Season 3 Episode 1

People With Money

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 20, 2006 on CBS
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The body of a man is discovered on the Brooklyn Bridge, and the only evidence is a huge marriage proposal in lights. The CSI team works through the investigation as they learn to deal with a new medical examiner.

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  • The third season begins with Mac beginning to move on with his personal life after the tragic death of his wife on 9/11 and the bizarre discovery of a badly beaten woman found dead in her apartment and a man found dead on the Brooklyn Bridge.moreless

    I enjoyed this episode from start to finish. CSI: Miami did not start off their season on quite the right note but CSI: NY certainly did. I like the fact that we are seeing more into the personal lives of the characters. I think Mac's relationship with Peyton will be a good addition to this upcoming season. I also very much liked how this episode moved along. It moved at just the right pace, the twists and turns worked and all actors did well in their parts. Hopefully the season's remaining episodes will be just as good.moreless
  • Indecent Proposal OR Fight Club

    People with money wasn't really the continuation of Season 2's finale I was looking for, but other than that it was a good episode!

    I thought the death on the bridge was good. It had twists, and turns, and I was never completely sure of who-dun-it! I thought the acting was good, and the story was well planned out. I loved the part about bungee sex. I thought that was so funny!

    Now, the one with the girl beaten to death I thought could of been better. The dead girl and her "BFF"'s acting was ok, at best. This story could have been better, I just feel that the story line could have been better, but was shoten, becuase there wasn't enough time.

    All in all, a good episode!moreless
  • This was a superb episode with great cases. The title really fits the bill here : People with Money, can get away with anything. Loved that whole idea and how it worked well into the cases. Spoilers inside, sorry! a GREAT ep for a new season.moreless


    The beginning was yet another priceless CSI start with a couple chasing each other and then doing something absurd: having bungee sex off a bridge. And what happens? They see someone dying. Super. But I don't see how that could be since they saw him on his back, and I don't remember there being any sign that he held on the railing.


    First was the case with the guy who was killed on the Brooklyn Bridge and basically died by a statue of liberty keychain. Seriously, WTF? Apparently, as we can see from the lights on a building he worked at, the guy tried to propose. And then we find out said marriage proposal plans stopped a bomb threat? AWESOME. I think more people need to do things on public places. Though no, the explosive material on him was not bomb, and the bomb threat was just the bungee sex jumpers. Super. But it was still cool. Best twist of this story was how the keychain owner was dead; she committed suicide hours before the dead guy. I also loved how it didn't end up being the girl he had an affair with, and got pregnant, or the girlfriend of the vic. It ended up being the father of the girlfriend. I love "people with money." I loved how they figured it all out by the photos and the lights, since one of the lights not meant for the Marry Me light up was lit up when it wasn't supposed to be. And then they find out, someone was watching them on the scene. Someone saw them on the bridge working during the crime scene.

    Now with the second case, we get a new detective to run around with, I guess she is replacing Kylie? Too bad, I liked her. And this new detective Angell looks a lot like Aiden. No? I also love that now with Hawkes on the field; we basically have an ME that doesn't need to run around everywhere. That's the one thing with Sid; I don't remember him going to the scenes.

    I also liked how this one ended up. It was the best friend, who ended up not being a great best friend. I loved how it was also about money. I think it was a great idea that they incorporated both cases to be about similar things. I'm sure the others in the past have as well, but I don't think I noticed.


    First was Sid and the creepy place with the whole information on necrophilia and the Egyptian princesses. Man, I love Sid. And I definitely love Hawkes with him.

    I also loved the scene with Lindsay doing the demonstration on Mac with the tie, and then afterwards Mac fixing his tie because she didn't set it up how he liked it.


    Mac has A GIRLFRIEND? When did this happen? Peyton, Mac's girlfriend is the new helper ME weee. And she totally tried to pull it off as if the two weren't together. Interesting. By the way, I love the fact that this is the first episode we see of him and her together and already there is drama. This bodes well for their relationship. Well, we'll have to see what goes on with them. I like her now, but when I first saw this, I wasn't sure HOW I'd feel about her. She seemed a bit iffy with her, "oh no." And yeah, I'm not English, but English people don't generally sound like that. So you know.


    Apparently they all knew Peyton, or at least Stella did since she knew where Peyton had been before coming here, and it seemed she came back from where she been to be an ME again. Interesting, very interesting.


