Season 3 Episode 21

Past Imperfect

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2007 on CBS

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  • Character development! This is why I love this show.

    I explain my obsession with CSI (LV) with the fact that I feel like I know the characters. Seven seasons with Gil and the gang makes me come back for more of a show that might risk going dull without good characters.

    I never liked CSI:Miami, because I simply cannot bear to watch David Caruso - it's a shame, I'm sure the rest of the actors are decent enough.

    My point with this is that I took a chance on CSI:NY because I think Gary Sinise is a brilliant actor - and I was not disappointed at all. He carries the show on his shoulders, and now that we are seeing more and more of his story - the show is lifted along with him.

    This episode was very interesting - there is no way Mac would throw a suspect off the roof, no matter what he said or did. Right? The look on his face when he looked down from the top of that building was not a look of surprise - though that might just not be Mac's thing. But I do feel that there is an interesting element of doubt here, and that adds to Mac's character - and my interest in it.

    Now we just have to wait for a little more Lindsay/Danny action to fill my character development needs.