Season 1 Episode 6

Outside Man

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2004 on CBS

Episode Recap

We see a man with his head covered in a plastic bag. He hears people dying around him. Then we see a gun being readied by his head. And he is shot. But his eyes open again and he sees the blood against his bag, and rips the bag off. A woman's groans are heard.

Mac and Danny are on the scene with Flack, two bodies are being wheeled out. Aiden joins. Flack describes the situation, and Danny believes it's an inside job. Aiden is taking pictures when Mac comes up. He notifies them they are taking this one alone, Danny is in charge since he is going to take the test to become second grade soon.

Danny and Aiden head down to the basement. There are two bodies down there. Both were robbed and took a shot to the head. Shooter used a revolver0 5 shot. He reloaded and as Aiden says "he must've had a cool head." Aiden discovers the manager, Octavia, was about to make the night deposit, and that she was planning a trip to Albany. Danny walks through the scene step by step, "I don't see any duct tape. Means the shooter brought tape with him. He knows the bags are already here so he only brings the stuff that he needs."

Stella and Mac are at what seems to be a dump. They find leg. Just a leg. It was pretty worked up.

Back to Danny and Aiden, the male survivor, was shot in the head carried someone else upstairs, and manages to call the cops. Flack said he accounted for all the employees. But something doesn't add up to Danny. It reads like an inside job, "but if this guy knew someone on the inside, how come they all got shot?"

Hawkes is with both Stella and Mac, examining the leg. It has stab marks and cuts, several of which are to the bone. One injury is consistent with that of a power drill. The leg was amputated, but there was nothing wrong with the leg to amputate it in the first place. They find a rod inside the leg. Stella suggests getting it out so they can get a serial number. And they do.

They question Doctor Willems at the hospital. He says the patients name was Frank Hertzberg. It happened while he was cleaning the gun and it discharged. He last saw him months ago for photos for an article. He tells them that staff will give them any documents he requires.

Back to Danny with an all white replica of the crime scene. He is going over it with Aiden. Based on evidence, the shooter brought everyone downstairs. One of them let the shooter in. but they need to figure here it all started.

Terrell Davenport (one of those who survived) seems to Aiden to be the most likely suspect as he has a history and was recently released and missed his last parole. He also has a habit with Heroine.

Danny and Aiden examine the duct tape. Aiden finds a possible hair, and Danny finds blue fibers inconsistent with the uniforms of the victims. Danny examines the blue fiber. The print on the tape Aiden is looking at is from only one person, Terrell Davenport.

Stella and Mac enter a home; they find a man dead on a bed. They get a cop to tell the EMTs to leave, as they are just gawking. Mac lifts the sheet: his leg is amputated. Mac says the sweet scent is from gangrene. Frank knew he was dying since he tried to get up (Iv was torn out). They find evidence of a woman, and they also find pictures of other amputees. Then upon checking the freezer, Stella finds a finger. The clock is stopped at 9:55. Mac states that "Everything in this place seems wrong."

Aiden and Danny head to the hospital. Octavia didn't make it. So they go to talk to Terrell his eyes and everything is bandaged. He is angry that they think he had something to do with this, and is angry with their questioning. He claims Octavia called them downstairs, that there was a man with a gun. And that he had to do all the work of putting on the bags and the duct tape. Terrell claims he couldn't see him. He says to ask Octavia, and upon hearing Octavia didn't make it, he is visibly distraught.

Mac is fingerprinting the cut finger. And Hawkes claims there was nothing wrong with the finger. Hawkes bring back to the look at the leg. It looks like they changed saws mid-cut.

Back to Danny and Aiden. Danny leaves Aiden to check with Ballistics. He is on a mission to prove that Terrell let the man through the door, and that Terrell is lying. He is at the lab and is examining the key. The bloody one has a fingerprint on it. It is not Terrell's thumbprint. Last person the touch the key was Najiv. He was the only without duct tape and a bag on his hand. Then again he was the only shot in the back. Because they ran out of luck with the shell-casing (no hit), Danny decides that "Instead of working from the inside-out, we need to work from the outside-in."

