Season 4 Episode 19

Personal Foul

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 07, 2008 on CBS
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Danny, Lindsay, and Flack investigate the murder of a man who fell to the ground shortly after making a half court shot worth one million dollars in a basketball game that Danny and Flack attended.

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  • After a man is killed shortly after he wins $1 million on a basketball shot the taxi cab killer strikes again

    The taxi cab killer continues to kill and also at the end takes Reed and at first I thought it was Lindsay because it showed you her but it wasn't.It builds up to the next episode and I can't wait.Also in this episode a man wins $1 million and is poisoned by a women who he bullied.With two great cases this is definitely a 9.5 rating.
  • During halftime at a pro basketball game, a man wins $1 million for making a half court shot....and immediately drops dead. Elsewhere, Mac and Stella continue their search for the Taxicab Killer.moreless

    There is trouble brewing on the horizon for CSI: NY. That trouble is Mac's stepson. He is just as dislikeable and annoying as the son of the lead character on another CSI show (I think we all know who that is.). It looks as though Mac's stepson is going to be no different. I certainly hope that is not the case because I would hate to see CSI: NYjump the shark. I did like the storylines here and the acting is, as usual, quite good. This is a very flawed episode however. Definitely not one of the show's best.moreless
  • In New York it's raining, do you catch a cab and risk your life, or walk and risk our hair?

    Opens with a cab, picking up a victim. She is unconscious and then he place s her on a blue sheet and writes his signature onto the back of her neck. She is in locked into the boot of his cab. Flack and Denny at basketball game. A man tries to make a shoot to win $1million. He does it, it goes in. He then collapses on the court. Flack flashes his badge and goes onto the court. Paramedics pronounce him dead. Lindsay is called in to help with the crime scene. Mac is called in when anther cab victim is found and so is Stella. Park man found the body and reported the body and also emptied the fountain of its money it's his job). Basket ball was killed by poison name was Scott. Denny tries to talk to Lindsay but she blows him off. When Mac is asked directly if he would take a cab he answers no.

    Stella & Hawks believe they have found out where the killer gets his wraps for the bodies from. Kisses taken from the victim after running test and taking lip samples from the cheerleaders it is discovered that the lips with the poison match the head cheerleader, who also read out the results. Stella and Hawks tracks down where the magnet down with the latest victim came from. The tem may no have a suspect. DNA from the hole in the wall matches an old case. Lindsay watches back the footage from the game; Lindsey discovers that she announced a different seat o the one which she pulled out. They go to her house and believe that she has a room mate. Reid get s a message asking if he wants to know more about Cab killer to got o a meeting at 10pm.

    On the fridge is a photo of a larger girl, perhaps room mate and it is soon discovered to be the head cheerleader. The man made up a nasty chant about her and so she decided on revenge. Chant said eat a salad. Lindsay walks home in the rain and Messer calls her. He invites her over, and she says no. Ricky goes to Messer' apartment and asks if she can come in whilst flirting and Messer tells her no. Perhaps he and Lindsay can make it after all.

    They track down the killer through his DNA and medical records but his name John Doe. Which really didn't help. Lindsay goes to the station to go home but it is shut. She hails a cab has she learnt nothing. Then we see Reid getting into a cab. Person didn't turn up. They then drive away. In New York it's raining, do you catch a cab and risk your life, or walk and risk our hair?moreless
  • A great episode of CSI NY.

    I really liked this episode. This is one of my favorite episodes of the season, if not my favorite episode. The taxi killer continues to horrify the city and man manages to become a murder victim in front of an arena full of people. I was intrigued immediately. Flack and Messer witnessed the guy's trip from his seat to the court and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. I was hooked immediately.

