Season 5 Episode 2

Page Turner

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2008 on CBS

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  • A riot breaks out at a Maroon 5 concert and a woman dies. Then it all goes nuclear from there, both in the case and in the writing.

    I like CSI, I think it's a great show and I was excited when the spin-offs were made. When CSI: Miami turned out to be nothing like CSI and written by what I can only assume are the guys behind Disaster Movie, I was disappointed but hey CSI: NY is still pretty decent. Right?

    The show opens with a riot at a Maroon 5 concert and it somehow manages to get worse from there. A riot at a Maroon 5 concert? I know they want to pick a popular band to boost ratings but what were they thinking? Nobody has ever or would ever riot/fight/mosh at a Maroon 5 concert. Even if you tried you would be hard pressed to find a less aggressive band then Maroon 5.

    The show moves on to people dying of radiation poisoning, great that sounds interesting. A major character even gets critically infected, even cooler. However they then pull out the Star Trek holo-room and autopsy a body by projecting the inside of a woman's stomach in 3D around them... How did they even get a 3D colour scan of the inside of the woman's stomach let alone the holo-room to display it? This technology is so unbelievable that you can't help but laugh out loud at its stupidity. How are we supposed to take this show seriously, at all? I understand when they use cool technology or weapons that are currently in development or will be soon. That's partially believable near future technology, and its freaking cool. But this goes beyond the realms of believability and given the fact that this is a drama and it's supposed to be taken seriously, this by itself ruins the episode.

    But of course that's not the end of episode. In their quest to find the fiend poisoning people with radiation they come across a guy who works in the location where all the victims were infected. A few things make him a possible suspect, for example he has radiation poisoning, and he's collecting radioactive material, taking anti-radiation drugs, oh and one more thing... He's building a nuclear reactor in his shed!

    Now most of you might be thinking that's the unbelievable part but actually it's not. People do crazy things and in fact that's actually based on a true story... sort of. No, the unbelievable part is that he didn't poison the victims, not purposely or accidently. In fact he has no connection what so ever to the actual killer. There just happens to be two nut jobs with radioactive material hanging out in the New York Library.

    Now that's one hell of a coincidence, and some of the worst writing I have ever seen. CSI: NY in one episode has lowered itself to and possibly below CSI: Miami's level of cr*p. In case you're wondering there is nothing below CSI: Miami…
  • Evidence leading ... everywhere but towards the guilty person.

    I liked this episode right up until about 3 minutes before it ended, when they revealed that all the evidence, everything they had done during the entire episode, just wasn't helping, and a guy they talked to for about 30 seconds was the culprit.

    Sure, the way the killer took care of the intended victim was accurate, but it all came down to something Mac Taylor remembers, not the evidence they've gathered so far. Why do they have all these fancy toys to help them if all it takes is just the ability to read the manuscript?

    This episode could just as easily be named "Random".
  • The most stupid radiation suits I've ever seen!!!!!

    The most stupid radiation suits I've ever seen!!!!! Really, is this the best they can do? They might as well have been in bathing suits for all the protection a plastic face shield would provide! Don't they use consultants for these kinds of shows so that they will not look stupid with this sort of portrayal of high-tech medical procedures?

    REPEAT: The most stupid radiation suits I've ever seen!!!!! I don't claim to be any kind of medical expert, but those suits just made me turn the episode off as I couldn't get past the absurdity of what they were shoveling!

    REPEAT: The most stupid radiation suits I've ever seen!!!!!
  • Maroon 5 was in CSI: NY!!!

    We open this episode of New York with Maroon 5 playing a free concert in a park and a woman dying. During the autopsy they discover that the body is showing positive signs of radiation. The autopsy lab is ok lock down. They track down the artist who did the art work on the victim and believe that he may be involved. We soon discover another victim who was a horror movie director. They believe that both victims are linked and that they may be linked by the library. The team go to investigate. They discover a book with is radioactive and believe that it is what is killing people in New York. We soon learn that there is another victim, Molly who died before the first two victims. The team track down Molly's assistant, who they believe killed, her. But it turns out not to be him, but in fact it was Molly's Husband.
  • Sid nearly dies in this episode!

    I hate it that they underuse Hawk a lot. As I think Hill Harper is very talented but underrated. Wished that they would use him much more. Like they did in this episode. During a concert, where Maroon 5, is performing. A huge riot breaks out and several people are poisoned. While investigating the poison, Sid nearly dies. It is nice for Hawk to step up as they underuse him a lot. The gang was almost fooled but you can't fool Mac and the gang. As they had to search for the real perpertraitor in this show. Hope they use Hawk more. But glad to see Sid is back, doing what she does best!
  • A riot breaks out during a performance by Maroon 5. After police stop the chaos, one woman is found dead. Sid almost dies during the woman's autopsy making Mac and the team realize there is more to this woman's death than originally thought.

