Season 7 Episode 13

Party Down

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 2011 on CBS

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  • 7x13

    OMG!!!, This episode was by far one of the best episodes I have seen in this season, maybe after "7x04 sangre por sangre" or "7x07 high sight" this would be the best episode in the last times, I really enjoyed it since its begining till its end, I don´t know why but this episode for me has some similarity to season 3 episode "Hung out to dry", the way in wich clues were appearing was so similar for me, maybe that´s the reason why I loved this episode, it reminds me one of the best episodes of the entire franchise. definitively this is one of the most amazing and unexpected episodes in the last years.

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes
  • 713

    The title of the episode was "Party Down" but it was nothing like the once great comedy series on Starz. The episode started off with a lot of promise, and again featured an interesting premise. The show has fallen off greatly in its seventh season, but it has had some creative storylines recently, but it just fell apart in my mind.

    Was the episode good? Sure, but was it boring at times? Yes. Was it a little hard to follow? Again, yes. The show may be on its last legs, but at least it will not be because they ran out of ideas.
  • Nice episode

    It made a very nice change to move out of the lab a little, and work through the suspects in a slightly more old-fashioned whodunnit style. Not the most thrilling episode ever, but well paced for the subject matter.

    The thing that concerns me is, episode by episode, Jo is becoming more and more of a Mary Sue. She knows everything, she's seen everything and she smugly imparts that knowledge to all the others, including Mac. Saint Jo is a little wearing. Every episode so far has included some special example of Jo's particular brand of cleverness.

    I find it a bit odd that Mac not only seems to defer to her, he rather uncharacteristically appears to welcome her advances. This is not the cautious Mac that we are used to.
  • A party in a truck ends in a tragedy...

    The chapter was good, not great but it was well written and acted. It was a nice turn that one of the supposed victims was the killer. It had tons of interrogation and little science but it was still enough. I kinda liked the blood on ink detail...
    My heart broke a little when Flack flirted with one of the models... it made me think about Angell...:(
    No DL at all but that's not new...:roll:
    Jo's interrogation with the suspect was kinda annoying...:roll:
    A Party in a truck is a really weird thing and quite asphixiating... Just in New York City, I guess...:? Just one thing, they really didn't notice that the truck was moving until it hit the water??? :roll:
  • It was an exciting episode.

    There were few red-herrings in this episode but none was obvious. I spent most of the time trying to guess what was the connection between all the victims and I hadn't found one before the truth was revealed.

    I also liked the grieving father's plot. I don't know who played him but this actor was very convincing. At the end of the episode I expected Mac to tell Jo that he'd called the father and informed him about finding the killer. Instead we saw the father take the justice in his own hands and shoot Neal.

    There was only one mistake that I noticed. During the opening sequence we saw the truck speeding and taking a turning very fast but people inside didn't seem to notice or feel it. No one even spilled a drink.

    This episode was way better than the previous one.
  • A good filler episode but could have been better.

    Good episode, definitely a bit slow in parts and could have been sped up. There have been more entertaining episodes but a good, solid, filler episode.

    Had a rough idea of the killer from the start (Not wanting to give away any spoilers) but I think this is due to me watching too many crime dramas, especially Criminal Minds, rather than a bad plot. The red herrings throughout were good though and never too obvious.

    For me, the sub-plot of the deceased's father was unneeded and instead could have been time used on character development which I always like to see. Or even a chase scene which could have upped the pace a bit.

    Saying that, it was a good episode for Flack in my eyes, with some nice moments like the cute "How you doing" to the art model and the little head jerk too :). Then some sarcasm bought a smile to my face too later on. Him being part of the case itself rather than just being 'the cop' is refreshing also; him being involved in the elimination of suspects toward the end.

    Once again Jo's background in criminal psychology came into play which I can see becoming tiresome if it is repeated much more. Kinda makes you think how did they ever catch any criminals before she arrived?!

    All in all a good episode.