    I confess that I knew not only that a cheerleader had committed the crime but I knew WHICH cheerleader. I suspected her of foul play before the guy was even dead, when she gave him a kiss on the lips. I suspected her for two reasons. 1-You don't just kiss a stranger on the lips like that. 2-I recognized the actress playing the cheerleader from other character acting that she's done. Even though I thought she was the killer, I had no clue about a possible motive. That part was sad, especially since I've seen overweight/obese people treated cruelly at times. (Hasn't happened recently, thank goodness). I loved Mac in this episode. It was so sad to see him have doubts about catching the taxi killer. I don't care much for Stella but it was bittersweet to see her console Mac, to give him her vote of confidence. I loved that scene between them.

    I'm not happy with Danny and I no longer want him for Lindsay (once a cheater, always a cheater in my opinion). But I no I am the minority in my thinking. I guess their relationship is on the mend and he's damn lucky for it. I didn't like the scene at the end where Lindsay is walking in the rain. That was too cliche for me. It did serve a purpose, however, making us wonder if Lindsay was the one getting into the taxi. We learn that it's not her and that it's Reed and I can't even find it in my heart to worry for the brat. This was a very good episode, extremely well acted and well written. Good ep!!moreless
  • The taxi cab killers next victim is someone close to Mac.

    The taxi cab killer sub plot was far more intersting than the death of Scott Dugan, the obnoxious basketball fan who dies in mid court. While I did empathize with Paula, the cheerleader who was humiliated by Scot at a basketball game to years earlier, I didn't agree with her method of revenge. A more fitting punishment would have been to tell him that she was the fat girl he humilatd two years ago in front of the fans. Murder is never a solution to one's problems.

    Stell and Sheldon learn more information about the taxi cab killer but fail to come up with his name. The case is testing Macs patience, but it was great to see him open up the Stella about the widow of one of the victims. Mac appeared more animated and less wooden emotionally. The only dark spot in the episode was Reed's attitude. While I can understand his need to be the first one to get an original scoop on the taxi cab killer, his attitude is causing him to lose his most important contact-Mac. I applaud Mac for putting him in his place and sticking to his prinicples.

    The biggest hightlight of the episode was the bittersweet conversation between Danny and Linday. While the romance as faded from their relationship the friendship is still there. The writers ended the episode in the most suspensful way. Now that someone close to Mac could become the next victim, the team will need to use all of thier resouces to find the killer before it's too late.moreless
Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Melina Kanakaredes

Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Stella Bonasera

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Anna Belknap

Anna Belknap

Lindsay Monroe

Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill

Detective Donald "Don" Flack, Jr.

Lindsay Hollister

Lindsay Hollister

Plus Size Paula

Guest Star

Jacqueline Piñol

Jacqueline Piñol

Rikki Sandoval

Guest Star

Keri Lynn Pratt

Keri Lynn Pratt

Paula Tolomeo

Guest Star

Kyle Gallner

Kyle Gallner

Reed Garrett

Recurring Role

Jessalyn Gilsig

Jessalyn Gilsig

Jordan Gates

Recurring Role

Robert Joy

Robert Joy

Dr. Sid Hammerback

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • The calendar Sheldon moves at the cab company to view the hole in the wall made by an angry cabby has a photo of the cheerleaders from the episode's other subplot.

    • Goof: Danny's apartment (especially the entrance hall) is noticeably different than the one in 3x18 Sleight Out of Hand. Also, the pool table is nowhere to be seen.

    • There are more than a million pigeons in New York. Also, the city's population of Argentinian parrots escaped from a box that was manipulated by an airport worker.

    • Sid likes fencing.

    • Goof: When the basketball game victim falls dead to the ground, his shirt is pushed upwards, showing part of his belly. However, when the emergency workers arrive, the shirt has been stretched down to his jeans.

    • Despite Mac wanted to know Reed for Claire's sake and Reed seemed open to the idea, it looks like it hasn't been that way. Reed reappears for professional reasons, and it sounds like they don't have any kind of personal relationship going on. Not being related under normal parameters, they are kinda forced to get along when life brings them close again.

    • It is not likely that Lindsay would grab a cab either being aware of the serial killer story. A short walk would have led her to the next subway station which wouldn't have meant that much trouble since she was wet already.