    This was a superb episode with great cases. The title really fits the bill here as it basically sums up the whole episode. People with Money, can get away with anything. Loved that whole idea and how it worked well into the cases.moreless
  • Flack is back in this one, we learn that Flack survived. He is working with Lindsay and Stella on a case. Mac, Hawkes & Danny are working together on another one.moreless

    I loved this episode because I was so worried that Flack was not going to survive. When I saw him I was so relieved and thought Wow...he looks so good. I love the chemistry between Flack, Lindsay, Stella - they were all great together. The story was interesting, as usual. I wish there would have been more between Danny and Lindsay in the particular episode however...it was only the first episode of the season so I am sure that I will not be disappointed with this show later on. I also like that Mac and Peyton are together, they are so cute.moreless
  • Bungee sex and a new character


    I loved the switch from you thinking the girl was running away from someone when really they knew each other. Bungee sex, never heard of it! Finally Mac has a woman! woo!:) I also loved to see that Flack was alright and better than ever.


    A man was stabbed with a statue of liberty keychain. It turned out to be his girlfriend's dad; I never saw that coming. It turns out he was seeing a stripper and got her pregnant and the dad knew about it. He tried to pay the vic money to leave the stripper, but he never did.


    Aww it was so cute to see Mac and Peyton talk, and then him grab her hand when she started to walk away. They can be together without any interferences, for now atleast.:)moreless
Anna Belknap

Anna Belknap

Lindsay Monroe

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill

Detective Donald "Don" Flack, Jr.

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Melina Kanakaredes

Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Stella Bonasera

Justin Clynes

Justin Clynes

Trey Foster

Guest Star

James Ferris

James Ferris

Clarence Rome

Guest Star

Marcy McCusker

Marcy McCusker

Margo Demme

Guest Star

Claire Forlani

Claire Forlani

Dr. Peyton Driscoll

Recurring Role

Robert Joy

Robert Joy

Dr. Sid Hammerback

Recurring Role

Emmanuelle Vaugier

Emmanuelle Vaugier

Detective Jessica Angell

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (18)

    • Goof: Due the high speed that bungee jumpers gather on the drop, Mac would have been dragged upwards when he grabbed them.

    • Despite Peyton being first introduced in Mac's bed, their romance doesn't take over the cases and it's subtly depicted in the episode.

    • According to a make up artist and based on the close ups of Melina Kanakaredes, looks like the soft powder she has regularly been using in her eyes has changed to liquid eyeliner.

    • Both cases seem to be disconnected, and Danny and Hawkes don't have any small moment with the rest of the team. Looks like they were shot at different locations and/or dates.

    • Apparently, Mac and Peyton first met when she first worked at the M.E.'s office and they started dating while she was at Columbia. She's recently joined back the M.E's office, most likely over the summer, so Mac has gotten into a relationship for some time now and the team doesn't seem to know about it. It's not clear if Mac's private condition is motivating it or if there's deeper uncomfortable reasons. But it makes sense that he would get into something serious with someone he has known for a while and not someone random.

    • It is really cute touch of normalcy the lightheartedness with wich Lindsay and Stella tease Flack on the bridge. He seems happy and he probably needs to hear that despite the tragic explosion he was involved in and the scars he bears women still find him attractive.

    • Peyton tries hard to make Mac happy with her cheerfulness and optimism and Mac tries to make her happy showing no emotional trauma after the explosion in 2x24 Charge of this Post. Both of them behave more relaxed when they aren't around each other. For example, when Mac kisses Peyton in a public sphere, he seems to be reassuring her as much as he is reassuring him. And when he holds her hand, it feels more like a don't go hand catch than a stay here hand catch. They seem to work a tad too hard for it to naturally work.

    • Even though Flack doesn't suffer from the severe injuries he suffered in 2x24 Charge of this post, there is some kind of continuation to them.

    • Goof: The blonde victim blinks when the CSIs check her body and confirm her lividity.

    • Goof: the Statue of Liberty keychain is covered pretty much top to bottom with blood when Peyton pulls it out of the victim but when Stella first holds it up to examine it, it's completely clean, as if it's been washed off and yet seconds later she puts it in a box to glue it for fingerprints and it has only smudges of blood on it.

    • When Stella explained Mac about the prints found on the ring, she slides it on her finger. The ring is a size 6.

    • The more you look at the "Marry Me" building, the more you can tell that it was computer generated. If you look at it compared to the surrounding buildings, you can see that there are two shades of black for offices with turned off lights in the proposal building as opposed to the buildings surrounding it.

