Season 4 Episode 19

Personal Foul

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 07, 2008 on CBS

Episode Recap

We open with the busy NYC streets. They are seemingly normal. Then we see the cross hanging from the rear view mirror. There is a woman in a bright red coat trying to hail a cab. We see a hand adjust the rear view mirror and we then see the eyes. He spots her, turns the meter on as well as turning on the light indicating he's back on duty sign on that's located on top of the cab. She sees him and gets it the back seat. We then see a blue and yellow tarp being unfolded on the ground next to a parked yellow cab. The cab door opens and the woman in the bright red coat is unconscious in the back seat. She's dragged out and dropped on the yellow and blue tarp. A hand begins striking what looks like a rock against the ground causing sparks. The woman is rolled unceremoniously to her side. A pair of hands uses the rock to make intentional marks at the base of her neck. The woman hasn't fought back; she hasn't moved she hasn't felt a thing. The woman in the bright red coat is then wrapped up in the blue and yellow tarp. A man drops her in the trunk and slams the hood shut. The man gets into the driver's seat and starts the engine. He turns on the radio, a sports event is on, and it's a basketball playoff game. He puts the car in gear and begins to drive, with the cross hanging from the rear view mirror.

We see the lights of NYC as we continue to hear the broadcast of the basketball game. The NYC Empire is in the playoffs. We are brought inside a pack arena with cheering fans all supporting the home team. It's halftime but we stay to see Danny and Don enjoying the game and the festivities. Don's appreciative of Danny's invitation even kidding him about being second choice. We pan the arena as the sports announcers host the half time festivities. It's a contest. A lucky fan in the crowd with have their ticket stub drawn from a raffle barrel at random. The lucky winner will be given a chance at a one million dollar prize if he or she can make a basket. But the shot is to be made from half court. As the Empire cheerleaders prepare to draw the lucky ticket stub Danny and Don already debate on whether a shot from that distance could even be possible. A pretty blonde cheerleader draws the lucky ticket stub, a hush fells the crowd at the seat is announced. She calls out Section 214, Row E, Seat 5. The lucky fan is a now very excited man begins to descend many flights of stairs high fiving other fans and receiving congratulations as well as well wishes on the way down to court. Once he makes it to the floor he begins to receive hugs and kisses from the Empire cheerleaders. The pretty blond cheerleader that drew his lucky ticket gives him a congratulatory kiss on the lips. He is brought to center court and the pretty blonde cheerleader is given a microphone and asks the lucky winner for his name. It's Dugan Scott. "Well Dugan, are you ready to take a short at a million dollars." He very enthusiastically replies "Hell Yeah!" He loves the attention he is receiving from everyone. The referee gives Dugan a basketball to take his shot. Danny and Don are still debating whether or not Dugan can make the shot for the prize. Dugan is taking a couple of practice bounces. He seems to be nervous and trying to focus. Even shaking his head to clear the cobwebs. He has a lot riding on this one shot. Danny and Don ultimately wager $50 on Dugan's once in a lifetime shot. Dugan takes one more practice bounce and then with a giant leap forward towards the hoop he sends the ball airborne.

The crowd seems to be holding their breath as they await the results of the shot. Finally we see the ball go into the hoop. He did it! He made the basket. The crowd erupts with excitement and cheers. Dugan Scott just won a million dollars. Everyone is in disbelief. The cheerleaders rush in to encircle Dugan and offer congratulations. Suddenly, Dugan begin holding his head. He bends over, maybe he's overwhelmed by his win. As Don makes good on the wager with Danny, we see Dugan struggling to stay upright still holding his head. He looks dazed then he suddenly collapses on the arena floor. He's not moving. Someone calls for the paramedics. Danny and Don watch the scene unfold. The PA announcer instructs fans to remain in their seats. Paramedics have reach Dugan he has a faint pulse. They begin CPR with a difribulator to try and revive a seemingly lifeless patient. Danny and Don begin to make their way to the court floor. Don's badge allows them access. The paramedics continue to work on Dugan Scott but they determine it's to late, he gone. By this time Don and Danny are looking over the entire scene. Danny kneels and carefully examines Dugan Scott's body. Don voices a possible theory "Heart attack?" Danny responds that it's not likely do to his extremely swollen tongue, his pupils are dilated and there is a rash and discoloration all around his mouth area. Danny guesses some sort of poison. Don looks incredibly around the arena adding comment that it had to be a fast acting one. They both just witnessed him run down from his seats. Danny looks around realizing that a murder just occurred right in front of them.

