Season 3 Episode 21

Past Imperfect

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2007 on CBS

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  • So Mac is actually human, huh? Who would have guessed?

    *Hi. I'm Lindsay. Have we met? Obviously not, because I'm never around. I can't even process evidence. We have Adam do that. Why ADAM is processing evidence, I have no idea. Even if she didn't do the location shoot, surely there was something she could have done. Her second scene was a damn phone conversation, for crying out loud.

    *Dear NY Crime Lab... Hire another lab tech. I'm sure you have a large enough budget.

    *Of course Stella doesn't have HIV. Was there ever any doubt? But the way Adam phrased it was so stupid. "Stella, you're HIV negative." Why couldn't he just say, "It's negative?" I mean, I'm sure it was for dramatic emphasis, but still.

    *I did like the D/L scene. It was very cute. And it shows how their relationship is changing, because Lindsay actually giggled at the "dah". Last season, she would have rolled her eyes.

    *Danny said 'pubes'. *giggles* I'm adding that to the list (shaft, penetration, spank, pubes). Dirty words said by Danny Messer.

    *Mac's in trouble. Mac's in trouble. Mac's in trouble. SWEET. NO ONE is that perfect. I'm sorry. He's human. He's going to make mistakes.

    *He yelled at Adam. And it wasn't even Adam's fault. I mean, I'm not Adam's #1 fan, and he'd be much better if he didn't get more screen time than contract cast members, but Mac was way out of line. I'm so glad Gerard called him out on it.

    *Halfway through the episode, my sister pointed out that Stella's eyebrows were out of control. After that, I couldn't pay attention to anything but her eyebrows.

    *Loved the Hawkes/Danny scenes at Coney Island. They were so adorable. The looks they exchange at the sideshow. Danny getting all giddy when he catches the money through the slats in the boards.

    *No mention of Louie? I thought for sure, after that scene where Jesse wants to be by his brother's side as he dies, that we would get something. I was half expecting Danny to go to Louie's bedside - or grave.

    *Wanted more tension between Flack and Mac. That one scene just didn't do it for me. And now Flack thinks it's his fault!

    *I hate when they hype up guest stars and they're only really in one scene. Although, granted, Joey Lawrence didn't suck. Actually, he was pretty decent. He was excellent at looking creepy.

    *EW! No eyelids?

    Overall analysis, not a bad episode. Hopefully we'll have an end to the Stella!Drama now, because we have to start the Mac!Drama. And we're still forgetting that we have four other cast members. (Okay, so we had enough Lindsay!Drama this season to last a lifetime.)