Stella informs Mac she finds a match to the finger. Joe Garford. The two find Mr. Garford. He has a leg missing and a finger missing. He claims frank felt oppressed by his leg. That he couldn't feel whole till it was removed. He claims frank asked to use his pinky. They find out his leg wasn't amputated. He was faking. Apparently they are a group of people who WANT to be amputees.

Back to Aiden and Danny. They are examining evidence from the dumpster. Both find syringes: three in total. On one there is a bloody fingerprint. It came up to Jose Figueroa. Octavia's brother. Danny confronts him. Jose claims innocence. He says that he walked in and saw the massacre. That he went there shot up, and didn't call the police. Danny believes him… for the moment.

Aiden finds his story bull. Danny says he was a junkie; it probably made sense at the time. Danny tells Aiden to recheck the evidence from trace, while he is going to work on the broken front door. He finds pollen and a palm print. Danny runs the print and finds a match.

Danny and Flack confront Lamar Adams (the man whose print it was) Lamar is claiming he just went there to look at a girl. But Danny notices he has a blue wristband (remember the blue fibers found before)

Stella is with Mrs. Herztberg. She shows them a honeymoon photo the real one and one frank created with his leg digitally removed. She states how he had been thinking of things like that. That he would go to a rehab center and pretend with Joe, who would also give him ideas that would get them to amputate it for sure. The wife states he had apotemnophilia. She doesn't want the body now that it's dead.

Danny is checking fibers from Lamar's wristband. Aiden comes over with good news. Danny doesn't ask what it is. But the fibers are not the same. Aiden gives him the trace analysis from the duct tape. The good news was that the unknown with hair fragment was actually fiber: a heat resistant fiber. They cross reference tape distributors of the different tapes and find some matches.

Stella receives a tox report on Frank. He was doped up. But then she notices that he got a pre-op med you can only get at a hospital.

They question the doctor, he states he was asked by Frank to amputate but he declined. he states while he would have liked to help Frank he would never have done so since it would injure his career. His explanation for the pre-op meds? They could easily have been stolen.

Aiden gives Danny results. 5 auto shops use both the duct tape and muffler tape and one of them is owned by Octavia's boyfriend. Both go to the car shop. Danny sees the car they saw at the hospital. They question the boyfriend. He claims she never had any problems she couldn't handle. Danny asks to see inside, they allow him. They see the duct tape piled together like that, he is confused as to why they'd ask and says, "yeah what of it. In the car they see a duct tape circle with blue lining underneath.

Flack and Danny interrogate the boyfriend. He claims it had nothing to do with him, saying maybe it was her. He says they can look wherever. Danny and Aiden check out the shop, since they found nothing at his home. Danny says they'll take some stuff and bring it to the lab

Hawkes extracted the bone and discusses it with Stella. They notice what might be a burn mark. They test out a saw on the bone. she stops it midway through after saying it needs more power. She realizes the reason for two different instruments on the bone being that the saw stopped when the power went off. Stella is back at the home. She finds a print.

Stella and Mac bring in an EMT. His print matches that on the fuse. EMT confesses. Claims that he was begged to do it and was offered 10Gs to do it. So he did since he wanted the money to go back into Med School.

Danny and Aiden are examining the trash from Luis' work. They find a trash bag identical to the bags from the murder. They compare ends, and eventually find a match. They interrogate Luis. He was the murderer. He did it because his girlfriend was going upstate to Albany to move away from her junkie brother, and was going to take his kids with him.

It ends with Mac talking to Danny, congratulating him, saying he is on the promotion grid.. But Danny can't get over the fact that how life seems normal one day, but bam, one day it's all over. He looks at the dead people, and shakes his head.