Season 5 Episode 2

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Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2008 on CBS
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When a woman ends up dead at a Maroon 5 concert, the team find themselves in danger. They find that the cause of death is linked to several victims over several months. They rush to find the cause of the deaths to save one of their own.moreless

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  • A riot breaks out at a Maroon 5 concert and a woman dies. Then it all goes nuclear from there, both in the case and in the writing.

    I like CSI, I think it's a great show and I was excited when the spin-offs were made. When CSI: Miami turned out to be nothing like CSI and written by what I can only assume are the guys behind Disaster Movie, I was disappointed but hey CSI: NY is still pretty decent. Right?

    The show opens with a riot at a Maroon 5 concert and it somehow manages to get worse from there. A riot at a Maroon 5 concert? I know they want to pick a popular band to boost ratings but what were they thinking? Nobody has ever or would ever riot/fight/mosh at a Maroon 5 concert. Even if you tried you would be hard pressed to find a less aggressive band then Maroon 5.

    The show moves on to people dying of radiation poisoning, great that sounds interesting. A major character even gets critically infected, even cooler. However they then pull out the Star Trek holo-room and autopsy a body by projecting the inside of a woman's stomach in 3D around them... How did they even get a 3D colour scan of the inside of the woman's stomach let alone the holo-room to display it? This technology is so unbelievable that you can't help but laugh out loud at its stupidity. How are we supposed to take this show seriously, at all? I understand when they use cool technology or weapons that are currently in development or will be soon. That's partially believable near future technology, and its freaking cool. But this goes beyond the realms of believability and given the fact that this is a drama and it's supposed to be taken seriously, this by itself ruins the episode.

    But of course that's not the end of episode. In their quest to find the fiend poisoning people with radiation they come across a guy who works in the location where all the victims were infected. A few things make him a possible suspect, for example he has radiation poisoning, and he's collecting radioactive material, taking anti-radiation drugs, oh and one more thing... He's building a nuclear reactor in his shed!

    Now most of you might be thinking that's the unbelievable part but actually it's not. People do crazy things and in fact that's actually based on a true story... sort of. No, the unbelievable part is that he didn't poison the victims, not purposely or accidently. In fact he has no connection what so ever to the actual killer. There just happens to be two nut jobs with radioactive material hanging out in the New York Library.

    Now that's one hell of a coincidence, and some of the worst writing I have ever seen. CSI: NY in one episode has lowered itself to and possibly below CSI: Miami's level of cr*p. In case you're wondering there is nothing below CSI: Miami…moreless
  • Evidence leading ... everywhere but towards the guilty person.

    I liked this episode right up until about 3 minutes before it ended, when they revealed that all the evidence, everything they had done during the entire episode, just wasn't helping, and a guy they talked to for about 30 seconds was the culprit.

    Sure, the way the killer took care of the intended victim was accurate, but it all came down to something Mac Taylor remembers, not the evidence they've gathered so far. Why do they have all these fancy toys to help them if all it takes is just the ability to read the manuscript?

    This episode could just as easily be named "Random".moreless
  • The most stupid radiation suits I've ever seen!!!!!

    The most stupid radiation suits I've ever seen!!!!! Really, is this the best they can do? They might as well have been in bathing suits for all the protection a plastic face shield would provide! Don't they use consultants for these kinds of shows so that they will not look stupid with this sort of portrayal of high-tech medical procedures?

    REPEAT: The most stupid radiation suits I've ever seen!!!!! I don't claim to be any kind of medical expert, but those suits just made me turn the episode off as I couldn't get past the absurdity of what they were shoveling!

    REPEAT: The most stupid radiation suits I've ever seen!!!!!moreless
  • Maroon 5 was in CSI: NY!!!

    We open this episode of New York with Maroon 5 playing a free concert in a park and a woman dying. During the autopsy they discover that the body is showing positive signs of radiation. The autopsy lab is ok lock down. They track down the artist who did the art work on the victim and believe that he may be involved. We soon discover another victim who was a horror movie director. They believe that both victims are linked and that they may be linked by the library. The team go to investigate. They discover a book with is radioactive and believe that it is what is killing people in New York. We soon learn that there is another victim, Molly who died before the first two victims. The team track down Molly's assistant, who they believe killed, her. But it turns out not to be him, but in fact it was Molly's Husband.moreless
  • Sid nearly dies in this episode!

    I hate it that they underuse Hawk a lot. As I think Hill Harper is very talented but underrated. Wished that they would use him much more. Like they did in this episode. During a concert, where Maroon 5, is performing. A huge riot breaks out and several people are poisoned. While investigating the poison, Sid nearly dies. It is nice for Hawk to step up as they underuse him a lot. The gang was almost fooled but you can't fool Mac and the gang. As they had to search for the real perpertraitor in this show. Hope they use Hawk more. But glad to see Sid is back, doing what she does best!moreless
Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack 'Mac' Taylor

Melina Kanakaredes

Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Stella Bonasera

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Anna Belknap

Anna Belknap

Lindsay Monroe

Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill

Detective Donald 'Don' Flack, Jr.