Due to the crime scene unfolding on the basketball court floor, the game is halted and the crowds sent home. In the section where Dugan Scott was seating, Lindsay and Danny are processing the area. Don has determined that Dugan Scott was a 10-year season ticket holder and other than a couple drunken and disorderly, nothing really stands out about the victim. Lindsay asks if anyone saw anything. Don lets her know that he's talked with come cheerleaders and a couple of refs. But they all had their eyes on the hoop until Dugan hit the floor. Danny and Lindsay are still looking around the area of Dugan's seat. Lindsay stands for an overview of the arena. She suggests looking at things from another angle. Seeing the game was televised she thinks getting all the camera footage would be a good place to start. Don agrees and offers to make some calls to retrieve them. Danny finds blood on the back of one of the seats. Is it Dugan's? They'll have to see but it shouldn't be there.

A radio host is talking about the basketball game being cut short and the taxi driver killer and the city needing a break.

A water fountain in one of the NYC parks is the bearer of a grizzly package. Wrapped in a yellow and blue tarp. Mac orders the water shut off. He is working with Stella and Hawkes. Stella shares that an anonymous call to 911 was made early that morning. They begin to process the scene. The tarp is unfolded and the woman in the bright red coat is discovered wrapped inside. There is no ID on the victim but all signs point to another cabbie killer victim from the tarp to the L2729 markings on the back of her neck. However, Doc finds some unusual trace at the bottom of the tarp, which is different, and Stella finds a small magnet wrapped up in the tarp with the victim. Mac stands to get an overview of the fountain. Stella asks what he sees. Mac more specific it's what he doesn't see. The bottom of the fountain is almost empty of coins. "Where are all the coins" Mac asks.

It's determined that a man by the name of Abraham Katz is responsible for empting the fountain every morning. Stella and Mac go to interview Mr. Katz. They first confirm that he did retrieve the coins from the fountain that morning. He is still in the middle of processing the coins from other fountains that are also his responsibility. Stella accusingly asks whether or not he happened to miss the dead body in the fountain. He admits that he did see the body and informs her that it's not the first. But he had a responsibility to empty the fountain before the homeless people did "hey I at least called 911" he counters. Stella hits him with the fact he's tampered with a crime scene as well as evidence. They ask him what happens with the coins once he's collected them. He informs them they he cleans and sorts them then turns them over the to the city's general-purpose fund. They inquire about the coins that were collected from their crime scene. Mr. Katz directs them to a nearby workbench, he hasn't gotten to them yet. Katz asks if there is anything else. Mac looks at him and instructs him to take the bags downstairs.

Sid is reviewing the autopsy results for Dugan Scott with Lindsay and Danny. Danny still was looking for a COD. Sid informs him that yes he has determined it but it's not an easy as it looks. Lindsay reminds him that it never is. Sid confirms that Mr. Scott died quickly and painfully from atropine poisoning. A compound commonly referred to as Nightshade. It comes from a plant called Feladonna, specifically it's berries and leaves. It was a concentrated dose that caused death within five minutes. Sid has determined that the poison wasn't administered by injection or inhalation. Lindsay points out that all that was left was ingestion or by touch. Sid points to the rash and discoloration around his mouth as a possibility. Lindsay asks about Dugan's stomach contents. Sid rattles off a grocery list of every thing you would find at a sporting event that included a pint of beer. Incredibility Sid also informs them that he found traces of fentramine in his system. Lindsay shakes her head, "why would a man ingest all that food and take an appetite suppressant?" Sid's not sure but then he hands Lindsay his last pieces of evidence. Kisses. 12 sets of lipstick prints that where recovered from Dugan's face and neck area. They are in a variety of shades. Lindsay comments that there are 12 cheerleaders on the squad. Sid also informs them that he also found one a faint print on Dugan mouth. He also gave them a print of Dugan's lips as a reference. With having everything they needed from Sid, Lindsay heads off to get to work.

