Season 5 Episode 25

Pay Up

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 14, 2009 on CBS

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  • Lots of action and touchy moments...A good finale

    The moment I saw Angell flirting with Flack on the phone my eyes started tearing up. I knew it was her who died but I couldn't believe it until I saw it. Flack hears everything through his phone and drives there from the other side of the city and manages to arrive before the ambulance and even has to take her to the hospital himself. I really liked that the one saying that she was dead was Flack. And when he did told that to Danny my tears started to fall...
    For once I thought that everything was planned by Dunbrooks son to get his father's money and off from jail, and that is still possible since we don't know who pay those guys to kidnap Connor, right???
    The case was great. Lots of action and touchy moments. I really suffered when the guys where outside the hangar and they were shooting at them or at the end when they got in the warehouse to get the bad guys.
    Nice moment the one between Flack and Angell's dad. My crying got worse when ANgell Sr. tells Flack that in the last months she was happier, and it was because of Flack although they didn't say it!
    I didn't like one thing. That Flack killed the guy that killed Angell. The guy was already dying but I don't believe in the eye for eye thing...
    And the end?? We don't know if or who gets shot!!! We have to wait 4 months to get an answer to that! Eddie Cahill did an amazing job. Congratulations!
    Is is season 6 premiere yet???
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