Maroon 5

Maroon 5

Mathew Flynn/Adam Levine/James Valentine/Michael Madden/Jesse Carmichael

Guest Star

Matt Zogaric

Matt Zogaric

Man In Movie

Guest Star

Hiedi Johanningmerier

Hiedi Johanningmerier

Woman In Movie

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Goof: Stella's phone is not turned on when she gets the call indicating that a second victim has been found. Later on in the episode, her cell phone light goes off in the middle of her conversation with Sid's doctor.

    • Goof: Liza Carpenter's flip flop has mold in the little strip between the toes. However, she is later depicted touching the mold with the exterior side of the sole.

    • Goof: Flack mentions that Liza Carpenter was a first year Asian Studies major at Triborough College but there isn't a Triborough College in New York City.

    • This is the second time Sid faces death, being the first one an allergic reaction in episode 3x19 The Ride-In.

    • Stella wears lead gloves in the library, but she has her arms completely exposed. It looks fairly inconsistent.

    • The open faceplates in the protective suits are pretty disconcerting considering how sealed up they are otherwise, and how much the danger of radiation poisoning is emphasized. It probably had to do with the amount of dialogue that the actors had to deliver while wearing them, but still it is quite unrealistic.

    • Maroon 5 concert took two full minutes of prime time television time and then nothing else happened about them. Looks like a clear case of network cross-promotion.

    • Goof: The temple that Flack and Stella head to is said to be at 7th and Webster. There is no Webster (be it st, ave, rd, pth, dr) in New York City. The closest Webster St. is in Schenectedy, NY.

    • Goof: Thallium-201 has a half-life of only 73 hours. More than 99% of it would have decayed in 15 days (5 half-lives). This would have made it useless after being stored in a closed warehouse for months/years and it certainly couldn't be detected as thallium.

    • Goof: The building that is depicted as the New York City Library is actually a Supreme Court building, Appellate Division, located at Madison Ave and 25th St.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • Mac: The riot squad use 37 millimeter soft rounds?
      Flack: Yeah, beanbags for crowd control. This place went from a sing-along to a slugfest in about 60 seconds. Come on, you're not saying that one of our guys is gonna take the heat for this?
      Mac: Not saying anything... yet.

    • Flack: You guys know these rounds are designed not to kill.
      Stella: It's not our job to tell you what you want to hear, Flack.
      Mac: Once we sort through the evidence, our findings may rule out misconduct or excessive force.
      Flack: Or they may not. I get it. It's just that, you know, these guys don't have an easy job out there.
      Mac: Neither do we.

    • Stella: You got something?
      Adam: Actually, yeah, I do. It's called "shriiimping."
      Stella: Shrimping?
      Adam: Only they spell it with three "I's." It's a lot like tagging.
      Stella: Graffiti?
      Adam: But for people.
      Stella: You actually got an ID on the artist who painted her?
      Adam: Investigation is its own art form.

    • Kenneth Bamford: I paint a lot of girls. Maybe you're interested.
      Stella: I'm only interested in finding out what happened to this one. We didn't pick up significant radioactive trace on you or your studio. Did you make contact with her in any other way?
      Kenneth Bamford: I like the way you think, but no. She wasn't my type.

    • Kenneth Bamford: (To Stella) You're pretty smart for a hottie.

    • Kenneth Bamford: But like I always say, at the end of the day, it's not about the paint. It's about the painter.
      Danny: Right, well, you'd better hope like hell it's not about either.

    • (About Sid)
      Lindsay: His condition will get worse if we don't figure this out fast. Radiation can eat through every organ in your body. There's got to be something we can do.
      Mac: There is. Let's get back to the lab and try to figure out what took Liza Carpenter's life before it takes his.

    • Lindsay: So this is the Exposure Control Facility.
      Hawkes: Complete chemical, biological and radiological shielding. Your taxpayer dollars at work.

    • (Checking the dead body of the film director)
      Stella: What is he, 20-something? A little early for lifetime achievement.
      Mac: Looks a little late to me.

    • Lindsay: Dante Gunther and Liza Carpenter have to be connected somehow.
      Hawkes: They both died of radioactive thallium poisoning at around the same time. Other than that, I still do not see a connection.
      Lindsay: What if they just randomly crossed paths?
      Hawkes: Few seconds at a public place, unaware of each other, not knowing that they came into contact with something contaminated? If that's true, how many more people out there have no idea how sick they are?

    • Adam: Thallium has a pretty toxic place in the periodic table, somewhere right between mercury and lead.
      Flack: Cozy but deadly.

    • Lindsay: But how do we find one valuable, antique volume in Manhattan that's been soaked in water? Much less thallium.
      Mac: With a little reading on the subject.

    • Danny: But anyone who handled the book could have been contaminated.
      Stella: Not a very precise way of targeting people. Unless the vics were poisoned at random.
      Mac: What kind of killer doesn't want to know who his victims are?

    • Flack: Listen, Lame-o...
      Lhamo Vadhana: It's Lhamo.