    • Goof: At the scene where Hawkes, Messer and Angell are processing the second body, the chest of the "dead woman" can be seen moving as the actress is breathing.

    • Goof: At the scene were the bungee jumpers were arrested by Mac (while dangling off the building), you can clearly see that they were wearing flesh coloured tights when they were supposed to be naked.

    • Goof: In the scene where the victim who committed suicide was pulled out of the refrigerator in the medical examiner's office, her eyes twitch.

    • Goof: The pedestrian walkway is in the center of the Brooklyn bridge. Unless everyone involved in this case was standing in the middle of traffic, there is no way that any of the events could have occured at the edge of the Bridge.

    • Goof: How could the victim and his girfriend's father arrive on the Brooklyn Bridge, and get into the fight in the few seconds that the bungee jumpers were hanging off the side.

    • The show playing on the televison in Mac's bedroom is The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Hawkes: All roads lead to Rome.

    • Peyton: The trace that came back on the cigarette was pre-natal vit-a-mins.
      Flack: (To Stella) I think she means vitamins.

    • Peyton: (leaving the autopsy room and walking towards Mac) I just finished my last autopsy, and I was thinking that maybe I could buy you dinner.
      Mac: Dinner.
      Peyton: Yeah. Uh oh.
      Mac: What?
      Peyton: You've got that look. It's the same look you had the other night on the Brooklyn Bridge. Surprise.
      Mac: It wasn't surprise. I knew we'd eventually work the same crime scene together. It's just that having a relationship with someone that I work with is not something that I'm used to. The moment on the Bridge was a little... surprising.
      Peyton: Mac, I know that you are a very private man. But we're both professional people that can do our jobs unaffected by what happens after hours. Don't you think so?
      (Mac doesn't say anything. Peyton sighs and turns to leave, but Mac grabs her hand. Peyton smiles and he kisses her.)
      Mac: Yeah. I think so.

    • Mac: So Sam's plan was to propose to someone else on the bridge, then pick up Erica Lancaster to "talk".
      Stella: Translation: end their relationship.

    • Danny: That means they were all there when Vanessa died.
      Hawkes: 3 against 1. It wasn't a fair fight.
      Danny: It is now.

    • Sid: Tequila and acid. Your vic had quite the evening.
      Hawkes: Until someone put an end to the party.

    • Danny: Hey, what happened? I don't see Benton breathing down your neck. He take the training wheels off?
      Det. Angell: You here to bust my balls or to work, Messer?
      Hawkes: (Hawkes looks at Danny) Oooh. Angell got her wings, huh?

    • Peyton: Well thank you for dinner. You're an exceptional cook, detective.
      Mac: Well I told ya, I make a mean cheeseburger.

    • Denney Lancaster: Nobody embarrasses me. My daughter, my family.
      Mac: I'm sure this is a very proud moment for all of them. (Signals for him to be put in the car)

    • Lindsay: I'll do a little demonstration.
      Stella: I love it when she does this.

    • Clarence Rome: I'm busting a gut here. You should take this show on the road.
      Danny: Yeah, I might.

    • Lindsay: So, Flack, how many numbers did you get?
      Flack: I don't like where you're going with this, Monroe.
      Lindsay: How many?
      Flack: Three.
      Stella: Everybody loves a hero.

    • (Flack is flirting with some techs)
      Stella: Impressing your fans with your battle wounds?
      Flack: They were concerned about my recovery. I was just putting them at ease.

    • (Sid is talking about necrophilia)
      Hawkes: You're going to that creepy place again, Sid.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Mac and Peyton's scene where he grabs her hand is reminiscent of a scene from Fallen Angel (starring Gary Sinise).

    • Stella: (About a pregnant pole-dancer) That's one hot momma.

      This is an allusion to Trace Adkins's song Hot Mama from his album of the same name.

    • Lindsay demonstrates how dynamite got on the victim's tie by tying Mac's around his neck. Stella says: I love it when she does this, which is an allusion to 2x05 Dancing with the Fishes, when Lindsay made another demonstration explaining what the unusual trace on the tram driver was.

    • Mac's chest scar is visible. We learnt in 2x24 Charge of this Post that he was hit by shrapnel in the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983.

    • Plug: The tv in Mac's room is showing the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

      Since CBS airs both shows it's clear it was a plug.