Danny attempts to slow Lindsay down. Lindsay trying to keep him at bay informs him there's work to do. Danny reaching to make contact, almost willing her to stop, which she does. Danny wants to talk. Lindsay looks at him, incredibly, "Now?" Then tells him it's not the best time. Danny is desperate and asks her to tell him when. Lindsay looks at him with confusion and hurt in her eyes. She simply tells him "Honestly, I don't know." She turns and leaves. Danny is left standing and watching.

Mac is in one of the conference rooms. It's set up as an information hub in efforts to track down the taxicab killer. There is data in every form scattered in a seemingly organized chaos. As he is reviewing the latest information his cell phone rings. It's Reed Garrett. He is looking for the latest bit of information on the cabbie killer for his blog. Mac tactfully informs Reed that he was given his cell phone number for personal use not professional. Reed explains that he's just trying to give his readers as much information on who they should be afraid of, that they have a right to know. Mac informs him that although he's a bit proud by his determination he's crossing a line. Reed attempts to persuade Mac, to no avail. Mac says good-bye and hangs up. Reed 's determination not swayed unwisely and without Mac's knowledge go forward on his own with his latest blog entry. Implying that the information came from his source.

Danny catches up with Lindsay letting her know he didn't get much from the trace and evidence collected from Dugan Scott's row section at the game. However he did get a hit in CODIS on the blood spatter he retrieved from the back of the seat. It comes back to a Lamont Henford. He works concessions at the arena. He just got off parole. Danny found out that Henford and Scott got into an altercation two games ago. Dugan lodged a formal complaint with security. Lindsay trying to work a theory that Henford decided to hit back as they head to the elevator to conduct an interview with Mr. Henford. Danny trying to get a smile from Lindsay as he hits the down button "Peanuts, Popcorn, Poison." Danny laughs, Lindsay simply smirks.

Lindsay and Danny find Henford work at the arena. He has a bruised fat lip. Lindsay and Danny conduct the interview as to how it happened. Henford admits to the fight. He places blame on being pushed to far. Yeah he knew Scott. He was known for drinking like a rock star but tipping like a roadie. Henford explains what happened that night. Scott called to him to buy another beer. Henford debated on whether Scott should have another, but stopped anyway. Dugan then proceeded to humiliate him in front of the whole section for not zipping his fly. Within a minute Dugan had the section chanting "check your zipper, check your zipper." Henford embarrassed felt he pushed to far and physically pushed him back. Henford received a punch, giving him a fat lip on top of the humiliation. Lindsay asks what happened next. Henford informs he got up and walked away and went home early to have a couple of beers of his own. Lindsay seems surprised it was that easy. Henford informs her that Dugan Scott wasn't worth going back to prison for and Danny lets him know that they'll all have to see about that one.

Stella and Hawkes are processing the evidence from the latest taxicab killing. Including the coin bad retrieved from Abram Katz. Stella seems to be focusing on the small magnet she found with the victim and an odd button she found within the coin bags."

