Season 1 Episode 6

Outside Man

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2004 on CBS

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  • A startling and sad mass murder, and a funny yet sad amputee story

    I loved this episode from the very beginning: the murder scene, with the head in the bag and the eyes panicking, hearing people dying. From the very beginning you can see fear in his looks. We see the gun at the end and we know he’s a goner, and then he lives. I loved how we can see Danny’s soon to be authority take place here, when he reminds the guys to preserve evidence, and Mac is just looking, and how Mac is not saying anything as of yet. Then Mac gives Danny authority on this scene and we all are very excited. Hopefully he does well! Is all we can think. I thought was brilliant was how heroic this survivor of the shooting was. He pulled up the other survivor, up the stairs and calls the cops. It was so touching to see this. I felt for him when he was questioned. It did beg questions, but you could tell when he heard she died in the hospital, he was visibly upset. He really was hurt about her death. This episode was everything in the range of disturbing. This was most definitely the most upsetting of the cases. It was unbelievable the craziness that the boyfriend went through just to keep her from going to upstate. He didn’t even bother understanding why. He was just unrelenting. Then we see Mac and Stella with the JUST A LEG. Not only was it creepy, but disgusting (all I could think was EW!) When they find the apartment of the leg guy, I knew they’d find the dead body there. But what surprised me was the extra finger. I mean I believe they put it best, “what does a dead guy need with an extra finger?” the clue here, the time on the clock was brilliant. I loved that they just “happened” to take the EMT pictures in front of the clock. Or maybe that’s some protocol I wasn’t aware of. But it helped with the situation. (And Mac’s comment to say if they want to stare at something to go see RENT- was amazing. I love that musical.)

    I loved the humor involved with this case, and of course the sadness that follows. I mean, it’s both sad and funny at the same time, these people who can’t feel whole until they chop off a leg or an arm. Part of you wants to sympathize and the other part wonders …. Why?