Season 5 Episode 2

Page Turner

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2008 on CBS

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  • Redemption. The real start to the new season and a Hawkes epsiode no less! (And the sheer genius / hilarity of seeing everyone in their radiation suits!)

    This was a really well written episode, after my bemoaning last week's opener I got my wishes in bucket fulls!

    Hi-tech gadgetry a-go-go, suspense, Hawkes AND Sid centre stage for a change and last but by no means least - Flack wielding a gun NYPD style in a radiation suit, GENIUS!

    I liked the change of venue to the radiation lab / bunker, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing Hawkes being Doctor slash CSI slash Frozone from the Incredibles! (Yes, I found the radiation suits very fun!)

    I felt that this episode's use of the FULL ensemble cast was seamless - keep it up! The end scene was a sweet one that reminded me why I watch this show, it's all about people and their relationships. My only negative is how Maroon 5 were shoe-horned in, as much as I love both the band and the show, I didn't feel it flowed - their appearance at the start and the rest of the episode seem poles apart, however this is the nature of the CSIs and the reason I watch. Get well Sid.