Mac is addressing the media at a press conference. He is fielding questions about the latest possible killing. But Mac gives them nothing definitive or concrete. He does however offer reassurance that it is the priority to get the killings stopped. As Mac addresses reporters, Reed slips forward to ask Detective Taylor a question of his own "Would he take a taxi himself?" The rest of the press corp. is eager to hear his answer. Caught off guard by the directness, Mac pauses but answers honestly. "No, No I wouldn't. Not until this person behind the killings is caught." With that Mac abruptly ends the press conference and leaves the podium. Jordan Gates is right on his heels asking him if he's crazy issuing a warning like that, it could possibly cripple the city. Does he know how many people rely on taxi service. Maybe she should have the mayor hail a taxi right then and there. Mac turns to her and asks if maybe she's the crazy one. Mac counters that citizens can walk or use the subway. Jordan counters again inquiring about the honest taxi drivers his probably putting out of work. Mac informs her he rather have them unemployed than dead. It's obvious they are not going to see eye to eye on this so finally Mac turns to her and asks a direct simple question. "Is she going to be willing to take responsibility for the next person killed in a cab?" She is taken back and has no response. Mac didn't think so and walks away.

A radio show host is taking calls from frustrated citizens who are heeding Mac's warning.

Mac and Stella are back in the conference room again going over the latest data available on the taxicab killer. The biggest frustration is killer's code and their inability to crack it. They talk out the information they do have available. Step by step, point by point. Stella does point out a new piece of evidence. Actually, it's two pieces that become one. The small magnet and the button that were found at the latest scene are actually one piece. Stella theorizes that they came apart in the water. Its old and made up of a lead composition. She doesn't have any information yet, but it may link to the killer.

Stella's phone rings its Doc inviting her on a field trip. He takes her to King's County College they walk across campus and stop in front of a relatively large tree and stops. He's run down the trace he found on the bottom of the tarp from the latest crime scene. It's avian waste. Stella, slightly laughing, counters that there are a million pigeons in NYC. But Doc's done his homework, he asks her how many wild South American Quaker Parrots are there in the city? Doc explains that back in the 60s a crook working JFK unloading cargo planes sometimes keeping some of the cargo that crossed his path. However, one day he got more than he bargained for when he opened a crate from Argentina. The parrots flew the coop and took up roost here in this tree. They been multiplying in numbers and noise every since. Doc tells her he's traced that avian waste to these birds. Doc is theorizing that the taxicab killer had gotten his tarp somewhere in the vicinity of this tree. Doc and Stella begin walking and within a few yards they come across a construction area. Doc spy's tarps similar to what the killer uses. Stella finds some tire track imprints in the ground. They are pretty fresh but they don't match any of the tires treads of the construction equipment in the area. Stella then sees a cut in the fence just a head of where they are standing "Maybe this is where the taxi killer get his supplies?" She asks out loud.

Danny's looking at one of the lip stick shades under a microscope and he has a puzzled expression. He pulls the reference sample out of the scope and holds it up to the light he looks confused. Lindsay walks in and sees his expression and teases him "need help picking out the right shade?" Danny returns a laugh and explains his puzzle. One of the samples from Dugan Scott's mouth has changed color. Lindsay looks at him with confusion. Danny shows her the sample in question. He explains that the color was initially pink and Lindsay taking a closer look at the sample acknowledges that the sample is now an amber color. Danny explains that atropine trace has the ability to accomplish the color change. Lindsay is in agreement. She pulls the team photo of the Empire cheerleaders and questions which one of them wore it? Danny poses a bigger question, if she had the poison on her lips why isn't she dead to?

The cheerleaders have all been summoned and Lindsay is collecting lip imprints to coincide with identity of the owner. Lindsay is given the responsibility of collecting the samples. Don and Danny are in the observation room taking in the process and seemingly enjoying the show. At one point Lindsay turns and glares at window knowing full well what they are thinking. Danny takes the collected samples and compares them to the lip print in question and he finds a match. He calls Lindsay and tells her to focus on Paula Tolomeo. Lindsay appreciates that there's a match but knows they need more to close the case.

Stella lets Mac know she's found a match to the tire tread found on King's College campus. They've narrowed it down to about eight cab companies that have used or purchased that specific type of tire. Stella also tells him that she got a hit on the two piece button. "It's a dispatch button." Cab companies used to use them to track their cabs. Mac comments that now cabs are tracked by GPS and they can't be that common anymore. Stella agrees. There is currently only one cab company that still uses that type of magnet, Zenith cabs.

