Season 3 Episode 21

Past Imperfect

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2007 on CBS

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  • So Mac is actually human, huh? Who would have guessed?

    *Hi. I'm Lindsay. Have we met? Obviously not, because I'm never around. I can't even process evidence. We have Adam do that. Why ADAM is processing evidence, I have no idea. Even if she didn't do the location shoot, surely there was something she could have done. Her second scene was a damn phone conversation, for crying out loud.

    *Dear NY Crime Lab... Hire another lab tech. I'm sure you have a large enough budget.

    *Of course Stella doesn't have HIV. Was there ever any doubt? But the way Adam phrased it was so stupid. "Stella, you're HIV negative." Why couldn't he just say, "It's negative?" I mean, I'm sure it was for dramatic emphasis, but still.

    *I did like the D/L scene. It was very cute. And it shows how their relationship is changing, because Lindsay actually giggled at the "dah". Last season, she would have rolled her eyes.

    *Danny said 'pubes'. *giggles* I'm adding that to the list (shaft, penetration, spank, pubes). Dirty words said by Danny Messer.

    *Mac's in trouble. Mac's in trouble. Mac's in trouble. SWEET. NO ONE is that perfect. I'm sorry. He's human. He's going to make mistakes.

    *He yelled at Adam. And it wasn't even Adam's fault. I mean, I'm not Adam's #1 fan, and he'd be much better if he didn't get more screen time than contract cast members, but Mac was way out of line. I'm so glad Gerard called him out on it.

    *Halfway through the episode, my sister pointed out that Stella's eyebrows were out of control. After that, I couldn't pay attention to anything but her eyebrows.

    *Loved the Hawkes/Danny scenes at Coney Island. They were so adorable. The looks they exchange at the sideshow. Danny getting all giddy when he catches the money through the slats in the boards.

    *No mention of Louie? I thought for sure, after that scene where Jesse wants to be by his brother's side as he dies, that we would get something. I was half expecting Danny to go to Louie's bedside - or grave.

    *Wanted more tension between Flack and Mac. That one scene just didn't do it for me. And now Flack thinks it's his fault!

    *I hate when they hype up guest stars and they're only really in one scene. Although, granted, Joey Lawrence didn't suck. Actually, he was pretty decent. He was excellent at looking creepy.

    *EW! No eyelids?

    Overall analysis, not a bad episode. Hopefully we'll have an end to the Stella!Drama now, because we have to start the Mac!Drama. And we're still forgetting that we have four other cast members. (Okay, so we had enough Lindsay!Drama this season to last a lifetime.)
  • Nice continuation.

    Once again we get a two case episode, where one of the cases feels mostly like a filler. Not a bad filler in this ep, the attack Danny and Hawkes investigate is actually interesting and doesn't feel like something they just had to make up to show all the team.

    The case with Dobson was great. Continuation even though we've never heard of him before. I was wondering when we'd get more angst about Flack's notebook, and here we had loads. Character development with Flack's obvious need to self flagellate and Mac's humane angry side were awesome. Finally we get over Stella's HIV drama. Yay! The whole mixing up terms (HIV does not equal AIDS) and dramatic story arc was getting to bug me. Kanakaredes can act, please give her something other than the abused victim/survivor storylines!
  • Whoa! Did Mac really kill Clay Dobson?

    This is another fine episode. Even though the sub-plots weren't as interesting, this episode went further into the character developments from the cast in the crime lab. First, I liked the conflict between Mack and Flack when Clay Dobson was released. Because Mac prosecuted one of Flack's cop, Clay Dobson was set free. Secondly, I liked how Stella was relieved when she found she was HIV-negative. Of course, the results were predictable, at best, but I did enjoy her reaction after she found out the result. Once again, as I said in an earlier review, these are little things, but I think most of us want to see the emotions behind the characters. But what made this episode special was the inner conflict and guilt Mac had involving Clay Dobson. Gary Sinise is a great actor, but I hadn't seen quality acting from him until this season and it really came out in this episode. I liked the scene when his boss told him to back off Clay Dobson for political purposes and Mac replied, "When was the day you stopped being a cop and started to become a politician?" Then there was the scene where Mac lit into Adam and the poor look on Adam's face. I felt so bad for him but you could see that Mac wasn't really mad at him, he was more mad at himself for setting Dobson free in the first place. And how about the scene in the end with Mac and Clay Dobson on the roof? Why did Mac discharge his gun? And did Mac really toss him from the roof? I don't think he did, but he could really be in hot water in the next episode, especially since he was on Clay Dobson's case in the first place. A great way to kick off the final episodes of the season!
  • Mac, Mac, Mac... Don't worry, we still love you.

