. I've got two to do before tonight's episode.

    I was not a fan of this episode. I'll say it. I like the continuity of Stella having to deal with what happened to Frankie last season, because obviously a traumatic experience like that isn't something that one just gets over in a few weeks or even a few months. But I thought it was incredibly unprofessional of her to work that case. I thought it was incredibly irresponsible of Mac to allow her to work on the case, even when he saw that she was getting emotionally involved.

    I don't like the double standards they seem to be putting forth this season, and here I am thinking of the scene between Stella and Lindsay, where Stella goes off on Lindsay for no reason. Lindsay thankfully does not respond to Stella's outburst, instead leaving the room. I wished that Stella had apologized for her behavior. I hate that they make it seem as if it is okay for Stella to act that way - because she's dealing with her "issues" or whatever - but if Lindsay had done that, it would've been unprofessional. Oh, the hypocrisy of it all.

    *ahem* Not enough Danny. I only got two good screen caps of him from this episode, and that is simply unacceptable. Danny needs to be in every scene. EVERY SCENE.

    I know that's never going to happen, but a girl can dream, can't she?

    And of course, no D/L. But I don't even know if D/L action would have made me like this episode better. Oh, who am I kidding, of course it would've.

    And I'll make a comment about the miracle technology. A picture from a camera phone would not have had high enough quality for Stella to make out anything in the building behind the girl in the photo, much less the silhouette of the wife, proving that she killed her husband.
  • Parties on the subway and noisy neighbours. New York is a dangerous city.

    Good epsiode. But obviously the writers have not got my letter about the Danny/Linsday interaction. I\'m thinking all they needed was Lindsay to almost drop something in the lab and then this hand pops out of nowhere and catches it (piece of glass from the flask?), and it\'s Danny and there is a brief look between them. Or they apss one aother in the hallway, he asks what she is up to, she says found art and you?, he says central vac, adn she tells him she is sorry.

    Ok, enought about what could have happened and back to what actually happened. I like Peyton. She\'s fun but also down to earth and loyal. Good to see her stand up for Hawkes, and that she is not afraid of how it will affect her relationship with Mac. The birthday vending machine cakes were so cute. I wish I lived in a city where all of a sudden there is a party on a subway train. I know, I know, probably more glamorous and fun than it actually would be in real life - but it still looked like it was a blast - until someone died. I liked how Hawkes kept looking at Jenny (the victim) as if she looked kind of familiar. He is such a good guy. He took her out for coffee because she had too much to drink and lost her friends. I can see why Mac was upset, but was that because he found out from a 3rd party, or because he was trying not to make this case personal himself? Good interaction between him and Hawkes. I like that he didn\'t apologize for his actions to Peyton or Hawkes.

    I also love Austin Peck - too bad he was the killer. All because his neighbour was too loud? Try living below sex bunnies. Or next door to the couple that fights by yelling at the top of their lungs. I\'m sure you could tune out the swim gym. You are a Buddist after all. Channel it into your energies and meditate or something like that. Boy am I politically incorrect. Nice to see the show didn\'t typecast the role into someone who \"looked\" loike a Buddist. I wish I had a swim gym.

    You can see why they announced Anna\'s pregnancy - it is very noticiable now. They\'ll be keeping to the head shots/hide her behind things until she \"disappears\".
  • Cases - predictable. Character development - okay.

    What can I say, I didn't like the cases.

    "Bad publicity is still good publicity" is what they always say. The model's plan to draw more attention on her just got out of hand. I feel bad for the victim.

    Probably one of the best things in this episode was Stella. I like how she seemed to have changed and how affected she was in this case, and how determined she became when she found out she got played. The flashbacks on her ordeal with psycho Frankie had a great effect.

    This is probably my least favorite episode of the season. Except for Stella, I didn't enjoy watching this.
  • A Stella & Flack centered show!

    Flack really shined in this episode as did Stella
    Models do have egos as well as when something like
    This happens, they are being shown their true self as
    In this show. I wanted to really haul off and hit Mandi for being a you know what to poor Sara. Glad that Mandi was arrested. Stella was used by Grace and that wasn't right at all. Really a Stella and a Flack centered show.
  • Stella bashing!!

    Wow, take about a dose of bashing! I felt sorry for Sara when Mandi was getting on her case about pillows. Pillows of all bloody things. Rant of the moment: Models need to have their egos tuned to to earth level. Thankfully, Flack came to the rescue! With his wit and sarcasm, he had her arrested and blew her ego up! Go Flack!!!

    Bang! Bang! In comes Stella's angst. When it was discovered that Ron Blunt had pollen on his hands, I was thinking, "AFFAIR! And her hubbie found out!" But then I realized that it wouldn't make any sense because how did he die? I feel bad that Stella was used by Grace. What a witch. Fantastic episode. They did a great job, even if there were some clichés.
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