The radio host speaks with a now out of work cab driver all do to the taxi cab killer and Mac Taylor's warning.

Doc and Stella head out to Zenith cab company to ask some questions. They are met with hostility and frustration at the situation of the lack of work. They begin to question the manager on duty regarding the magnetic. Who is not necessarily forth coming with an abundance of information. But does share that a driver knocked all the magnets off the board and punched a hole in the wall. When asked why, he shares that the driver was frustrated about not being about to make his lease. Stella asks for a name and the manager almost laughs with all the comings and goings his lucky if he can pronounce the names, let alone write any down. But he invites her to feel free to look though his office files. Stella informs him that they will be taking him up on his offer. Doc interrupts the exchange and asks to see where the whole in the wall is located. The manager walks a few steps and points to the hole hidden behind an Empire Cheerleader calendar. Doc begins to collect trace samples hoping to retrieve some DNA. Which they indeed do, but it's even better, they have a case to case hit. The DNA is a match to a sample linked to an unsolved murder in Rochester. Stella realizing that this could be huge, immediately puts a call in to gain access to the Rochester case evidence.

Mac is watching highlights from his earlier press conference. Fatigue and frustration is visible all over his face. Stella comes in after receiving a call from Mac "Need me?" she asks. Mac looks at her and lets her know the Rochester evidence is being choppered in as they speak. She responds "Great. It could give them the break they need." Mac looks at her wearily on his only comment is that he hopes she's right. Stella knowing Mac the way she does knows and can see the pressure he is coming under from all sides to solve this case. She tries to offer reassurance that they are getting closer that they are going to get him. Mac knows he's under the gun from the media, the mayor's office as well as his own bosses, Mac just questions whose timeframe will be satisfied. Stella tries to lighten his mood slightly with a joke but Mac's not biting. Mac get to the heart of what's really bothering him. He walks across his office and sits on the sofa. He shares with Stella that he received a call that morning from the widow of Ben Melvoy, one of the taxi driver's victims. Stella walks over and joins him on the sofa. Mac shares part of the conversation with Stella. The Melvoys have a toddler as well as a newborn. They were also two weeks away from celebrating their anniversary when Ben simply got into the wrong cab. Stella is shocked by the information. Mac clearly shaken by the conversation shares with Stella how composed Mrs. Melvoy was, that all she ask was that Mac stop this guy before he hurts someone else. Mac was disheartened to be only able to offer an apology and his sympathies. Commenting that with all the damage and bloodshed the murderer has caused they have very little to go on in order to catch him. Mac looks to Stella for reassurance, showing maybe for the first time, insecurity about solving a case. Especially one of this magnitude simply asks her "Are we going to get his guy?" Stella knowing the stakes if they don't answers with conviction "We have to. We have to."

Lindsay is in AV looking at the footage from the basketball game. Focusing on Paula Tolomeo, the cheerleader whose lip print matches the won with the atropine trace in the lipstick. She was the one who drew Dugan Scott's winning ticket. As Lindsay looks at different angles something catches her eye. She sees Paula drop the ticket that she pulled from the barrel on the court floor. Danny walks into and watches her work. Lindsay backs up to the beginning of the footage. She watches Paula pull the ticket from the barrel. However, there is a brief flutter of something falling to the floor. Lindsay magnifies the item and it is indeed the ticket Paula pulls but it's not the seat number that Paula calls out. It wasn't random at all.

Stella and Doc are reviewing the Rochester evidence. Not much matches what information they are currently have with the exception of the L2729 markings on the victim's neck. Just like the other cabbie victims. Doc determines that if the blood sample they pulled is indeed the cabbie killer's there is definitely something wrong with him. The sample is rattled with granularsytoesis. Which is something that can be linked to both cancer patients as well as junkies. Doc decides to take the sample to toxicology to see about fine tuning the sample to allow for more information on its make up.

