Season 3 Episode 21

Past Imperfect

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2007 on CBS

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  • Whoa! Did Mac really kill Clay Dobson?

    This is another fine episode. Even though the sub-plots weren't as interesting, this episode went further into the character developments from the cast in the crime lab. First, I liked the conflict between Mack and Flack when Clay Dobson was released. Because Mac prosecuted one of Flack's cop, Clay Dobson was set free. Secondly, I liked how Stella was relieved when she found she was HIV-negative. Of course, the results were predictable, at best, but I did enjoy her reaction after she found out the result. Once again, as I said in an earlier review, these are little things, but I think most of us want to see the emotions behind the characters. But what made this episode special was the inner conflict and guilt Mac had involving Clay Dobson. Gary Sinise is a great actor, but I hadn't seen quality acting from him until this season and it really came out in this episode. I liked the scene when his boss told him to back off Clay Dobson for political purposes and Mac replied, "When was the day you stopped being a cop and started to become a politician?" Then there was the scene where Mac lit into Adam and the poor look on Adam's face. I felt so bad for him but you could see that Mac wasn't really mad at him, he was more mad at himself for setting Dobson free in the first place. And how about the scene in the end with Mac and Clay Dobson on the roof? Why did Mac discharge his gun? And did Mac really toss him from the roof? I don't think he did, but he could really be in hot water in the next episode, especially since he was on Clay Dobson's case in the first place. A great way to kick off the final episodes of the season!