    • Goof: The 3rd Street Station that Lindsay mentions to be closed doesn't exist.

    • It is not likely that Reed would get in a taxi after having been chasing the taxi driver serial killer story.

    • Despite Mac gave Reed his cell phone number for private reasons, Reed is using that personal information against Mac, violating Mac's trust and also professional standards at work about his source.

    • Goof: Lindsay is going through the cheerleaders' photos to find a biometric match of the heavier woman, and she picks one of a blonde cheerleader. As she is about to scan it, a close up of a woman wearing big sunglasses can be seen. However, when the scan is done, it is revealed as the original blonde cheerleader photo.

    • Goof: The AED scene at the basketball game has several problems with it. Firstly, the emergency workers don't cut off the victim's shirt to get the paddles on. (Skin contact is needed for them to be used properly.) Secondly, they don't position one paddle on his upper left and one on his lower right chest sections. (This is done to make sure the current flows correctly to the heart.) Thirdly, the workers start the procedure as Danny and Flack leave their seats and end it as they arrive on the court, meaning they gave up after only a minute or so at best. Usually, an emergency worker would keep CPR/AED going until EMS arrives and takes the victim away. (To stop before EMS arrives would open the stadium up to a serious abandonment lawsuit.)

    • Goof: Paige Lopez's incident report misspells connection as conection.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Lindsay: Need help picking the right shade?
      Danny: Ha, ha, ha, that's just it. Unless the make-up counter at Bloomie's is selling mood lipstick, this partial print we got from the vic's mouth seems to have changed color. It started out pink.
      Lindsay: And now it's amber.
      Danny: Means the efflorescent crystalline residue we're looking at is atropine trace.
      Lindsay: Well, that explains the color shift. So which cheerleader wore it?
      Danny: And if she had poison on her lips, why isn't she dead too?

    • Lindsay: Any stomach contents?
      Sid: Like you wouldn't believe. At least two hotdogs, popcorn, nachos, peanuts, an ice-cream sandwich and almost a full liter of beer.
      Danny: I'm surprised he could get out of his seat!
      Sid: What's even more surprising is the traces of phentermine I also found in his bloodstream.
      Lindsay: Wait, time-out, Scott was taking an appetite suppressant?
      Sid: Clearly a failure in this case, but someone still found him lovable!
      Danny: Lip prints.
      Sid: Twelve to be exact. I lifted them from both cheeks, the neck and the forehead. In various shades, from Candy Kitten to Sangria Sunset.
      Lindsay: Twelve girls on the cheerleading squad.

    • Danny: I'm surprised he didn't kick the bucket from altitude sickness with these seats!
      Lindsay: That or the nachos...

    • (Danny and Flack are at the basketball game)
      Flack: (talking about the guy winning $1 million) Never gonna happen!
      Danny: Why, you think you could do it?
      Flack: You're kidding me? Boom, nothing but net, baby!
      (After the guy's name has been drawn)
      Danny: Oh, I think he can do it!
      Flack: No, he can't!
      Danny: Wanna make a little wager?
      Flack: 50 bucks?
      Danny: I hate to take a colleague's money but for you, I'll be happy to make the exception! Come on!

    • (While Danny, Lindsay, and Don are questioning the cheerleader)
      Flack: Crime of passion?
      Lindsay: Crime of patience.

    • Mac: Today I got a call from the widow of Ben Melvoy.
      Stella: The attorney from Jersey.
      Mac: They had a toddler and a newborn. They were two weeks away from celebrating their tenth anniversary. Then he gets in the wrong cab.
      Stella: My God.
      Mac: But you know what hit me the hardest? She couldn't have been sweeter; held it together; didn't even cry. All she asked me to do was stop this killer from hurting somebody else. In spite of all the heartache, bloodshed, he's causing all I could really offer her was an apology. Are we gonna get this guy?
      Stella: We have to. We have to.