Don, Danny and Lindsay head to Paula Tolomeo's apartment to ask some questions armed with a search warrant. They find her not at home and ask the building super to let them in, which he complies. As they begin to have a look around they find clothes far to big for their cheerleader suspect. Lindsay finds several large reference books on herbs and plants as well as botany on her book shelves. There is no food in the refrigerator but on the door is a picture of an overweight blonde. They theorize a roommate, but the building super stated she lived alone. But it is NYC they theorize that tenants aren't always honest about living arrangements, illegal sublet maybe. Lindsay discovers lots of diet pills what she points out could explain the fentramine trace on the victim. However, Danny hits the jackpot. He finds just outside the window, the garden that is growing feladonna, which Sid told them was used to make the poison. Don inquisitively asks about the small shrub just behind it, Lindsay speculates that it's calabar beans. The Lindsay's expression changes to realization, "that's it. She made an antidote." Calabar beans can be used with the proper ingredients to counter the affects of the poison. Lindsay systemically explains out how Paula ground the needed ingredients to make the poison as well as the antidote. By empting two diet pill capsules, she filled one with the poison and one with the antidote to administer to herself once the poison was given to Dugan Scott. They all agree with the theory with one missing piece, the why. Lindsay then states, let's ask her.

Reed and Mac are walking down a hall back at the lab exchanging some angry words. Mac doesn't appreciate being used by Reed in his blog. Reed doesn't appreciate being kept in the dark in a case, he mistakenly feels personally involved. Mac finally loses his temper being pushed to far giving Reed a clear cut warning out of love and respect for Claire, Reed's mother. "Watch who you mess with!" As Mac turns to leave him Reed asks if that a threat from him or the killer. Mac sternly answers "Both" as he walks away down the hall.

As Reed watches Mac walk away he receives a text message on his blackberry. The text message instructs him that if he wants more information on the taxi cab killer to meet him at 10:00 p.m. at the corner of Hudson and Franklin. The sender of the message however is unknown. A look of determination comes into his eyes as he turns and leaves the lab.

Through computer regeneration analysis Lindsay determines that the picture on the front found on the refrigerator is not a roommate but of Paula Tolomeo herself. She is finally brought in for her interview.

Paula Tolomeo is seated at an interview room table. Danny is seated behind her, Lindsay across from her, Don standing just over Lindsay's shoulder. Paula begins with clapping her hands against the table chanting "eat a salad, eat a salad." It's revealed the event that precipitated the events that brought them all together began two years ago. The half court shot for the million dollar prize is an annual event. Two years ago a very heavy Paula, attending the game with her boyfriend, was owner of the lucky ticket drawn. Her seat was right near season ticket holder Dugan Scott. As she left her seat to make her way down for her chance, Dugan Scott began chanting "eat a salad, eat a salad" subject her to embarrassment and humiliation when the entire section was drawn in to his chants. The chants seemed to grow as she made her way to half court. Pleading for them to stop. Because of the humiliation, Paula's boyfriend dumped her the next day. She shared that strangers would come up to her telling her to "eat a salad." From behind her Danny voices her motive was to get even, so she poisoned him. Don incredible at the possibility asks "crime of passion?" Lindsay clarifies "crime of patience."

Paula states she worked her ass off, literally, for two years to get her revenge. Diet, gastric-by-pass, plastic surgery, and then try out after try out after try out finally making the cheerleading squad just to seek her revenge. She wanted him to eat his poison words in front of the entire crowd. Danny then stands behind her "I hope it was worth it because you just kissed your life good bye."