    • Flack: When did you start hiding behind Buddha?
      Lhamo Vadhana: Oh, my transition occurred when I stopped hiding.
      Flack: Great. Then you won't mind telling us what you know about these two people.
      Lhamo Vadhana: I'm not familiar with these individuals.
      Flack: No? 'Cause we're familiar with your tendency to go nuclear. And since these poor folks died of radiation poisoning, and one of them had your address in his pocket...

    • Lhamo Vadhana: I have no intention of hastening anyone's journey from this life to the next.
      Flack: Really? 'Cause I have every intention of hastening you from here to lockup.
      Stella: Hold on, Flack, before you book him... mind if I check your aura? (Checks him for radiation)

    • Danny: These connectors were cut away from brackets on the wall to remove the smoke detectors.
      Flack: Why?
      Danny: Most ionization models use small radioactive source to detect the smoke particles. By the looks of it, this guy had quite the collection.
      Flack: Whatever happened to friendly hobbies like collecting baseball cards?

    • (After having murdered his wife and attempted to sue the city because of it)
      Joel Paulson: Figured I'd take care of business, file one last suit and then retire from everything.
      Flack: That will depend on your execution date. Get up.
      Mac: You were right, Mr. Paulson. Someone is gonna pay.

    • Hawkes: How you doing?
      Sid: Let's just say I know how a microwave burrito feels. But I should also say thank you. I owe a great deal of my recovery to you.
      Hawkes: Ah, come on, that was nothing. You would have done the same for me.
      Sid: As a matter of fact, I would.

    • Mac: If you get tired of that Journal, I thought you might enjoy a little light reading. (Hands him a copy of The Tibetan Book of the Dead)
      Sid: Yeah? A clean copy, I presume?

    • (Gathering at Sid's hospital room)
      Flack: Okay, who's up for the Ranger game? (Throws a bag of chips to Sid's lap).
      Sid: Did you bring any beer?
      Flack: I wish I did.
      Hawkes: How about we pour you some water instead?
      Sid: All right. Chips and water. That's like pizza and milk. You're… you're kidding
      about the beer, right?

    • (Stella and Danny are about to process Lawrence Wagner's office, which might have radiation).
      Stella: Ah, here we go again.
      Danny: Naaaah, I don't wanna put on that suit.
      Stella: Nah, levels are low enough for lead-lined gloves.
      Danny: Oh, good.
      Flack: Don't mind if I keep my distance?

    • Mac: Tibetan Book of the Dead.
      Danny: And they say reading is fundamental.
      Mac: Only this time it was fatal.

    • Lawrence Wagner: I'm a scientist.
      Mac: No, you're a backyard quack who's lucky to be alive and you're about to be charged with triple homicide.

    • Flack: Listen up, Larry, I'm a little pissed off over having to wear this outfit. If you don't open this door I'm going to huff and puff and nuke your little house down!

    • Stella: According to his mother he spends all his time back here doing experiments in his shed.
      Danny: When the hell are people going to learn how to profile?

  • NOTES (3)

    • Spanish title: Lectura Letal, meaning Lethal Reading.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Norway: December 10, 2008 on TVNorge.
      Sweden: January 12, 2009 on Kanal 5.
      Turkey: January 26, 2009 on CNBC-e.
      Spain: January 27, 2009 on AXN.
      Ireland: Feburary 11, 2009 on RTÉ 2.
      Portugal: February 16, 2009 on AXN.
      Greece: March 10, 2009 on Star TV.
      Czech Republic: March 11, 2009 on AXN.
      Germany: September 14, 2009 on Vox.
      Slovakia: September 20, 2009 on JOJ.
      Finland: February 10, 2010 on MTV3.
      Austria: June 7, 2010 on ORF1.

    • Music Featured:
      Goodnight Goodnight by Maroon 5.
      I've Seen Enough by Cold War Kids.
      Can't Stop by Maroon 5.
      Makes me Wonder by Maroon 5.


    • Stella: Iodine. In tablet form, these can be used to protect your thyroid from absorbing certain types of radiation. Half of Eastern Europe took them after Chernobyl.

      This is a reference to the nuclear radiation escape that occurred in 1986 at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in northern Ukraine, probably the worse in History, that severely affected the city's 15,000 inhabitants and their following generations up to present time.

    • The method of killing Molly Paulson, ingesting radioactive material seems to be ripped from the headlines of the Alexander Litvinenko case. Litvinenko was poisoned in London, England by ingesting Polonium 210 in 2006.

    • The Tibetan Book of the Dead (or The Great Book of Natural Liberation Through Understanding in the Between) by the Dalai Lama is a religious text from Tibet, written as a guide for persons attending someone who is dying or recently dead, to bring comfort and "spiritual liberation".

    • The individual building a nuclear reactor in his shed, is based on the true events of David Hahn AKA "The Radioactive Boyscout", who attempted to construct his own reactor in his parent's shed in 1994 at age 17.

    • Flack: (wearing radiation suit and knocking on suspect's door) Larry Wagner! NYPD! Listen up Larry, I'm a little pissed off over having to wear this outfit. If you don't open this door, I'm gonna huff and puff and nuke your little house down!

      Flack is referring to the popular children's fairy tale The wolf and the seven kids where the big bad wolf tells the three little pigs: "I'll huff and puff and blow your house in" when they won't let him in to their houses.