    I was very entertained while watching this episode. Yes, the premise is a little farfecthed but not so much that the episode is not worth the viewer's time. One thing I wasn't too happy about was when the team thought they had the case wrapped up, when they found the man trying to build a nuclear reactor, but then sombody says "not so fast!". However this is a minor flaw and doesn't have a negative effect. As another review pointed out, it was nice to see Hawkes stepping up and taking charge after Sid was in the hospital. Good episode.
  • Redemption. The real start to the new season and a Hawkes epsiode no less! (And the sheer genius / hilarity of seeing everyone in their radiation suits!)

    This was a really well written episode, after my bemoaning last week's opener I got my wishes in bucket fulls!

    Hi-tech gadgetry a-go-go, suspense, Hawkes AND Sid centre stage for a change and last but by no means least - Flack wielding a gun NYPD style in a radiation suit, GENIUS!

    I liked the change of venue to the radiation lab / bunker, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing Hawkes being Doctor slash CSI slash Frozone from the Incredibles! (Yes, I found the radiation suits very fun!)

    I felt that this episode's use of the FULL ensemble cast was seamless - keep it up! The end scene was a sweet one that reminded me why I watch this show, it's all about people and their relationships. My only negative is how Maroon 5 were shoe-horned in, as much as I love both the band and the show, I didn't feel it flowed - their appearance at the start and the rest of the episode seem poles apart, however this is the nature of the CSIs and the reason I watch. Get well Sid.
  • Four people, including Sid are victims of Thallium poisoning and the team races to find the source of the outbreak.

    Once again, the writer's managed to take an overused story and add an interesting twist. The source of the outbreak leads Mac and Stella to the Antiquities section of the New York Public Library where it's discovered that an old book is the source of the poison. The funniest moments were Stella's interviews with two suspects-a tattoo artist and a former nuclear power plant vandal who is now a Monk. The most interesting, and the most disturbing aspect of the story was finding out who was responsible for lacing the book with Thallium. It's no wonder why people hate lawyers. Greed is never a good thing. As usual, the writing was good. The performances were outstanding.
  • Nooo!! Not Sid!!!

    This was another solid episode. A girl ends up dead at a Maroon 5 concert from what we think is a crushed trachea. Sid finds out during the autopsy that she has been exposed to radiation, and now so has he. I really enjoyed seeing some drama with Sid, he is a great background character who we don't get to see much of I *was* a bit disappointed not to see some Danny/Lindsay screentime but I am hoping we will get to see that in the very near future. Mac and Stella were at their usual best and so was Hawkes. Not bad at all.
  • Good but not the best!:)

    THey all looked really funny in those suits!
    *Hawkes was great all the chapter. Really smart and cool!
    *Flack was relaly funny as always!
    *Danny without glasses...at first I thought it was because of the suits but the second time he wears it he wears the glasses...
    *Lindsay was good too
    *DL...At least they were in the same room... ANd they seemed to be more comfortable around the other...
    *The case was good but the moment the husband appeared it was obvious it was him.
    * I absolutely loved the final moment. But I've found weird that Flack was there and Danny wasn't...How many times have we seen FLack talk to Sid??? But it was cool that he was there...But I missed Danny and the girls...
  • Gotta Save Sid!!

    This fast paced episode was very interesting. Sid suddenly has a corpse that is detrimental to his health and everyone else's and the source needs to be found and fast. Every team member is involved tracking all sorts of evidence trying to find out how, why and who is poisening everyone with radiation. Although I knew the culprit as soon as I saw the news conference, it was fun to watch the how and why. I loved seeing Sid front and center and Doc stepping up to the plate to help. I thought the body art was a really cool addition to the plot.
  • The team investigate a murder that starts off looking like it might have been a result of crowd control gone wrong, but when the morgue goes into lockdown the case takes a sudden turn.

    A young woman collapses in front of a bus after a free concert ends with the police practicing crowd control and ending the concert. At first glance it appeared that the non lethal methods that the police practice may have backfired until upon closer inspection at the autopsy, Hammerback noticed discoloration on her face masked by makeup. It turned out to be radiation, and the girl died from radiation poisoning. The question marks on the how and why get underlined when a second body with the same cause of death shows up, and someone makes a very public announcement that there was a third victim.
    It was an interesting case with a few nice little twists. I did have a good guess as to who was behind it when he first showed up in the episode though. I also liked the moment at the end with the guys visiting Hammerback, though why wasn't Danny or Adam invited. Still waiting for the resolution of last season's personal drama, but other than that I liked it.