Later that night it begins to rain we see Lindsay walking in the rain. She's deep in thought when her phone rings. It's Danny, she answers. Danny asks where is she, she explains she taking a rain walk, it's a Montana thing, he wouldn't understand. Danny trying desperately to win Lindsay back tells her he understands. He understands more now. Lindsay asks "Like what?" Danny explains that he understands how he pushed her away by acting the way he did. Lindsay counters that she tried to give him his space but she's not sure how much longer she can go on feeling alone. She's hurt. The situation was affecting her work and it was breaking her heart. Danny jumps in that he knows, he's sorry and that it won't happen again he promises. Because the truth of the matter is that he misses her. He misses her more than he can put into words, more than he could ever express. Lindsay is listening her facial expression falters slightly she stops walking absorbing what Danny has said, but simply states "Do you have any idea how hard you are to love?" Danny gives her a small laugh. He believes he's gaining some ground asks her to come over and tell him in person and simply adds "Please." Lindsay stands in the rain for a minute then answers "she's got to go" and then proceeds to hang up the phone. She stands there for another minute almost contemplating her next move.

Stella and Doc are going over the toxicology reports. Doc's determined that the grandualsytocis was caused by two different medications. The medications together are used to treat severe psychosis. Doc in doing his research found that the specific cocktail was only used a year ago in clinical trials and only in extreme cases. That clinical trial where conducted in three current facilities but there was another facility that used the cocktail that was shutdown due to a laundry list of violations. Stella has the name of the asylum on the tip of her tongue because they were briefed due to the patients being released early. She immediately picks up the phone. Doc asks what she's doing. She is getting a DA to release the medical records of those patients using those drugs. It may take awhile, Doc states he's got time.

There is a knock on the door, it opens, it's Danny's door. Rikki is the one who has knocked, she's bearing a small jar of sugar. She gives him a line about how neighbors tend to ask for sugar, she thought she'd bring some and hands it to him. She then asks to come inside. Danny stops her and tells her he's been doing some thinking and has concluded that she was right. They made each other feel good, but maybe now it's wrong for both of them. Before Danny can say another word Rikki blurts out that she's moving. She needs a fresh start, there are just to many memories. Danny's about to apologize but Rikki stops him. She tells him to just say good bye, which he does. She turns to walk away, Danny calls to her and she turns. "What about the sugar?" Danny asks. Rikki walks over and touches the side of his face and tells him that he's a sweet man, keep it. She turns and leaves, Danny retreats back into his apartment and his thoughts turn to Ruben Sandoval.

Stella and Doc rush into Mac's office. Stella has files in her hands that she then drops on Mac's desk. Stella goes on to explain they won't up a judge to sign a subpoena for the medical records they sought. There were four patients meeting the criteria that were released early. Mac grabs the folder on the top looking at the information inside the patient had several things that fit the profile of the man they sought. But there is one major problem, the only name on the file is John Doe. This is Mac's breaking point. They have the information and pieces right in front of them, but no name. He slams the file down on the desk "enough is enough" he declares. Mac instructs that every other case gets put at the bottom of the pile. This case is the only case. Stella, Doc, Danny, Lindsay, Adam, every person in their lab is to be working, doubles if necessary until this cabbie is permanently out of business. Stella and Doc in full agreement turn to leave and get to work.

It's still raining. Lindsay is still out walking but turns to head to a subway station which she find is closed "oh no" she cries.

We see the infamous cab with the cross hanging from the rearview mirror. The cab is out in the rainstorm.

Lindsay is now street side she seems to be considering hailing a passing cab.

We see a cab stop street side and a hand opens the door and a passenger gets into the back seat.

It's Reed Garrett. He jumps in and shuts the door. We then see a pair of dead eyes under a ball cap in the driver's seat of the cab. Reed tries to make small talk explaining he was supposed to meet somebody but he didn't show. We see the cab driver's eyes twitch as if in recognition. Reed gets no response from the driver to his small talk. We are shown the view from the back see of the cab looking forward and we see the infamous cross hanging from the rearview mirror. The cab driver then shuts the small window that separates him from Reed. "Hello?" Reed taps the closed window from the back seat. "Hello?" he repeats but is ignored by the driver.

In silence the driver put the cab in gear and pulls away from the curb with Reed in the back seat. All you hear is the raining falling.