    There's no way Mac could have done that to Dobson. He's a good man, I believe in him. He's too obsessed with putting criminals behind bars to become a criminal himself.

    It was so nice to see people having fun and joking around, like the 'pubes' thing and that bit with the kids. Man, Danny can JUMP! That was something else. He's such a kid at heart. :)

    Seriously, Gerrard is like a POISON. I absolutely hate him. I'm ready to smack him upside the head in every single episode. He scares me. I'm really afraid he's going to try and hurt Danny. And to piss Mac off to the point that he YELLED at Adam?? Nobody yells at Adam on my watch!!! Did anyone else notice how sad Danny looked at the hospital? I think he was thinking about Louie. He's really softened up since that whole incident.

    *does a happy dance* She's negative, she's negative.... Oh yes!!! P.S. Seriously, how stupid can boys get?? Stop driving from the roof, morons!
  • Character development! This is why I love this show.

    I explain my obsession with CSI (LV) with the fact that I feel like I know the characters. Seven seasons with Gil and the gang makes me come back for more of a show that might risk going dull without good characters.

    I never liked CSI:Miami, because I simply cannot bear to watch David Caruso - it's a shame, I'm sure the rest of the actors are decent enough.

    My point with this is that I took a chance on CSI:NY because I think Gary Sinise is a brilliant actor - and I was not disappointed at all. He carries the show on his shoulders, and now that we are seeing more and more of his story - the show is lifted along with him.

    This episode was very interesting - there is no way Mac would throw a suspect off the roof, no matter what he said or did. Right? The look on his face when he looked down from the top of that building was not a look of surprise - though that might just not be Mac's thing. But I do feel that there is an interesting element of doubt here, and that adds to Mac's character - and my interest in it.

    Now we just have to wait for a little more Lindsay/Danny action to fill my character development needs.
  • Mac did a great job!

    I think that Mac really showed his angst and even
    A vulnerable side when he may let a man who
    Was imprisoned go free. Former teen idol Joey Lawrence is cast against type as well as did a heck of a job that surprised me. He really pulled it out well though people may have snickered a bit about him playing a bad guy. But he did an awesome job IMHO!
  • Great episode and continues an interesting storyline for Mac.

    When Mac chose to follow the law, to follow his instinct, he was right. Unfortunately, law is a game to be played and I was just waiting for his decision to arrest an officer to have serious ramifications. A murderer going free...I can't imagine it being any worse or making a CSI feel any worse. It wasn't his fault. It was the dirty cop. Still, in this episode, you could feel Mac's intensity, his increased pressure to find the killer and evidence to prove it (hence his short temper). I found the ending a bit shocking. I doubt the writers would later reveal that Mac pushed and I doubt that they would demote him or anything like that. Still, it will be the source of much drama to come.
    I always enjoyed law and investigations but it's the objectivity and guilt factor that I knew I wouldn't be able to handle. This episode reminds me of that. P.P.S.
    I almost forgot to comment on the Amusement Park brothers. I don't condone his actions but I suppose I can sympathize with his bitterness. He was angry that his father didn't leave him the park. I would be too. I wish they had given that a bit more explanation. Why would you forgo the kid that actually was your right hand or equal partner for one who, drugs aside, didn't have an inkling for your life's work? Anyway, interesting stories this week!
  • An absolutely great episode, almost perfect and just generally genius.