    • (Danny is on the phone with Lindsay)
      Lindsay: Hey.
      Danny: Hey, where are you?
      Lindsay: I'm taking a rain walk, it's a Montana thing, you wouldn't understand.
      Danny: Yeah, maybe I would. Maybe there's a lot of things that... that I understand now. How about that?
      Lindsay: Yeah, like what?
      Danny: How sorry I am for pushing you away.
      Lindsay: Danny, I tried to give you your space but I don't know how much longer I can feel alone. It's messing with my work. It's breaking my heart.
      Danny: I know, no; I know, I do. I swear to God it won't happen again. 'Cause the truth is...truth is I miss you... I miss you more than I can say even if, uh, I don't know how to say it.
      Lindsay: Do you have any idea how hard you are to love?
      Danny: (smiling) Why don't you come over here and tell me in person? Please.
      Lindsay: I gotta go...

    • (Danny is home when someone knocks at his door. He opens up and Rikki is standing in front of it, with a bowl of sugar in her hand)
      Rikki: Normally, neighbors ask for sugar. But I thought I'd be daring and offer some first.
      Danny: (smiling and taking the bowl from her) Rikki.
      Rikki: Mind if I come in?
      Danny: Rikki, listen. I've been thinking, this thing... this thing between us. You were right. We made each other feel good. I'm starting to think it's a bad thing for us to do.
      Rikki: (interrupting him) Danny, I'm moving.
      Danny: (totally surprised) You're moving?
      Rikki: (nods) I need a fresh start. Too many memories.
      Danny: I'm... I'm...
      Rikki: No. Don't say you're sorry. Just say goodbye.
      Danny: (sighs) Goodbye.
      Rikki: Goodbye.
      (Rikki turns around and wants to leave, but Danny calls her back.)
      Danny: Rikki, wait. (Rikki turns around) What about the sugar?
      Rikki: (touching his cheek) You're a sweet man, you keep it.
      (Rikki then leaves and Danny goes back inside)

    • (Danny and Lindsay are in autopsy and on their way back to the lab Danny runs after Lindsay.)
      Danny: Hey, wait up a sec. Where is the fire?
      Lindsay: Got work to do.
      Danny: I was thinking that maybe we could... ehm... talk.
      Lindsay: Now? This isn't exactly the best time.
      Danny: Ok, fine, you tell me when.
      Lindsay: Honestly? I don't know.
      (Lindsay turns around and leaves Danny behind. He is sighing.)

    • Danny: I hope it was worth it. Because you just kissed your life goodbye!

    • Reed: We have a serial killer to catch.
      Mac: No, Reed! I have a serial killer to catch! You just want a headline! But I get it, so out of love and respect for your mother, I'll give you an exclusive. You ready! (very angrily) Watch who you mess with!
      Reed: Is that a threat from you or the killer?
      Mac: Both!

    • Stella: What was it you once said? When the heat is on, gotta wear more sunblock.
      Mac: I said that? Think I was just back from vacation.

    • Danny: Peanuts! Popcorn! Poison!

    • Flack: (smirking while watching the cheerleaders give lip prints) Sexy...but dangerous.

    • Flack: You should piss Lindsay off more often.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Music Featured:
      Clear Cut (Sonar By Day) by Bomb the Bass and Lali Puna.
      Kiss Kiss by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
      Lights & Music by Cut Copy.

    • Original International Airdates:
      UK: May 17, 2008 on CH5.
      Denmark: June 9, 2008 on Kanal 5.
      Turkey: July 7, 2008 on cnbc-e.
      Spain: July 15, 2008 on AXN.
      Australia: October 15, 2008 on Network 9.
      Sweden: August 25, 2008 on Kanal 5.
      New Zealand: August 26, 2008 on TV3.
      Czech Republic: October 14, 2008 on AXN.
      Norway: Wednesday, November 5, 2008 on TVNorge.
      Germany: January 26, 2009 on VOX.
      Finland: July 22, 2009 on MTV3.


    • Danny: Peanuts, Popcorn, Poison!

      This is a variation of the common call of food hawkers at sporting events (Peanuts, Popcorn, Cracker Jacks!).