    There are so many reasons why I loved this episode. The cases were great. Disturbing, interesting, generally fantastic. The guest stars were great, especially Lawrence, who slipped into the bad guy role with ease.

    Stella was HIV negative, thank god. I thought it was coming, but I was so relieved to hear it. Amazingly acted, and yay, no Peyton!

    This Dobson thing has the potential to become something amazing as we lead up to the finale. It's good to see Mac's actions had consequences, and even though Flack's reservation were correct, he still backed Mac up.

    We had a little D/L! Some more SMacked and I would have given this a ten, but that's just personal preference. GREAT EPISODE!
  • I think Joey Lawrence has found a second career - playing a bad guy. woah!

    We had an actual M&M moment people. They shared the same screen for a whole 3 minutes. Yeah !!!!! *throws m&ms everywhere. Now that I have that out of my system. I was thinking when I saw them on the screen together Anna did come back quickly after having the baby. They are probably giving her less screen time to help her continue to recoup. Which I agree with, even though I being torture with less D&L. Now on to the rest of the episode.

    I am glad they showed the side show. I thought that was classic NY and should have been done a long time ago. All the nuts are not necessarily in Manhattan. Blu - I agree I had the brother pegged from the beginning.

    I loved the scenes between Adam and Stella. OK all you AJ stalkers' I hear you. Adam's really sweet. It just seemed to me that he just wanted to say that no matter what the results, he would be there. In a brotherly sorta way. Stella negative a good thing. I am actual glad we can move on from this storyline. It's served it purpose. However, I think this will stay with her a while.

    Mac losing his temper with Adam, understandable, but not necessary. He definitely feels the guilt of Dobson being back out on the street. Loved Loved Loved the scene between him and Don. I loved it when Don said "what are WE going to do about him?" Showed they were still a team.All I can say is there is absolutely no way Mac pushed Dobson off the roof. Handcuffed....first he's not that stupid. I am sure Mac thought about killing him, he is a serial killer. However, if Mac was going to do it, he of all people would know how to hide the evidence.
  • so good!! mac trying to send clay back to jail and mayb goin to jail himself...nah that will never happen...or will it?!?!

    answered the question about stella and if she has HIV and shows another more intense side of Mac...here's my theory about wut happened...Mac apprehended Clay then he got loose and jumped off the top to frame/implicate Mac!?!?
    wished there was more lindsay and danny interaction though after the almost kiss a few epi's bak then nothing...thats not fair...lol
    still good cant wait til next week
  • Clay Dobson gets released from jail and immediately becomes the suspect in a murder and an abduction. Major cliffhanger ending. This review contains spoilers.

    At the end of the episode, Clay Dobson gets confronted by Mac and then he plunges off the roof and gets killed. Flack looks at Dobson's body and he's handcuffed. So now everyone is going to suspect that Mac pushed him. I'd like to believe that he didn't and that he has too much integrity. Besides, Dobson wasn't going to get away again. His victim identified him. Maybe he jumped off the roof rather than go back to prison. Or maybe there was a struggle (a handcuffed person can still put up some resistance) and the whole thing was accidental. I don't think Mac pushed him, but I can't really be sure. This is a terrific suspenseful ending and I'm really looking forward to next week's episode.
  • OMG What did Mac do?!

    Wow, this was such an episode! Mac was all over the place. You know, I'm a little pissed that someone put into the summary that Stella popped negative with the HIV test. I wanted to be surprised!!

    Poor Adam. Mac yelling at him like that. you could really see him withdraw from the world around him. I was kind of expecting Stella to rip him a new one, but I guess with the caseload, that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. OMG The ending was so shocking, I scared my brother's friend with my surprise. The worst part about Dobson dying is that only Mac knows what happened and everyone knows he was on the guy's case ever since the second victim was found. Dobson's lawyer is gonna have a field day with this.

    That was a wonderful episode, except for the lack of M&M's. The circus thing was so cool. I thought the lizard guy was on drugs or something with the way he kept twitching, but I guess it was just in character.
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